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Time and time again we try to lose weight and if you’re anything like me and many other people, you may have spent years of your life yo-yo dieting, taking 2 steps forward and 10 steps back! Thankfully my life has now changed around for good, but a recent chat with my (near) 21 year old daughter got me thinking about this stuff, so I thought I’d share a few reasons why most weight loss pursuits fail for most of us.
Dominant messages in society and the heavily driven weight loss industry has us all chasing our tails in circles and thinking about ‘diet’ all wrong.
Of course we don’t think they are excuses, we actually think they are legitimate reasons and we tell ourselves this to make it all okay. When we can tackle these things and get into a proactive mindset, we can begin the process of real change in life. Sign up to my Online Weight Loss Program, it’s designed to help you kick the dieting habit for good! Several studies show that just by adding coconut oil to your diet, you can lose fat, especially the “dangerous” fat in the abdominal cavity.
The thing with these medium chain fatty acids, is that they are metabolized differently than the longer chain fats. They are sent straight to the liver from the digestive tract, where they are either used for energy right away or turned into ketone bodies.
There is also some evidence from animal studies that medium chain fats are stored less efficiently than other fats. The different types of foods we eat can have a huge effect on our hormones and metabolic health. Some metabolic pathways are more efficient than others and some foods require more energy to digest and metabolize.
One important property of coconut oil is that it is “thermogenic” – eating it tends to increase energy expenditure (fat burning) compared to the same amount of calories from other fats (4).
Therefore, a calorie from coconut oil is NOT the same as a calorie from olive oil orbutter (although these fats are perfectly healthy too). Anything that reduces our appetite can make us take in fewer calories without having to think about it. In another study of 14 healthy men, those who ate MCTs at breakfast ate significantly fewer calories at lunch (12). So… coconut oil boosts fat burning (increases “calories out”) and it also reduces the appetite (reduces “calories in”). If coconut oil can boost metabolism and reduce appetite, then it should help you lose fat over the long term. In one study, 40 women were given either 30 grams (2 tablespoons) of either coconut oil or soybean oil for 28 days.They were instructed to eat fewer calories and walk every day. The coconut oil group had increased HDL (good) cholesterol levels, while the soybean oil had reduced HDL and increased LDL.
In this study, coconut oil did not cause overall weight loss compared to soybean oil, but it did lead to a significant reduction in belly fat. There are also other studies showing that medium chain fats lead to weight loss, reduced waist circumference and various improvements in metabolic health (15, 16).
The weight loss effects of coconut oil appear to be fairly mild, except for the abdominal fat.
Abdominal fat, also called visceral fat or belly fat, is the fat that tends to lodge around your organs and cause inflammation, diabetes and heart disease. Any reduction in abdominal fat is likely to have very positive effects on your metabolic health, longevity and drastically reduce your risk of chronic disease. Therefore, coconut oil can support a healthy, real-food based weight loss diet, but don’t expect it to work any miracles on its own. If you’re interested in even more research on coconut oil, then you can find a very impressive collection of studies here. Therefore, if you are eating a fixed amount of calories and then add coconut oil on top of that, then it’s likely to make you gain weight, not lose.
In these cases, adding coconut oil to your diet will reduce your appetite and probably make you eat less of other foods instead. It’s also important not to go overboard and think you need to add tons of coconut oil to your diet to reap the benefits. From reducing wrinkles to helping inflammation, joint pain & digestion, learn why you need this superfood every day! I have read these sorts of things before, but my question is this: does it matter if the oil is cooked or not? The stone (abbreviation st[1]) is a unit of measure equal to 14 pounds avoirdupois (about 6.35 kg[nb 1]) used in Great Britain and Ireland for measuring human body weight. Unless you have been living under a rock for the last few years, you would have no doubt heard about the amazingness of juicing.
One of the best benefits of juicing fresh fruit and vegetables is that drinking them (as opposed to eating them) makes them really easy for your body to digest. When you drink a glass of freshly made vegetable or green juice, you are loading every cell of your body with detoxifying minerals.
Another amazing thing about juicing is that by drinking a freshly made juice, your appetite shuts off. Once you start making juicing a regular part of your lifestyle, and start to experience all the health benefits and begin losing weight without a struggle, you will realize that incorporating fresh juicing into your life is definitely not a diet fad. In order to start juicing regularly, you will need to invest in a juicer, which initially will mean setting aside a bit of money. Really, juicing is a fabulously fun, easy, and healthy way to shed those unwanted pounds without any struggle or deprivation. February 11, 2014 Leave a CommentAbout RachelRachel Feldman is a health coach, wellness momma, and business coach.
Stretching first thing in the morning will give you energy to face your day and give your metabolism a jump start, too! When I’m indoors, I picture my roots breaking through the foundation of my house and deep into the ground. Now that your mind and intentions are in the right place, you can begin your morning stretching routine.
If you have a problem area, like lower back pain, look up specific stretches that you can do to help yourself.
When your glutes are tight, they tend to pull on your lower back muscles and cause discomfort. While seated, hold onto the right bottom side of your chair and let your weight and head fall to left for a good neck stretch (remember to breath and alternate sides).

To stretch tight glutes, sit with your back straight, cross your ankle over your knee and bend forward slightlya€”you will feel the amazing stretch that will continue to ease tension on your lower back throughout the day.
You can also give yourself a quick stretch before bed to help you sleep better, but be careful not to get your heart rate up with a long routine just before getting into bed.
Sylvia stays busy loving her blended family of five, working as an Executive Assistant, and doing her best to keep her personal health and priorities in check. Without motivation you cannot get results even if you follow the perfect diet or the best fitness program in the World. If you’d like more weight loss and nutrition tips, click here to subscribe to my weekly newsletter. There are a million ‘reasons’ we can tell ourselves but we are really lying to ourselves because when we really want something, we will make it happen! Butting our heads at a gate repeatedly will not open it, it only proves to hurt us in the long run. My motto is: “YOUR HEALTH IS YOUR WEALTH” because there is nothing in this world that makes us more wealthy than having good health.
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The obesity epidemic didn’t start until 1980 and we didn’t even know what a calorie was back in the day. I did it because I was having horrible skin issues and mood issues, so I had done a lot of research and besides, doctors were no help.
But did you also know that a juice elixir can also be a healthy and safe way to lose weight?
If you are to juice say a couple of tomatoes, celery, cucumber, spinach, and carrot, you will make a delicious and easy to drink fresh vegetable cocktail that will provide a huge amount of nutritional benefits to your body. By drinking your veggies and fruit, you are giving your body all the amazing nutrients that it needs to heal, stay healthy, and reduce the risk of illness. You can make your juice really flavorful by adding in lemon, mint or ginger to really add a tasty punch to your juice. This is because your body (which is amazing at knowing just what it needs!) is getting all that it is looking for. Unlike regimented diets that are difficult to follow and which can often make you gain weight, juicing works in such a remarkable way that you will want to include juicing in your life forever.
You might feel like this is an expense you don’t want to have, but by making that purchase, you are committing to your health and weight loss. You have got nothing to lose by starting to make green juicing a regular part of your lifestyle. Based in Boca Raton, Florida, Rachel assists clients nationwide via phone, email and Skype. Understand that Rachel Feldman is not acting in the capacity of a doctor, licensed dietician-nutritionist, psychologist or other licensed or registered professional.
I sneak downstairs while everyone is still sleeping; the house is quiet, and the sun is just coming through the blinds. Once you are comfortable, imagine the energy reaching down into the ground, connecting your legs and torso to the earth. Once you are used to this meditation, it should take you less than a minute to get into the zone.
Because it will keep you feeling balanced and in control for the rest of the day, which is very important for dieters. Moving and stretching throughout the day will reverse the OZO (office zombie onset) that we are all familiar with. Always hold your stretches for 20 to 30 seconds, and don’t forget to do both sides of your body! Wherea€™s your favorite place to stretch, and what are your favorite stretches to do in the morning?
Stop being in denial, stop lying to yourself, and start to take action on what you want to change.
I truly believe that good food is the key to a happy, healthy life and I'm on a mission to inspire you to get back inside your kitchen, eat real food, and as a result, improve your health dramatically.
When drunk in complement to an existing weight-loss plan, juicing provides a high level of quality nutrition, which will assist in weight-loss. If you were to actually consume those same vegetables raw, from a plate, in one sitting, you would find the process to be quite difficult.
In turn, you will also find that you experience a reduction in cravings, particularly for sweets or processed foods. You will enjoy the flavors of the juice so much that you will choose to make a juice rather than eat another less healthy snack food. You will feel satisfied and satiated, much more than you would by eating empty calories in junk food.
It gives you a reason to stick to the concept of juicing for long enough that you will start to notice the difference in how you feel. As you start to get into juicing, you will find it great fun making new combinations of fruit and vegetables cocktails. Accordingly, the you understand that Rachel Feldman is not providing health care, medical or nutrition therapy services and will not diagnose, treat or cure in any manner whatsoever any disease, condition or other physical or mental ailment of the human body. Stretching can be used to ease soreness from the previous day’s workout or from chronic back pain.
Stand in mountain pose, feet shoulder-width apart, spine straight and imagine the energy from mother earth start to flow up and down your legs and torso.
Picture roots shooting out of the bottom of your feet and into the ground, connecting you to the planet. If you feel yourself being tempted or stressed, take a few seconds and recall the feeling of your roots connecting to the earth; you are an unmovable mountain of self-control!
At the end of the day you’ll be ready to enjoy your evening, and are more likely to hit the gym instead of the pizzeria on the way home because you will be feeling relaxed and in control.
In order to equal the amount of coconut oil recommended per day (according to the following article) in pill form, you would have to consume 49 (yes, 49) capsules to equal 3 Tbsp. It is also worth noting that juice you make at home on your own is a much better option than that which is store bought.
Your body will feel revitalized, not sluggish or heavy, and instead of searching for more food even after you have just eaten something, you will find that you don’t really want or need anything more. It is also an investment in your health and well-being, so not only does juicing help you to lose weight, but it will save you money in medical fees in the future.

You will make all kinds of unique and interesting drinks, and you will find that you never get bored from the endless variety of beverages that you can make for yourself and others. Rachel graduated from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in New York City, Wild Rose Natural College of Healing, and International School of Detoxification.
So here you'll find easy and practical info to help you eat well, and feel your best everyday. You can actually you can use coconut oil in most recipes as it has a smoke point of 350 degrees. I was warmer (usually always cold), skin improved, mood was better, I was having better BM (natural laxative (gentle), and felt 100% noticeably better in general. But by juicing those vegetables, you get to drink in one glass a dense quantity of vitamins, minerals, and nutrients really easily. Your body won’t be sending messages to your brain that make you crave particular foods that contain certain minerals or vitamins that you might otherwise lacking.
Fresh juice made with a base of vegetables is going to contain much more nutrition than the kind that comes from a carton. You might notice your skin is clearer, your eyes are brighter, and your nails and hair grow more quickly. You will also want to share these drinks with others, which will also mean getting encouragement and support from those around you as you continue your weight-loss goals. She is also certified by the American Association of Drugless Practitioners and has obtained additional Continuing Education Units from Purchase College, State University of New York.
Feel each stretch waking you up a little more; appreciate the feeling of simply breathing and feeling alive with every stretch of every body part. Stop thinking about going on a diet and start thinking about how you can improve your health and feel fantastic every day. Overcoming procrastination and taking small and consistent steps is key to permanent habit change and moving forward instead of back. Things like blood pressure, nutrient absorption, and even social support and physical environment are all factors that should be considered when assessing health.When you find yourself battling against your urges to stock up on junk food and drinks, it’s best to remember that there is a bigger picture to changing your habitual eating tendencies, and that losing weight will come as a side effect of living a healthy Paleo lifestyle—and notice that it’s not just a Paleo “diet.” Are you eating to live or living to eat? Even fresh, store-bought juices will often have sugars and other additives as well as preservatives added to the juice.
Support is super important when it comes to making, and sticking to, healthy changes in your life. I get a rewarding ‘pop’ whenever I stretch out my lower back in the morninga€”ecstasy! Though it’s always nice to fit into smaller clothes, or lose some weight for the camera, eating mindfully will trump dieting in creating longer lasting changes to your weight and lifestyle habits.Diets are almost always synonymous with short-term restriction which can leave you feeling deprived. You simply won’t be eating the bad foods that make you gain weight, and you won’t feel like you are even depriving yourself of these foods like you might if dieting. Her approach to healing focuses not only on the foods you put into your mouth but also incorporates the elements of body, mind and soul. On the other hand, a homemade vegetable and fruit juice delivers nothing but goodness that is healthy fuel for your body.
She helps her clients to access the blueprint for their health by discovering which foods fuel the body and not inflame the body. Because even if you do go on a ‘diet’, the last thing you want to do after losing the weight and putting in all the effort is to put all the weight right back on again!
During most hours of the day, our breathing typically goes under the radar, but focusing on this habitual function will help strengthen your mindful eating. Try to eat at the same time of day each day to help keep your digestion cycle regular.Pay attention to detail. In order to really appreciate your food, think about its texture, smell, taste and maybe even the sound of it.Be realistic.
Try practicing mindful eating with a snack or one meal per day and work your way up.Really paying attention to your food means no distractions. Mindful eating also helps to space out the time frame between your cause of action and reaction to make you more responsive instead of reactive.Having positive intentions when you eat is crucial to your weight loss. Learning to cope with negative emotions like stress, fear, anger, loneliness, boredom, and sadness can be daunting.
Emotional eating can often lead you to sugary, processed, high-calorie foods and weight gain.2.
Helps you to shift out of autopilot eatingThink about a time where you have ever felt like you were just in a routine feeding phase of the day. This is the “why?” of the mindful eating cycle—if the answer isn’t because you’re genuinely hungry or any other medical reason, then find your way out of any routine eating between meals. It requires TLCSome tender loving care is usually a necessary ingredient for a mindful eating recipe.
Paying close attention to your selection of food, as well as how it is prepared—these are both extremely important to the integrity of the nutrient content by the time you’re digesting food.Put extra thought into your stroll through the grocery store.
Buying fresh food and learning to cook it yourself are two of the most beneficial things to do if you want to lose weight.4.
Also think about the average number of days and hours you did physical activity.We eat for energy, and if it’s not being used in some way with your actions, the energy is just chillin’ on the sofa inside of us. For example, setting an intention of doing physical activity 3 days a week and walking for at least 30 minutes a day is a good starting point, if you are not already active.5.
Portion patrolBy asking yourself, “how much do I eat?” you are going to be reminded that sometimes your eyes really are bigger than your stomach. Mindful eating means not indulging in more than one meal at a time, and reminding yourself that you should only eat as much food as you need to satisfy your hunger.Food is not always meant to be eaten buffet-style where you feel like you have to get your money’s worth, quantity-wise.
Eating for your needs in terms of quality will be more conducive to your health and weight loss goals.
Liz graduated from the University of California, Irvine with a degree in Public Health Sciences.
She has an insatiable thirst to learn how the human body works in order to keep people healthy.

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