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NUTRITION is a HUGE component of any healthy lifestyle, but during high stress, high demand events and training such as TOUGH MUDDER, it is essential that your diet supports and nourishes your body and remains at high priority. Federal NDP agriculture critic Malcolm Allen says experts, not food industry representatives, should set guidelines for what Canadians eat. Skeptics of the Zone Diet will always point to the fact that you can eat twinkies for your carb portion, and fatty meats for your protein and fat portions, you will still technically be eating within the “Zone.”  Now this is an extreme example and Dr.
A certified personal trainer and crossfit coach with more than four years of experience, Patrick Vuong has helped countless athletes, elderly, and everyday folk improve their lives through better movement, nutrition, and body re-composition.  A kinesiology graduate of UBC, Patrick continues to educate himself daily promote the benefits of regular exercise to everyone. Patrick has been a certified personal trainer for over 5 years and is the assistant manager at Fitness Town in Burnaby. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.
Teaching children healthy eating habits is an effective a strategy to give them an an advantage early on in life. Set specific meal times for family to eat together as this creates a bonding and trust between the family members adults and children alike. Become a role model for your children and consume a variety of foods specially fruits and vegetables. Encourage drinking water in between meals and not at the end as it helps aid in digestion of food. Never force feed, although it is seen when the meal is served at fixed time the children might not be hungry; let them have some freedom to decide when they can eat eventually they will start following the family meal times. Let them eat the quantity they like, if you feel they are not eating enough or are not developing similar to other children, please consult a physician.

When planning meals make sure to refer to Canada Food Guide or or similar document for your country.
During meal times make sure to remove any distractions like, TV, Music, Games, Phones etc., so children can focus on the task at hand. Shahzeena Erum is a Biology major with education in the field of Early Childhood Development arena. Department of Agriculture’s Center) has been recommending dietary goals for the American people.
He spoke at a debate about Canada's Food Guide earlier this year, hosted by the Canadian Obesity Network. In this day and age of a fast moving society we are running multiple schedules and worming odd hours and it becomes hard to do that. Explain to them what you are doing and if they are old enough ask them to help you prepare the meal. Children learn by example and when they see that an adult is eating the same thing they are they feel it is nothing to fuss about. Children, as they grow change their tastes and learn to like specific foods. Try mixing foods or serving a variety in each meal if possible this help children to eat their favourites first and eventually eating the non preferred food items. She runs a Day Home in Calgary, AB and enjoys working with children as do the children with her.
Restaurants appeal to appetites and bring in business by eliciting huge portions, ensuring no body goes home feeling hungry!
100 calories of whole wheat bread and look at the vitamin and minerals content between the two.

There are a few tips that adults need to follow to help their children to appreciate healthy food, also it would be a good idea to develop you own set of tips that may be focused on your family’s diet. Well in a worst case scenario try to have at least weekends or days when family is together to promote this. This provides children an opportunity to ask questions, pick up on new words and processes and bond with the adult.
Our bodies comprise of more liquids and their is a naturally growing demand from the body for water as we develop physically.
She plans to develop extensive knowledge and skills in the area of childhood education and development and utilize it to the benefit of children under her care. An issue that arises because of this is over eating, weight gain and an imbalance of energy in vs energy out. Based on this information we challenge you to modifying your meal sizes and portions according to the recommendations of the Canada Food Guide and see what differences you feel in your energy levels!
Although make sure they do consume variety in their diet as that will provide a balance diet for their developmental needs.
In special cases if the diet is being watched by a healthcare professional make sure you follow their instructions as they are more qualified in the subject matter. In the Mindful Meal Blog, I provide you with advice and tips on healthy and easy Cooking, Grocery Shopping, Eating Out and Kids Meals.

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