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You know when a celebrity is asked how they stay so thin, and they giggle and reply “I drink a lot of water, and eat whatever I want” and you just want to punch them in the mouth?
When Kim Kardashian wanted to lose her baby weight, she decided the Atkins diet was the way to go, eating more protein and less carbs. Jennifer Lopez slim her body down with the Fast Metabolism Diet, created by her nutritionist.

It basically means you rotate between different kinds of foods so your body doesn't get used to one thing. There are a handful of them who are more candid in their responses, sharing the weird diet secrets that keep them in Hollywood-shape. We've taken a closer look at six stars' diet secrets (some of them are kinda crazy - believe us!), so click on the pics and read about them!

For example, if Tuesday was an orange day, she'd only eat orange things such as carrots, oranges and sweet potatoes.

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