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After you've wired us the payment, it normally about 24 (48 weekend) hours till we withdraw your money and ship out your order and email you a tracking number. We don't work with express deliveries via DHL, Fedex or UPS because they refuse to ship any kind of medicine. Packaging is excellent and discreet, in order to save space and make the package smaller, we sometimes take the ampoules and tablets out of their bulky boxes. Very important thing is that we do not sell needles & syrgines for injectable steroids.
I admit that I am a fan of Chinese philosophy in terms of handling any business opportunity that comes their way. In this vein, we highlight one of the breakthroughs that the Chinese civilization has contributed to mankind: medical breakthroughs. The business opportunity in Chinese medicine became evident when certain Chinese herbal concoctions were given credit for curing certain diseases.
A philosophy based on cleansing, replenishing and strengthening is implemented in TIENS in consistency with traditional Chinese medicine. I admit that I had a little difficulty getting a good detailed catalog from TIENS because various versions proliferated online but good thing some websites are still active enough to back up some of these products, like this lipid metabolic management tea that TIENS have to offer.
TIENS slimming tea on the other hand is the healthy version of the wulong tea, acclaimed for its big help in weight loss and invigorating effects in the process of losing weight. The TIENS compensation plan is unique because accomplishments are ranked just like in a usual MLM system.
It’s complicated at first glance but upon skimming through the entire compensation plan, you’d realize it’s the business opportunity’s way of ranking everyone including those who just bought their first business kit for personal consumption.

The task required of in TIENS is not easy but attainable since this really tests your ability to commit to a daunting marketing task such as the one required in TIENS. And daunting it is now that news came out that TIENS shut down their offices in the US and Canada.
Most of the networking companies need not only time and money for the operational side of the business opportunity to finally take flight. On the basis of traditional Chinese medicine, after years of research and improvements, using the lasted U.S. Go to [ order ] and fill in the form your personal data, which we will use to send you the selected items.
We send using ordinary Post Service, in most cases, package travels about 4 - 6 days for customers from Europe, and 7 - 10 days to USA citizens (7 days to New York, 10 days to West costs). Chinese entrepreneurs have a volume-based way of selling their goods since at the back of their head, multiple volume sales would also mean multiple profits once calculations are made, a 5% markup still makes good volume. And several companies have banked on its accomplishments to make money for themselves too as a business opportunity. There is nothing new in this business opportunity’s tagline as some of the best medical advise often dished out by the experts refer to old wisdom we are already familiar with that it has become easy to ignore. Marketed as the tea that Emperor Shih Huang-ti of the Qin Dynasty regularly drank to endure long hours of work (notably “The Great Wall of China”), it promoted better health in terms of endurance. But what made it unique is the 17 levels of compensation ranks that a distributor would go through in order to make it big in this business opportunity. It portrays the profitability of TIENS as a health-and-wellness based as you rise up the ranks and eventually reach the highest rank an independent distributor could reach: Ambassador.

They need leads that can be converted into either customers or distributors given the right sales pitch.
Depanding on the size of your order, we may split your order to several smaller packages at no extra cost.
The bulk of their products service health and beauty care needs with a market reach spanning 190 countries.
The difference comes in once TIENS start offering products with ingredients that are too interesting to ignore.
The promise of endurance made this tea unique among most herbal teas sold in the market today.
The branches located in other countries like Africa and Asia are still operational as shown on the comments’ section of both links. Whether you jump into TIENS or a similar networking company of your choice, still you would need leads to ensure that there would be prospects and customer base alike. Click here to register into one of the free webinars available to help you with your chosen business opportunity. It is the first China-based network marketing company that banked on Chinese medicine to get involved into the health and wellness industry. Here in the Philippines, it’s still operational so far and it’s actually included in the Top 88 MLM Companies (billed as Tianshi Philippines, its other name). It may just look like a personal innocent gift from a friend, trust us, we take packaging very seriously.

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