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There are bucketloads of weight loss and diet supplements out there, but some of the most effective weight loss foods are already hanging out in your kitchen. This delicious spice helps to regulate blood sugar and helps your body process carbohydrates. Top 10 Flat Belly Foods for a Trimmer TummyInstead of starving yourself, eat the right foods to get the waistline you want.
Quinoa Diet: How this Superseed Aids in Weight LossQuinoa is an excellent superseed to eat if you're trying to lose weight. Smoothie Diet: How to Start the Weight Loss PlanFind out how to start the smoothie diet plan for better health and weight loss.
10 Best Everyday Foods to Eat for Weight LossBoost your weight loss by adding metabolism-boosting, filling foods into your diet.
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Many of you may not think of eating honey for weight loss, but honey is a useful food to help you lose weight. Honey has a healthier glycemic index (GI) than sugar, therefore it doesn’t cause a sugar rush, but it is gradually and progressively absorbed into our body. To make it simple: One part cinnamon and two parts honey is what is required for this recipe. Always add honey to the cooled liquid – hot liquid will destroy the enzymes in the raw honey.

We recommend Living Tree Community Foods as a reputable source for the cinnamon and raw honey. Sophie AzouaouSF Green Living ExaminerSophie, the founder of Step Into My Green World, is a Designer, Eco-Spokesperson and Media Representative. She is a Board Director of Earth Day San Francisco, a proud member of Global Green USA and the Sustainable Furnishings Council (SFC). Kate Middleton Royal Tour of India : The Duchess of Cambridge style guide Kate Middleton wore several stylish outfits during her recent Royal visit to India. While it’s no magic bullet for weight loss, it can be used in conjunction with a proper diet and exercise to accelerate the rate of weight lost, and help you get past food cravings more quickly.Honey alone has been shown to contain antioxidants and enzymes that have various healthy effects on the body.
Since it is a simple sugar, NOT a refined and processed sugar, it contains vitamins, minerals, nutrients and is good for you. Since high blood sugar levels can lead to increased storage of fat, cinnamon helps prevent this.
Sophie is a Green Living specialist and gives lectures on Green Living and Green Design nationwide.
Findings on cinnamon are equally as promising, with research suggesting that it can do everything from boosting your metabolism to lowering your cholesterol.
In the MorningGetting a good start to your day is key when you’re trying to lose weight because it sets the tone for how the rest of the day goes. Start it off wrong and you’re more likely to eat a fattening meal at lunch and follow up with whatever you want at dinner.Getting into the habit of using an all-natural weight loss tool like cinnamon and honey can help ensure you start things off on the right foot.

Between MealsWhen losing weight is your goal you may have found that between meals is when you are most vulnerable to cravings and food temptations. This is often the times we find ourselves at work and surrounded by vending machines and other goodies coworkers have brought in.Cinnamon can help lessen your appetite, making it easier for you to make it from one meal to the next without the need to eat an unhealthy snack. Before Aerobic WorkoutsWhen you’re gearing up for an aerobic workout there are a few things you can do to make it more effective.
Stretching is one, but did you know that it matter what you are putting into your body prior to your workout?If you always feel drained after a workout, or you feel that you don’t have enough energy to have an effective workout, you may notice that the honey and cinnamon blend help give you more energy to help you push through it.There are other ways to make your cardio workouts more effective. Work out on an empty stomach and make sure you don’t eat for at least 30 minutes after you’ve done an aerobic workout, and hour if you can make it that long. Before BedtimeThe stretch of time between dinner and sleep can be the hardest to get through when you’re trying to lose weight.
Late night snacking and midnight trips to the refrigerator will only set you back on your goals and are typically not authorized on most diet programs.You can use cinnamon and honey as your ally during this time. Since it’s not a solid food it won’t be weighing on your stomach or through your digestive system a wrench right before you retire for the evening.The honey will help any late night cravings for sweets like that nightly bowl of ice cream. You should ask some Nursery guys if they keep pure honey or ask village people, they generally keep pure honey at home.

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