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Though ita€™s possible for us to eat a high protein low fat diet, it is not a natural diet. Remember that fats have about twice as many calories per gram as proteins.
Since our ancestors almost never ate any of them, we are doing the nutritional opposite of what we should be doing if we want to be as healthy and trim as our hunter-gatherer ancestors! Since ita€™s easier for the body to process sugar than fat, it prefers burning sugar to burning fat for fuel.
Our bodies have bodyweight set points, and sometimes it can be useful to shock them briefly into breaking past such a set point. (Even this second caveat, though, does not really go against our general recommendation against a high protein low fat diet.
Now that you understand why the combination of high protein and low fat is not a good idea, see the following pages of our website to learn about the dietary approaches that do work well for weight loss: 1.

Alternatively, use the link below to return to Low Carb Diet, which is the first page in the low carbohydrate section of our website. It can lead to health problems because it is not the diet for which Mother Nature designed our bodies. It is not the type of diet on which our ancestors thrived for hundreds of thousands of years. If you were to try a high protein low fat diet while eating only complete, natural foods, it would be either extremely difficult or impossible.
It also happens to be best diet for fat loss. In other words, for health or weight loss we should be eating a diet moderately high in proteins, high in good fats, but low in carbohydrates.

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