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Detoxification is improving the body’s ability to remove toxins while reducing the level of daily exposure.
Fruit Smoothie: Blend 1 scoop (whey, hemp, pea or rice) protein powder (=15-20 gm protein), 6 oz. The goal of detox diet plan doesn’t mean it is only weight lowering, but it is also body purifying from the deposited toxins and its revitalizing.
With using of processed non-vegetarian food our organism is deposited with sugars, sealing the inner colon walls with waste matter.
We have to mention that this diet isn’t for anorexic people, diabetics, low blood pressure patients, teenagers or those with impaired health or under any medicine therapy.
The principle of this detox diet plan is modeled on one week nutrition based on fluids, organic fruit and vegetable.

Dinner. Finish the end of day with a portion of brown rice and a glass of pomegranate juice.
My strong recommendation is to read the book: Detoxification Book With Step By Step Weight Loss Cleanse. She has extensive functional medicine training in assessing and treating underlying causes of illness. In the process we change our nutrition, consuming natural organic food and plants, combining them with simple exercises and trainings. The simple reason is – this diet isn’t giving enough energy for their psycho-physical needs. With this diet you will clean your body from toxins in 24 hours, while procuring 1200 calories of healthy food.

She currently works in her private practice supporting her clients through tailored therapies to restore health using a “food first” approach. During the second week you can gradually add vegetarian food, but must avoid processed foods. I always follow the Refresh when I return from traveling for work trips, vacations or holidays. Bake 30 to 35 minutes, stirring occasionally until potatoes are fork-tender and golden brown.

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