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At the end of a 5 year study, researchers concluded that participants who followed the Mediterranean diet reduced their heart disease risk by 30%. What’s great about the Mediterranean diet is that the food choices and meal options are full of flavorful choices, which allows dieters to enjoy their food, feel satisfied, and be more likely to stick to this way of eating.
While this diet seems great for preventing heart disease, it doesn’t always lead to weight loss. However, those that stick to pure forms of the Mediterranean diet involving moderation, portion control and dominant in fresh fruits and vegetables are usually slender. Those wishing to lose weight with this diet will have to practice moderation and portion control when it comes to calorie dense foods like pasta, bread, desserts, and wine. The New Sonoma Diet is a popular American version of the Mediterranean diet that focuses on improved cardiovascular health as well as weight loss. I think this paints a bit too idealized view of the health habits of at least of Greece, where I lived for two years 30 years ago.
A healthy diet not only affects your general physical health, but also your dental health.    We’re not referring only to your teeth, but your gums as well. Fact: The rate and severity at which gum disease progresses are thought to be greater in an individual with poor nutrition than one with a proper diet. The more often you eat, the more potential acid attacks you may have which increases your chances of developing a cavity. In addition, if you eat in the middle of the night, you are more likely to have an acid attack because there is a decrease in the salivary flow that would ‘normally’ wash away any food debris; remember, when we sleep, so do our salivary glands. That is why it is especially important to brush and floss if you eat in the middle of the night.   As you can see, the time that you eat is just as important as the frequency of your meals. Saliva plays an important role in removing debris, plaque and food particles from the teeth. In the next blog, we’ll take a look at some healthy food choices and how they can positively affect your dental health.
Parents of children with dyslexia are often looking for ways to improve the child’s concentration and help him or her do better in school. If your child has been diagnosed with dyslexia, chances are he or she is also affected by attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, also known as ADHD. When a child exhibits signs of dyslexia, the pediatrician or nutritionist may recommend changing a child’s diet.

Although it is uncertain why, some children with dyslexia or attention deficit disorders may have a negative reaction to orange juice. In addition to removing foods and beverages that may produce negative effects, the dyslexic child may also be helped by supplementing his diet. As a recommendation, children affected by dyslexia should incorporate at least two to three servings of fish or seafood into their diet on a weekly basis. It is important to note that a child’s diet should not be modified or changed drastically without consulting with his or her pediatrician. Subscribe to our NewsletterWe focus our efforts on providing help for dyslexics and dyscalculic people.
If you’ve ever traveled to this region of the world, you know that obesity is somewhat of a problem there too. This way, you remove the readily available carbohydrates that the bacteria in the mouth may convert into acids that will decay the teeth. Dyslexia affects the way a child performs in reading and other studies, and even the smartest child may be afflicted with it. It may be a good idea to eliminate or reduce the amount of refined sugars in a dyslexic child’s diet. Try incorporating foods such as roast beef, pumpkin seeds, lamb and crab into the child’s diet for noticeable results. Your child’s doctor may recommend a change in diet, although he may also emphasis other lifestyle changes. Drink a quart of courage and delight your taste buds with the creamy richness of a pint of prayer. Have some chips of good time, sprinkles of fun and a small slice of play to add flavor to your day. And when faced with troubles, always remember that without that heat, you will remain unpalatable dough. The learning disability also affects memory, therefore many children have difficulty learning even simple tasks.
Researchers have found similar connections between the two disorders, and have noted that certain foods may trigger symptoms of both. In addition, the dyslexic child should refrain from the consumption of all caffeinated beverages, including cola and iced tea.

When eliminating orange juice from the dyslexic child’s diet, be sure to supplement with other sources of vitamin C.
Tuna fish is another good choice for the dyslexic child, although you might limit it to one serving per week. Actually, any type of meat or seafood should supply adequate amounts of zinc, thereby helping to improve concentration.
When considering new supplements, always consult with your child’s physician, especially if he or she is taking other medication. If we put a lot of attention into the quality of dishes we serve and the kind of food we eat, then we should also be selective of the cuisine we offer our souls. For your spirit, have 3 to 5 servings of these gifts: green leafy wisdom, florets of understanding, kernels of counsel, spears of fortitude, a head of knowledge and several cloves of piety. Mix slices of goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control on your plate for a refreshing salad. Although dyslexia is a learning disability, researchers are finding out that diet may play a key role in managing this disorder. Eliminating chocolate and chocolate drinks may also be beneficial to the child affected by dyslexia. In addition, choose foods that have moderate amounts of iron, as iron deficiency may worsen the effects of dyslexia.
It is also better enjoyed when lovingly shared with others like a freshly-baked whole wheat bread broken among friends.
All of these have stimulating effects on the brain, which may make thought processing more difficult for children with dyslexia. Consume a heaping bowl of His Word from the Bible to balance out the taste of overly rich food that the world dishes out.

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