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India is a country where faith and spirituality permeates in the mind and the heart of its natives.
The cultural diversity of India is well reflected in the food served across different parts of India.
Key difference: Indian cuisine encompasses a variety of regional cuisine native to Indian soil. With the growth of globalization, people all across the globe have started to get accustomed and to enjoy the different variety of cuisines available.
Indian cuisine reflects 5000 years of history of various cultures interacting within the subcontinent, leading to the diversity of flavors and regional cuisine found in modern day India. The staple food of this cuisine includes bajra, rice, wheat flour and variety of lentils, especially massor, toor and moong. According to Wikipedia, the cuisines of Western countries are pretty diverse, there are a few characteristics that help distinguish western cooking from Indian and Asian cuisine.
When thinking about food in my native country India, so many thoughts and memories cross my mind.
The adjectives which come to my mind for Indian cuisine are yummy, delicious, delectable and scrumptious.
Become A Guest Author Do you have an insightful intercultural experience you want to share with our readers? We regularly publish guest features, and you too can become an author for the Knowledge Must Blog! The traditional food of India has been widely appreciated for its fabulous use of herbs and spices.
Kheer, also known as Payasam (Payas-Milk, Sanskrit) is a traditional South Asian sweet dish, made by boiling rice or broken wheat with milk and sugar, and flavored with cardamom, raisins, saffron, pistachios, almonds and other dry fruits. April 16, 2012 by nandhini 6 Comments South India is the home of four states-Tamil Nadu, Andra Pradesh, Karnataka, and Kerala. Tamil Nadu is popular for various rice-based foods like idly (rice pancake) and dosa (crispy pancake made with rice batter), and both of them are eaten by dipping with dishes like coconut chutney (paste made with coconut and spices) and sambar (made with dal and vegetables).
As you travel on the coastal line of Bay of Bengal you will reach Pondicherry which was the colony of France until 1954-long after India got independence from Britain in 1947. Another popular area of Tamil Nadu is called Chettinad, a south region of Tamil Nadu that has given mouth-watering spicy food delicacies that are famed internationally. If you travel north of Tamil Nadu, you will reach Andhra Pradesh, which is the largest producer of rice in India; their staple food is evidently rice. Hyderabad, the capital of Andhra Pradesh, has a large Muslim population and is famous for its Mughal cooking. From Andhra Pradesh as you travel west you will reach Karnataka , home of Bengaluru, or Bangalore, popularly known as the Indian Silicon Valley.
Another important state in South India is Kerala, home of green vegetation, teetering coconut trees and lush plants.
South India’s food traditions have been influenced by various settlers, invaders, and traders those who came to India for various reasons giving a culinary tradition that are benefited from centuries of cross-pollination.
I love to read and write about various aspects of India, people, culture, history, tradition, food, etc.
A very informative site, I have found alot of useful information here and still have a lot more to read. Bombay Talk is one of the few restaurants serving the best Indo Chinese food, New Jersey, is located in a popular road, best Indo Chinese food power up your palate. South Indian Food is a wonderful blend of flavors, colors, seasoning, nutritional balance, aroma, flavor and appearance.
When it comes to South Indian food (and a vegetarian one) then the sadhya at Onam is the best I suppose.
The diversity of this country is truly impalpable as it is reflected different religions, culture, heritage and cuisines.
Over the centuries, various religions have not only evolved but also found refuge in this country.
The beautiful and intricate designs of these crafts showcase the creative bandwidth of the makers. Every year a large number of tourists from different parts of the globe travel to India for cultural interactions.

Continental is a generalized term collectively referring to cuisines of Europe and other Western countries.
With the combination of different spices, vegetables and technique, the taste of the dish is highly elevated. Coconuts grow in abundance in Kerala, so grated coconut and coconut milk are commonly used for thickening and flavouring.
Compared with traditional cooking of Asian countries, meat is more prominent and substantial.
A major chunk of our budget is invested on food which makes it the one of the largest sources for our GDP. The reason being not only the quality spices used but also that it is hand cooked by our beloved mom and simply is the best! There is Paneer Kadhai, Chicken Biryani, Pulao and Butter Chicken, Gajar ka Halwa, Imarti, or Gulab Jamun, puri and sabzi, dosas, uttapams and so many more. This method uses large earthen ovens that are heated to high temperatures using coal fires. This is prepared with milk, sugar, and a blend of ginger,nutmeg, cinnamon, cloves, and cardamom. Residents of each state speak different languages and their culinary tradition is vastly different but has many similarities. The capital, Chennai, is close to the Bay of Bengal, so it can offer varieties of seafood like fish fry, shrimp fry, and many other seafood delicacies. Like other aspects of life in Pondicherry, you can see the French influence in its cuisine too.
Both the vegetarian and non-vegetarian foods are cooked with freshly crushed spices that give a unique aroma and flavor that are the hallmark of Chettinad dishes. In the past several Muslim kings ruled Hyderabad, capital of Andra and other surrounding places for many years, they introduced Mughal cooking tradition in this region.
The Hyderabad Biryani (cooked with Basmati rice, various spices, lamb, and gee) is very popular in this region. Due to the influx of people moving to Bengaluru, now this city offers a wide variety of international food cuisines. Over a period of several centuries, people created a unique style of cooking that is vastly different from other parts of India. With India Cultural Tours, a tourist can find different traces of culture in art forms such as dance and music, languages spoken, food served and different religious faiths.
The followers of Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, Sikhism, Islam and Christianity can be found in every part of the country. Their food includes a fine blend of vegetarian and non-vegetarian cuisines prepared with the delicate use of spices. Indian dishes are cooked in vegetable oil, but peanut oil is more popular in the north and south regions, whereas mustard oil is commonly used in the eastern regions. The long coastline and numerous rivers have led to a strong fishing industry in the region, making seafood a common part of the meal. The rich cultural diversity of India plays the vital role in the huge variety of food we can boast of.
The popular drink in Tamil Nadu is filter coffee (made with dark roasted coffee bean, milk, sugar and chicory), with all big meals ending with a filter coffee. Due to the popularity of Hyderabadi Biryani, several restaurants are serving it as a special delicacy all over South India.
All parts of the coconut like coconut water, coconut milk, and shredded coconut are used in their food preparation.
Since ancient times, people of different faith have built temples, mosques, churches and pilgrimage sites in reverence of the almighty they believe in.
Painting, pottery, wooden sculpture, idol making, stone carvings, terracotta paintings, jewelry, ornament and embroidered saris is among the major arts and crafts of India.
The development of Indian cuisine is believed to be shaped up by dharmic beliefs, and it is still evolving due to the nation’s cultural interactions with other societies.
Cuisine differs across regions, as a result of diversity in local culture, location (nearby to sea, deserts or mountains) and economics.
Thus, the state has developed many chicken and lamb dishes that are coated in spicy onion and mustard or sweet cream sauces.

The "pav bhaji" is a patty made of mixed vegetables that have been mashed and shallow fried and then served on a slice of bread. South India grows various spices that have been exported to all over the world and their food tradition is to use spices in their food preparation. You can also get various Indian curry items stuffed with French baguettes that are unique to Pondicherry. Similar to people in Tamil Nadu, here also rice is mixed with sambar or dal and consumed with various vegetarian and non-vegetarian curries along with chutneys, hot pickles, and curry powders. Kerala is the home of Hindus, Muslims, and Christians, so based on their religious belief they eat vegetarian and non-vegetarian food.
Every year large number of people conduct India pilgrimage tours to learn and benefit from the philosophies and teachings of their religion. On the other hand, rich and fish is the staple diet of Bengali people and the use of mustard oil is quite common in the food preparation. I also can recall the Sunflower oil advertisement which showcased an Indian mom cooking Indian delicacies. Rice is also prepared by mixing with curry powders (made with tamarind and other spices) and gee.
In Karnataka, Udipi (from the Udupi district) cuisine is popular for lip-smacking vegetarian food. People who live closer to the coastline, rivers, and backwater cook various curries made with fish and coconut. In stark opposition to Bengali people, Gujaratis are largely vegetarian and their snacks are light and crispy.
Wheat-flour bread is the most common source of starch in this cuisine, along with pasta and pastries, although the potato has become a major starch product in the diet of Europeans. Nuts are another common choice, but they are roasted with a hot spice blend of turmeric, paparika, and cumin powder. The world famous Masala Dosa (crispy rice pancake stuffed with masala vegetables) is originated from this cuisine only. Historically, Kerala was part of the Tamil-speaking area, and many foods from Tamil Nadu like idly and dosa are popular in many parts of Kerala. A lot of South Indian cuisines are prepared with the use of coconut and rice such as Idli, Sambhar, Dosa and Uttapam.
Udipi cuisine food is prepared with an ancient Hindu tradition that does not include onion and garlic in their food preparation.
Vegetarian dishes like appam (pancake made with rice batter) and puttu (made with rice flour) are popular foods in Kerala. Bisi bele bhath (hot lentil rice made with vegetables, toor dal, and masala), vangi bath (fried brinjal rice) are other popular food items that originated from this region. Snacks like banana chips (chips made with plantain) and jackfruit chips (chips made with jackfruit)originated from Kerala and is popular throughout South India. A traditional thali includes two vegetables cooked with spices, dahl, a flatbread, rice, pulses, and a sweet. For dessert, the Kerala people drink payasam made with milk, sugar, coconut milk, spices, raisins, and cashews.
Fish may be stuffed or lightly fried, and meat is braised and spiced with sweet and sour ingredients. Maharashtrians also popularised fried rice-flour balls called "vada" (now eaten throughout the country) and a type of thin pancake called amboli made of semolina, urad dal, and fermented rice. Coconut is made into chutney, served as a refreshing desert, and incorporated into vegetable or fish dishes as a flavouring. For example, rice flour and urad flour are made into a batter and steamed to form rice cakes called "idli", eaten with a type of stew made of pulses and vegetables called "sambhar". Another dish, "appam", is a thin crepe made with rice flour and the sap of the cocomut palm.

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