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Whether you're wondering how to lose weight postpartum or are looking for the latest diet trend to hit the celebrity circuit, The Baby Food Diet is making headlines.
In general, the plan includes 14 4-ounce servings of pureed food and 1 balance adult meal once per day.
Just like any diet plan, opting for a variety of fruits, cereals, vegetables and meats is essential for healthy results. The Baby Food Diet may be more of a quick fix to weight loss than the perfect long term plan for dropping the pounds.

Developed by celebrity trainer Tracy Anderson and based on the foods that are good for your little one, too, this pureed food plan has celebs like Lady Gaga, Jennifer Aniston and Madonna sing its praises.
Another version of the same cleanser plan is to replace snacks with these small servings of baby food, balancing with three healthy adult meals per day. However, The Baby Food diet is low in fiber and bad fats, but getting these missing nutritional needs for adults can be achieved when choosing the right foods for your daily meal allowance.
To continue with this celebrity-boasted diet long-term, doctors suggest only employing this calorie-cutting method a few days a week to avoid yo-yo dieting. Although the diet sounds like an easy weight loss plan, can you really lose weight eating baby food?

Overall, the goal is to slash the number of calories you take in and boost your body's cleansing ability with this dietary detox.
But, at the least, perhaps The Baby Food Diet can make you feel young at heart as you shed the pounds and share your little one's cuisine!

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