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Wait, isn’t it good that 7 million people are tuning in to watch a game show on weight loss, when the United States is in the middle of a weight crisis? Yep, but rather than encouraging people to make permanent lifestyle changes, it’s yet another show encouraging rapid weight loss solutions, at any cost, regardless of the long-term effectiveness or negative side effects.
He goes on to talk about how, due to the extreme caloric restriction, the metabolism of these participants had slowed down to an equivalent of 500 calories a day – predisposing them to massive rebound weight gain unless they continued to restrict calories or do a ridiculous amount of exercise. 10 million viewers a week potentially trying to emulate the dangerous weight loss practices they see on the show. In reality, none of these are secrets, and neither of them are healthy long-term approaches to weight loss. By far my biggest beef with this show is that the participants are just put on an absurdly calorie restricted diet. When the emphasis is simply to lose as much weight as possible, eating as little as possible will work in the short term (in the SHORT term), because the body is literally starving. On and on this cycle goes until the person has no energy, loses half their muscle, and can barely function throughout the day all while wondering they aren’t losing weight anymore.
So now, despite kids already being bombarded with images of ultra fit men and women, they’re subconsciously getting the idea that they need to just keep eating less to weigh less. Now we have eating disorders on the rise… and bad weight loss role models on the rise. There are better, real, sustainable approaches to weight loss that don’t leave you praying for death.
So every morning, he’d wake up, lift weights for an hour in the basement, and then make a nice fresh vegetable juice for breakfast with two eggs.
When I asked him if he looked like he had lost weight, he said he did notice looking much different.. No, what was happening was that he was making muscular gains and wasn’t accounting for that in his weight. But if you invest into changing your habits, rather than relying on willpower, and if you find ways to enjoy the process and take it slow, you will inevitably reach your destination.
I understand that the Biggest Loser is supposed to serve some kind of morbid inspiration to a country that is sick and overweight. But it’s just plain terrible advice to emulate if you are looking for real, sustainable weight loss.
1) Focus on eating the right food, and when you do, the right amount will take care of itself. I have profiled several success stories so far of dramatic weight loss – 100+ pounds, and 66 pounds.
Besides the obvious no-fun of starving yourself, dramatically dropping your caloric intake is a great way to end up with stalled weight loss, decrease energy, poor sleep, and PMS (even if you’re a guy). I’ve talked about it time and time again, but changing your eating habits will account for the majority of your success. Personal trainers constantly complain that their clients train with them every week, but don’t change what they eat. Here’s the thing: Goals are great to temporarily motivate you, but what happens when you get obsessed with the goal and ignore the other 364 days working toward the goal?

Being healthy is just as much internal as it is external, and you need to work on both to really feel whole.
But what is really scarey is that moronic parents allow their kids to watch it and join in.
I used to watch the Biggest Lose because I considered it entertaining, but in time I came to the same realization as you, Alex, and I started wondering why on Earth would anyone endorse this kind of approach to weight loss? The thing is that the show producers place their bets on the fact that those people are desperate, they’d do anything to lose weight. I used to like to watch the Biggest Loser and was, for a time, obsessed with weight loss shows.
What I wouldn’t believe was that all of this would get me to a healthy place physically and emotionally. I have watched Biggest loser and I always cried because I could never do the things they were doing. Master The Day is a book that addresses the real reason we struggle with health and living a really good life: habits.
A sound diet plan should include three basic principles such as monitoring food intake, increasing physical activity, and addressing the psychological component of weight loss. Along with following a strict diet plan, it is also essential to follow the biggest loser workout. And they pass the information onto their friends that also say “Yeah that sounds right.
Every morning he was weighing himself on the scale, and it actually hadn’t budged much in three months. Depending on where your current body weight is, just shifting to the right types of foods will naturally result in the right number of calories.
I’m just worried about it furthering weight loss stereotypes and misinformation, all while spreading a hatred for people with weight issues. Watching the show, they don’t really show what their real daily diets are, but it does seem like contestants have a ton of control in what they eat. If they were all getting injuries, they wouldn’t be able to do the programs every day for months.
Contestants are losing 20 pounds of water weight and then (acting) bewildered when they gain 5 pounds the next week.
People doing it for the right reasons succeed long term (20%) and the majority doing it for wrong reasons fall back into their same habits (80%). I came across this article after the latest American biggest loser has shocked the audience with her gaunt 47kg frame. My entire approach to health is this: once you understand the power of your own mind and psychology, and once you get the power of tiny daily habits (rather than willpower and discipline) success is a piece of cake.
You have to choose a plan that you can stick with to get the best results from it in the long run. Name Email WebsiteSubmit Comment Recent Posts One Size May Not Fit All on GI Foods Low GI Foods May Help You Sleep What Exactly Is the Glycemic Index Diet? It’s meant to be ridiculous for ratings because people need to be paid and feed their kids.

No wonder people think that celebrities need to invest disgusting amounts of time in the gym. He was noticing maybe a 3-5 pound difference in his weight, but it wasn’t anything dramatic. The more you treat it like a beast to conquer, chances are the less fun it’s going to become. As a normal person, working or studying, having family and a social life, it is impossible to work out daily for 4 to 6 hours. I support anyone tackling their health and weight issues, but this sort of show is just dangerous for all. Unfortunately it’s a quantum leap backward for those trying to learn the healthy way to lose weight.
I even have a spreadsheet with weekly goals on how much I want to lose for the next year, how many calories to eat, what workouts to do, etc. Before following any diet plan, it is always best to consult your doctor or physician to know whether the diet plan you are following is good for you or not. Even if they are on highly restrictive diets, these can be used without putting your body into starvation mode.
If you are going to do a tv contest and fitness, I can’t think of a better way to do it. But the 10%-20% who really want to make a life style change, the program works for them, and they keep the weight off. If you want to lose the weight in three months (which is hard when you have to work) do the Biggest Loser program.
It sets up ridiculous expectations and instils a failure mindset in watchers, and the methods employed on the show are extreme and barbaric to contestants, as you explain. One can start following the biggest loser diet plan introduced in the biggest loser show, which has plenty of health benefits.
I need to learn how to let things happen naturally and not focused so much on the end result.
Facts are most the contests come out looking lean, muscular, and vibrant, not in poor health at all. So they can give the viewing audience what they want: Rapid, extreme results, tears, tantrums, injuries, a true specticle. But if you really are a part of the 20% you will succeed, no matter what program you choose, unless it truly is a bad program.
As a health psychologist, I can hardly think of a worse way to help people deal with the long term behavioural and emotional issues that have led them to be morbidly obese.

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