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Kerala Style Christmas Plum Cake Recipe is a boozy, dark, intense cake that is made in advance for Christmas. This Plum cake is a recipe I have been following for years and is now a foolproof recipe that I turn to every Christmas.
Here are some other tea time favourites that could also grace your Christmas party table this year: Eggless Strawberry Rose and Pistachio Cake, Quatre Quart Pound Cake with Fresh Figs, 50% Whole-Wheat Strawberry Tea Cake and Flourless Mud Pie. The nuts and dry fruits are steeped in the liquor of choice, and the cake is additionally loaded with nuts making it a wholesome cake full of bite. For best results, make it in advance and store it in a dark cool place for the flavours to deepen. Cover it, place it over a medium heat and allow it to cook until the juice is absorbed.If you are making a non-alcoholic version, soak the dry fruits in the juice of 3 oranges overnight or for a couple of hours at least.

Cooking, baking, photography and styling is an extension of my creative self, another medium of expression. You can either make it for Christmas or slice it and store it as a tea time treat or a snack box option for your kid too. When baking the cake, cook them in the same juice until all the juices are absorbed.If for some reason you have not pre-soaked the fruit, you can also soak and cook them instantly in 50-50 mix of rum and orange juice to get the intensity of flavour in a shorter time. Playing with colours on plate, using different textures, composition in photography was all that I had learnt as a student, which I am showcasing using food as a medium. Once you have tasted it, you will want to make an extra one and save it for New Year's as well!
Tossing fruits in flour is to avoid fruits falling to the bottom of the cake during baking time.

I am a firm believer of composting and I make sure my kitchen generates as less waste as possible.
Stir well with spatula to blend uniformly.Next, beat the egg whites till they are stiff peaks.

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