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There is evidence that that consuming a diet high in refined carbohydrates can increase a person's risk of heart disease. By focusing on replacing refined starches with vegetables, fruits, and beans you can make a healthy difference for your heart. My eating plan consists of lean protein, very low carb and no sugar veggies, some dairy, nuts, and limited condiments. As I go through the different Phases of this plan on into Maintenance I will be adding in new foods. I know some of you out there will think this eating plan is a bit of deprivation, but so far it is working for me. Joanna Hall, author of Drop a Size in 2 Weeks Flat, offers a special 28-day plan to lose up to 5 inches off your waist. We all remember the low-carb diet craze, which demonized carbohydrates in favor of high protein intake. Now, carb cycling, a diet that alternates between high and low carb days, promises similar results, without depriving the body of any macronutrients. Believe it or not, the concept of carb cycling actually came from the bodybuilding industry, says personal trainer Heidi Powell, of ABC’s Extreme Weight Loss. After seeing how well it seemed to work, Powell started putting all her weight loss clients on carb cycling programs. When a person pulls carbs from their diet for an extended period of time, they lose fat as well as a lot of water weight, explains Powell. With carb cycling, the body is never deprived of carbs long enough to slow the metabolism, and is able to get into a catabolic fat burning state on the low carb days. The “Classic Cycle,” a straightforward plan designed by Powell’s husband Chris (and featured in his book Choose to Lose: The 7-Day Carb Cycle Solution), alternates between low-carb and high-carb days, with the seventh day as a reward day. On this and other cycles, individuals will feel results in about a week, and start to see them in two weeks, says Powell.
While no specific types of carbs are technically off-limits, the carbs should ideally come from unprocessed, whole foods such as rice, oats, potatoes, whole grains and breads, Lawson says. Unlike their sugary counterparts, research suggests that healthy starches (or resistant starches) like grains, beans and legumes can help with weight loss by boosting metabolism. Another important thing to keep in mind is that carb cycling shouldn’t be a carb or junk food free-for-all, proponents advise.
For years, dieters have berated themselves for every bite of bread or pasta that has passed their lips. Actress Jennifer Aniston is known to favour low-carb diets - but is there a better way to lose weight? The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. With the holidays fast approaching, I have decided to launch a mini detox challenge called Say No To Bad Carbs.
I love the holidays and I love to celebrate, but more importantly I love me and my health and I want to make sure that I enjoy the holidays in a sensible and healthy manner as much as possible.
Include an adequate level of healthy fats through nuts, oils and lean meats to deliver healthy nutrients and enhance satiety.

Introduce a variety of vegetables containing crucial minerals and vitamins and additional fiber.
How to build a meal program that you can enjoy while still getting yourself healthier and leaner? Lunch: two slices of whole-wheat bread, one can white tuna, one tablespoon fat free mayonnaise. Consume 6 to 11 servings of foods that include carbohydrates – cereal, bread, pasta or rice – to provide energy to the body.
Feel uncomfortable with your body? Why not to try our excellent workout plan and get ripped in a month. Lunch: two slices of whole-wheat bread, one small sweet potato – 150 g, measured, uncooked, 6 oz. Pre-workout snack: one scoop whei isolate protein of choice, 4 small strawberries, ? large banana. Those who want to start the muscle building process should know the process requires a quick dose of the right carbohydrates and protein. A great alternative to Atkins, Joanna's Carb Curfew method (banning carbs after 5pm) has been hailed as the healthiest, simplest way to diet the low-carb way. She followed this with an internship at the renowned Virginia Mason sports medicine clinic in Seattle, USA.
They would bulk up while building muscle, then carb cycle to reduce their final layer of fat. Essentially, the high carb days act as “boost” days, increasing metabolism, and the low carb days act as “burn” days, when the body is an optimal state to burn fat.
The more intense a workout, the more carbohydrates will need to be ingested to fuel a session. She recommends a 12-week cycle for the best physical and mental results, but says the principles of carb cycling can be followed for any phase of life, including weight loss, maintenance, fitness and performance. In one Australian study, rats that ate a diet low in resistant starch gained fat and lost muscle mass, while those that ate a diet higher in resistant starch preserved their muscle mass despite the higher carb intake. And with the most current research having been done on mice, it might be a while before carb cycling can be recommended as a science-backed weight loss technique.
The purpose of this detox is to reset my body both physically and mentally in preparation for the crazy busy, food filled holiday season that’s almost here. I am however a certified health coach and this is a plan that works for me and based on my experience. To obtain defined muscles you need to eat lean proteins complemented with healthy fats and complex carbohydrates. No matter, how hard you train in the gym, without proper dietary regimen you will not achieve good results. If you think there is 1 single diet that is going to get you marvelous results, then you are wrong.
Neither the service provider nor the domain owner maintain any relationship with the advertisers. Some research suggested lower-carb diets could increase the risk of heart disease, and dieters often gained the weight right back after reintroducing carbs.

Trainers caught on, and experimented to see if everyday people could manipulate their carb intake and get similar results. Some research backs it too, including one British study that found that women who eliminated carbohydrate-rich foods twice a week (and ate their normal diet the rest of the time) lost an average of nine pounds over four months.
Reintroducing carbs causes the body to rebound, holding onto every bit of carbs, sugar and water it can. Psychologically speaking, Powell says including rewards is part of what makes some people so successful on the plan. But for healthy individuals willing and able to adjust their carb consumption according to fairly regimented guidelines, some experts suggest carb cycling can lead to positive body composition changes while still letting you enjoy dessert and a glass of wine from time to time.
I have been wanting to do a detox for a while to help recharge my system, but I’m not a big fan of juice cleanses so that wasn’t an option for me.  Personally, I can’t survive on just juicing and I can’t do it for an extended period (no offense to those that juice for days, but it’s just not for me).
My hope is that Say No to Bad Carbs will help me gain control of my cravings and feel confident during the many holiday celebrations that I have coming up. With the trend of people following the Paleo diet and other low carb diets, there are so many great low carb recipe resources. As my boss likes to say “plan the work and work the plan.” The key to success is preparation and dedication and I am ready to take on this plan for the next two weeks. When it comes to making a healthy diet plan, it can be really difficult to know where to begin and how to get that lean muscle. The answer is as simple as that: Consume a wide variety of low calorie density and high nutrient density foods. However, there are a great number of good diet setups out that anyone can follow to achieve the goals.
To optimize your training results, replace glycogen and amino acids lost during your workout. In case of trademark issues please contact the domain owner directly (contact information can be found in whois). For all those who have tried Atkins or South Beach and found it difficult, Joanna's Carb Curfew system is fantastic. Women on a 1,500-calorie Mediterranean diet, on the other hand, lost only five pounds in that time. If you are drinking the recommended amount of water it will be easier for the muscle to grow and strengthen. Joanna Hall presents a day-by-day diet plan specifically designed to help you lose up to 5 inches from your waistline in a month - watch your belly disappear, while your health improves and fitness soars.
For the most part, I always try and eat healthy carbs, but once in awhile I’ll have a cookie or two or regular pasta instead of whole grain pasta, etc, but carbs are my weakness so a little detox can do my body good!
Fat on your stomach is a potential killer and Joanna shows how simply using a step counter (pedometer) and her quick abs routine will help you lose those 5 inches.

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