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At ActiDiet we've taken the science behind some of the world's most tried and trusted diet plans, but at the same time, we shook it up, threw out the unhealthy stuff (Aspartame, MSG, Artificial Colourings & Genetically Modified ingredients) and offer it direct to your home with the consultation package of your choice. We took the next logical step to enhance meal replacement diets by including food you can chew.
You can choose from a range of ways to follow the diet, whether it's a full meal replacement, or combining ActiDiet with other meals of your choice. We know how important it is to have flexibility without the obligation of having to attend group sessions to place or collect your order. ActiDiet is formulated to give you all the nutrients the body needs as well helping you lose weight quickly. All of the above is combined to formulate a diet which is fast, easy, effective and most of all a diet you can stick to!
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Our most popular and effective diet comes with your choice of meal replacement shakes, bars, meal packs and soups.
Our 5:2 Diet Plan includes meal replacements to help you diet two days a week while eating your own healthy food on the other five.
Our Complete Diet Plan doesn't take much will power and includes a selection of tasty meals, meal replacements and snacks. The 1000 and 1200 both include two meal replacements and one diet ready meal, plus an extra two snacks on the 1200. On the Breakfast and Lunch Diet Plan you cook your own calorie-controlled evening meal and have meal replacements for breakfast and lunch. Our great-tasting high quality products leave you feeling fuller for much longer due to the increased levels of high quality protein and fibre we add compared to competitors. We offer two handy VLCD diet plans to get you started - a VLCD Diet Plan 600 providing 600 calories per day via three meal replacements, and a VLCD Diet Plan 800 providing 800 calories via three meal replacements and two snacks, which is ideal for men or those new to VLCDs.
Consuming three Saints & Slimmers meal replacement products will deliver 100% of your recommended daily allowance (RDA) of vitamins and minerals, despite containing just 600 or 800 calories. Saints & Slimmers VLCD meal replacements are high in quality proteins, such as whey protein and milk protein, that are bio-available so your body can utilise much more of them.

Saints & Slimmers pack dietary fibre into our products, which leaves you feeling fuller for longer. Saints & Slimmers products include clever ingredients, such as Green Tea Extract and L-carnitine, which can both aid weight loss and well-being. Saints & Slimmers products are free from artificial colours, aspartame, monosodium glutamate and genetically modified products.
Consuming 600-800 calories causes your body to enter a natural metabolic state called ketosis after 2-4 days. Ketosis occurs once your body has used up its energy reserves of glycogen and instead starts to burn fat from its fat stores.
Ketosis is perfectly natural and most people enter ketosis at some point during the day, usually when asleep. By keeping calorie intake low on a daily basis you'll stay in ketosis and you'll lose weight more quickly. Ordinarily, if you tried eating just 600 calories a day you'd not only feel hungry all the time, you'd also miss out on many of the vitamins and minerals you need to consume as part of your diet. Saints & Slimmers meal replacement products contain lots of protein and fibre to keep you feeling full. This is because the calories your body needs and the calories you are consuming become closer. Exercising alongside your plan will increase weight loss and help with muscle tone and definition. If you have not exercised for a long time or are new to exercise, you should speak to your GP before becoming a regular in the gym. Consuming three meal replacement products daily will provide you with 100% of your Recommended Daily Allowances (RDAs) for vitamins and minerals, whilst restricting your daily calorie intake to 600 calories. The products are high in protein, which helps to maintain muscle mass and fibre and improves digestive health, allowing you to feel fuller for longer.
We advise that you consume 1-2 litres of water spread over the day and stay on the plan for no longer than 12 continuous weeks. We don't believe in cheap fillers and as a result our products are much lower in sugars when compared to competitor products.

Our products are high in dietary fibre meaning you will feel fuller for longer as well as maintaining a healthy digestive system and heart. L-carnitine is responsible for the transport of fats into cells for energy and therefore increases the rate at which your body can burn fats.
The incorporation of chewable meals not only ensures the diet is easier to stick to but also ensures that the transition back to eating conventional food is an easy process.
Our system has been developed with this in mind, which means that you can participate in our consultant's group sessions, one to ones & our support group when you need a little extra support, or else if you prefer, you can simply buy online & your order will be delivered quickly and discreetly to your home.
This means that by following the ActiDiet, you will consume all of your RDAs whilst still getting the full benefit of your body's natural, fat burning energy systems. Our VLCD Diet Plans contain just 600 calories, which is fewer than your body needs to maintain its current weight. Don't be surprised if your weight loss is rapid at first (sometimes in excess of 4lbs per week) and then starts to slow down.
We also offer an 800 calorie VLCD Diet Plan which is designed for those new to VLCDs or for men who require something providing more than the usual 600 calories. In some cases our products are 95% lower in sugars - which of course means they are much better for you. During the diet, your stomach will have returned to its normal size and you will have become used to smaller portions satisfying your hunger. Furthermore all of our shakes are now probiotic to help our ActiDieters keep a healthy digestive system. If you have any pre-existing health complaints, we advise that you contact your GP before starting a VLCD. Green Tea Extract is rich in antioxidants and is a proven effective weight loss ingredient, owing to its metabolism-boosting properties.

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