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Balancing your nutrient ratios is the second aspect you should consider when structuring a muscle building diet plan. Figuring out your daily calorie requirement is the only way you can make a step in the right direction.
176g of protein for a 176 person would be extremely unhealthy, whereas the 76g per day range is about right. The two main things you should consider is the daily calorie intake your body needs and the nutrient ratios.
Shakes and supplements should be avoided as some of them are made using processed ingredients which cause more harm than good.

These two main factors should also be considered for structuring an effective diet plan for muscle building. When you use the ratios given, meet the required daily calorie intake and avoid intake of junk and processed foods, you will be able to come up with an effective muscle building diet plan. Additionally, you can use online calorie calculators that take into account other important factors like height, age, level of activity and others. Reduce the amount of junk and increase your whole foods intake to effectively make up your calorie count.
Such calculators are more accurate, but you can start by using the simple method mentioned to have a rough estimate.

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