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Google trends reports that in the period from Sept 30th 2012 to October 6th 2012 the search query "weight loss diet" was at at its 3rd highest level all year (behind new years at 100 and June at 95) hitting 88 on a scale of 100.
Scouring the internet may be a great way to get different ideas about diets, but before beginning any new diet an individual should be aware of the potential risks. The Keto diet (short for ketogenic) is becoming a popular diet for people looking to get lean. The visible effects are a reduction in body fat in the short term, which is what individuals want. In the long term, Thier believes that the diet is difficult to maintain and "any added carbs will cause the diet to work against you". An independent consultant to MyFitStyle, Jeffrey Thier is a Registered Dietitian in Raleigh, NC.
Kate Middleton Royal Tour of India : The Duchess of Cambridge style guide Kate Middleton wore several stylish outfits during her recent Royal visit to India. For rabbit enrichment, sometimes I put hay, leafy greens and produce into plastic toy balls. Much like Top Chef contestants must complete culinary challenges with certain ingredients, both zoo keepers and Oakland Zoo commissary staff must prepare diets for the animals according to specific requirements.
String 7 prepares most of its diets in the Children’s Zoo kitchen, so most days the other intern and I get to chop up and measure produce for the lemurs, pigs and rabbits. Iron Chefs step aside…your challenges are nothing compared to the daily mission of feeding over 400 animals of 160 different species two to three meals a day. Chris Angel, primary commissary keeper, demonstrates the three different ways fish is cut up for different birds who need it to resemble what they’d find in nature.
Chris Angel is one of a team of commissary keepers who are in charge of making all this happen.  The commissary team translates the requirements of the Zookeepers into orders from suppliers and then makes sure every area of the Zoo has exactly what they need when they need it.
Two full- and two part-time staff, plus volunteers and interns, work multiple shifts preparing the food every single day of the year. The colors in the chart represent trays and for each tray there’s a list of ingredients ranging from “Flamingo Fare” or “Pretty Bird” to fresh fruit and cooked vegetables.
Megan Frye, Night Keeper, prepares the trays for birds according to the detailed schematics.
The Zookeepers help design the animal diets in collaboration with our veterinarians and Animal Care management staff. Take an Elephant’s diet as an example: they mostly get hay and “browse” (leafy branches) but also get four buckets of chopped produce each day.
Everything—even lettuce-- has to be cut to a predetermined size so it takes the animals longer to find and eat their food.
The Zoo keeps two weeks worth of essential supplies on hand at all times, just to be sure the animals won’t go hungry in an emergency. In the Animal Commissary there is an entire wall of kibble bins plus huge jars and barrels of food like birdseed and popcorn (no butter or salt and used only for snacks). A big part of our animals’ diet is fresh fruits and vegetables and nothing less than human-grade will do. Even California Fish and Game and Caltrans get into the act when they find a newly killed deer or turkey. We never take predator animals from these sources, however, because they can carry bacteria and viruses our Lions and Tigers are susceptible to and they are more likely to have been poisoned. Our utensil board rivals the famous Julia Child’s, though she probably didn’t have hacksaws on hers.

Yes, even Zoo animals appreciate a treat or a snack, and just like kids, they enjoying playing with their food.
Our elephants will spend hours licking a popsicle like this one that’s made of fruit juice and then stuffed with fruits and kale. Out in nature food has to discovered or caught, so we try to bring some of that challenge into the animals’ daily lives. Chris purchases exotic bird kibble, Marmoset Jelly and other prepared foods that are not easily replicated in our kitchen so that every animal’s dietary needs are met. Animals such as our Boas, which in nature consume live prey, are fed frozen mice here because catching food on the move is dangerous to the predator—it fights back—and we don’t want our animals injured.
Live mealworms, crickets and goldfish are the only exception to the fresh and frozen meat we serve. As you can see, feeding time at the Zoo is a community effort: It requires a huge quantity and variety of ingredients all the time and we rely on donations. If you are a fisher, hunter, or butcher, we may be able to use your  fresh or frozen overstock and raw bones. If you’re an organic farmer, gardener, arborist or grape grower—or have friends who are—the animals would love your excess vegetables, fruits and nuts. We thank Steve Goodall, a local nature photographer,  for volunteering to take, and allow us to use, the photos for this article. Everyone wants the one "miracle" diet, but unfortunately finding the diet that works for you is a little more complicated than taking the initiative to google it. Comparable to the Atkin's Diet that swept the nation the Keto diet is a high fat, moderate protein, low carb diet. Thier also acknowledges the Keto Diet may have benefits for individuals with insulin dependent diabetes in regards to blood sugar control due to the reduction in carbohydrates.
He received his Master’s Degree from Western Carolina University in Cullowhee, NC in Nutrition and Dietetics, and completed his Dietetic Internship through North Carolina Central University in Durham, NC. Tim currently holds certifications through ISSA (International Sports Science Association) and the NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine).
Although Top Chef contestants work under the camera spotlight to please the reality show judges, zoo keepers may appear to work more in the background. After helping prepare diets in the early afternoon, I faced the task of opening the shipment of boxes.
Try satisfying omnivores who need a dozen different foods in different amounts plus nutritional supplements and snacks! After college he learned management in a factory and butchering in a meat department and volunteered for us.
The Keepers spread most of the food around the exhibit to give them the challenge of finding it. Beyond that, just-in-time orders are placed with local feed stores, and produce and veterinary distributors who, in turn, stock a supply of what we are going to need so that they have it when our orders arrive.
Grocers like Safeway, US Food Service, and AL Lunardi and Sons contribute hugely along with Niman Ranch and Prather Ranch. An important but fun job of the Commissary staff and Zookeepers is coming up with new ways to stimulate the senses and appetites of our animal residents. Sun bears love to scoop peanut butter out of the bottom of jars with their long tongues, so we volunteers bring our leftovers in for them.
Even ground beef comes from a veterinary food distributor because our tigers and lions not only require the meat, but also parts that  human hamburger doesn’t contain.

They provide exercise and stimulation as well as nutrition to our otters, frogs and insects. In addition to their fresh food, our animals are given fig newtons (they are great for hiding vitamins and pills), gelatins, baby food, powdered sports drinks, spices and many other packaged foods you would recognize on your own pantry shelves. These foods are expensive so some of our wonderful volunteers go shopping weekly with their own money just so the animals can have them as treats. The one thing none of our animals will eat is lemons and limes, which is a shame since so many of us have trees loaded with them. Due to the low amount of carbohydrates, the body is forced to burn fat as energy which causes a build up ketones (the body usually converts carbohydrates to glucose for energy. As a Registered Dietician Thier advises against a diet like this but states "but even if one decides to go and follow a keto diet anyway, please do so with the supervision of a doctor.
During his internship, he was given the opportunity to interview and teach clients at Duke Medicine’s Diet and Fitness Center.
Additionally, he holds various specialty certifications including NASM Performance Enhancement Specialist, NASM Youth Training Specialist and NASM Prenatal Fitness Specialist. Being slightly squeamish around bugs, I took a deep breath before taking out a pocketknife to separate the tapped boxes. The lemurs’ lunch is one of the most enjoyable to prepare because it usually consists of fresh fruits like cantaloupe, bananas, blueberries or peaches. But after the first few days, I began to identify the rainbow Swiss chard, collard greens and jicama.
When the ingredients are finalized, the Commissary takes over and is responsible for obtaining all the food and nutritional supplements. In addition,  growers, hunters, fishers and home gardeners donate boxes of meat, bones and fresh fruits and vegetables daily. Interns and volunteers dye berries and grapes different colors and freeze them to spice up dinner trays.
So while the fat and ketones are an acceptable source of alternative energy, it wouldn't be the body's preferred choice. It’s much safer to be supervised medically with this kind of diet because of the higher blood ketones and side effects". While currently a Clinical Dietician at Nash General Hospital in Rocky Mount, NC, he has also been sous chef at several restaurants in the Western North Carolina Mountains.
The zoo keepers try to have a lot of variety in their diet, which also depends on the produce donated to the zoo.
Just as not all people are avid vegetable eaters, the lemurs are not as fond of their daily greens. For larger donations (bin size or more or frozen food), call Chris Angel at 510-632-9525 x 215 to arrange a drop-off. Consequently, we feed them most of their vegetables for dinner so they have more time to eat them before breakfast the next morning. Each cardboard box housed about 1000 mealworms, which needed to be transferred to the large plastic mealworm tub in the commissary. I had to make sure they did not escape while I relocated them into the two large cricket garbage cans.

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