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The annual Victoria's Secret Fashion Show is one of the biggest nights in fashion and with some of the sexiest models in the world walking the runway in little to no clothing, it has people wondering what the gorgeous ladies do to get ready for the big day. These models work extremely hard to keep their incredible figures all-year round so they can look as good as they do in those skimpy lingerie sets.
While most are blessed with good genes and fast metabolisms, they all work their butts off in the gym almost every day of the week to make sure they're in tip-top shape for each and every photo shoot. All of the Angels always make sure to send body positive messages and be outspoken in the celebrity world to promote healthy body image. A few months before the show, she starts working out with a personal trainer and drinking a gallon of water every day.
But when it comes down to ten days before the show, she tries to work out every single day. These changes really start about five weeks before the show, but she typically eats really healthy all year round because it makes her feel better, according to The Fashion Spot. One of her favorite workouts to do to stay in shape is a sculpting workout from boxing hot spot Aerospace in NYC.
She does a lot of planks and starts to run more when it comes down to crunch time before the big show, according to Hello Magazine. For fitness, she does a lot of Crossfit the few weeks before, according to Fashion Gone Rogue.
Since the show taped last month, the Angels are currently in the post-season phase of their VS Fashion Show diets, so last night on "The Late Show with Stephen Colbert," Angels Adriana Lima, Taylor Hill and Behati Prinsloo did "the one thing that America wanted to see" and ate some buffalo wings.
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In order the be considered for the VS Fashion Show, a model must be at least 18 years old and their ideal height must be 5'9" with the measurements of 34-24-34. No matter what their everyday routine is like, it's those tough few days leading up to the show that have these Angels really cracking down.
Here is what the 2015 VS Angels do to prep for the "Victoria's Secret Fashion Show" which took place on Nov.
Nine days before the show, she ups her workouts to two-a-days and only drinks protein shakes with powered egg whites, which means she eats absolutely no solid food. A typical day for this Brazilian beauty includes a healthy breakfast of eggs, English muffins, fruit and coffee, and then maybe a Pilates class, according to Glamour.
I've never been an extremist," she told Elle, explaining that she always has almonds on her and loves Starbucks' iced green tea. She starts prepping for the show a few weeks before by upping her workout game and adding lean proteins into her diet, according to People.
Once it gets closer to the show, though, she adds in much more protein to build muscle because she "likes strong legs and a bum on the runway." She starts to mix in veggies with her meals and a green juice every once in a while so she can feel like she is doing good to her body.
This year she is the lucky Angel that gets the honor of wearing the iconic $2 million Fantasy Bra.
As someone who used to play professional basketball, she's used to staying pretty active, but does admit that she puts in a lot of extra effort in the weeks leading up to the show. Her daily workout routine consists of 30 to 40 minutes of sprinting, running and stretching.
It consists of cardio bursts of jump roping, an upper-body burn and a lower-body blast that you repeat four times, resting 30 seconds between each set. She also adds more protein and vegetables into her diet to get her body in shape, but the day of the show, she does not eat anything at all, according to Style Caster.

As someone with a huge sweet tooth, she knows it's crucial to cut down on sweets the days before the event, so she stops eating candy. All of the Angels go the healthy way out by stocking up on their proteins, fruits, veggies and water, but a select few do what nobody should ever do - eat close to nothing. Back in 2011, the veteran Angel revealed how she gets ready for the show each and every year, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Two days before the show she stops drinking the gallon of water and goes back to normal amounts. In order to look incredible in the Fantasy Bra, Aldridge has been eating very healthy which includes a diet of a lot of roasted chicken, vegetables and clean eating, according to Cosmopolitan. Then, twelve hours before the show, things get pretty scary for Lima because she stops drinking water completely. While she is focusing on everything going into her body, she does not forget to rest, as this is important when it comes to letting your body adjust to these changes. She also does a lot of Ballet Beautiful and two workouts a day in the weeks leading up to the show, which includes an hour in the morning and 20 minutes of cardio in the afternoon.
The week leading up to the show, she does very intense training, takes care of her skin and drinks a lot of water.
It was hilarious to see these supermodels eat a giant pile of wings after all this serious diet and workout prep! So that means that for a full 12 hours before she steps foot on that runway, not a single thing has entered her body. News that prior to this year's show, she started working out with celebrity trainer Harley Pasternak and that he "really kicked her ass into some serious shape" and that she just starts to eat "really healthy" to get her body ready to walk the runway.

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