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Ideally dairy products should be 0% fat, but up to 2% is allowed as long as it has no added sugar. The information related to health and nutrition provided by this website is designed for educational purposes only. This is a quick post to give you information from Laura about some fruit yoghurts she has found that are suitable to use on the Dukan. Hi Amber – 4 out of the 6 flavours in the Tamar Valley yoghurts are under the 7% with the other 2 just over. Hi I was wondering if anyone could tell me where you can buy creme fraiche (no fat or low fat) from in Melbourne Australia. Just let me know what is confusing you about Consolidation and I’ll see if I can help. I live in the Netherlands, and most of the products you post are not available here, so what do I need to look for for all my packaged foods, under 7% carbs, and also under 7% fat, or does that needs to be lower than 7%?
I’ve checked and all flavours of these yogurts have less than 7% carbs so are fine to eat in any phase.

A couple of extra days of PP here and there to help keep your weight under control is a good idea when you are eating normally. These are the tricks that you need to continue after you’ve moved into Stabilisation as it will help you to maintain your weight while being able to enjoy other treats.
Hi Rae, this is an old post and I realized I didn’t but the nutritional facts at the end. Haciendo Pie Juegos De Cocina Postres PicturePin Haciendo Pie Juegos De Cocina Postres cake picture for pinterest and other social networks. The % that have been provided by Ben I, would suggest, are an average of all 6 flavors or of one of the 2 flavours that is slightly higher.
And is there a difference for % of carbs and fat between different kinds of products, or is it the same for everything?
Those made by Walden Farms are also very popular with those on low carb diets like the Dukan Diet. But they’re DIET cheesecakes remember, they’re not supposed to look decadent anyway!

This is the first blog that takes into account ALL of my dietary restrictions, and seems to know exactly what types of treats I’m craving!
I took a look at your wordpress blog and I’m sending the same compliment right back at you! The water bath helps cooking the cheesecake evenly even if you have a small crapy electric oven like me.
I decided I would do 3 days of the attack phase which I started yesterday and have already started dropping again. I have been searching the web to see if anyone else has also had to do this but with no luck.

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