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Every week we post videos about food, adventures, travel, strange and wonderful items, and sometimes we make videos about our dog and cat, too. And with this picture, I’ve accomplished my life goal of being made into a cartoon character. It’s still a mystery to both of them as to why people watch their videos and endure their awkward sense of humour.
In their free time, the eatyourkimchi family enjoys snuggling on the couch while watching entire TV series in single sittings, having dance parties in the kitchen, and looking into each other’s eyes lovingly. One theory they have is that people watch their videos only to see their dog Spudgy, who is half Pekingese and half dragon and has an impeccable taste in fashion.
So, we were out playing with some friends the other night, listening to Gogostar and Who Who at Club FF (we totally love Club FF in Hongdae, by the way), and we had a bit to drink as well. So we wanted to make the best out of a bad situation and make a video of us trying something we never tried before: hangover soup! In my neuro class last semester, our professor talked about Vitamin B1 and how, if you take it before you start drinking, it supposedly helps with preventing hangovers and he told us to try it because he knows that when we aren’t studying, we are drinking away the stresses of med school.
For extra information, B1 supplementation mainly prevents Wernicke’s encephalopathy because alcohol consumption depletes?
To answer the question posed getting totally fucked is one of the simple pleasures of life. If you’re generally a good person when sober that should carry over into drunkenness You just get louder, more confident, louder, in your own head funnier and sometimes more lairy. Long long post because I really love alcohol and allow myself the occasional excessive indulgence (big casual drugs fan too, but that’s a whole different story).
I’ve also had my fair share of hangover cures and Haejangguk (which btw, also is great after extended outdoor physical activity in the cold, like a day of hard snowboarding). Seriously though, since some of my best memories in Korea are those gathered around a little table eating anju and drinking with friends, I was hoping you’d do an episode on how Korean bars like that work (from loud to quiet ones) and a survey of different alcoholic beverages from beer to bokbunjaju ??? (which I love) and even some flower wines.
One the opposite end of the spectrum how about traditional Korean teas (like the one you had in this episode). I woke up at 3am and couldn’t go back to sleep and saw that you had posted this video. There’s a good possibility that torching fat and building a lean frame is one of your life goals. Eating more food, such as red meat, to lose fat might sound counter-intuitive, but it’s a lesser known fact that red meat comprises conjucated linoleic acid (CLA) which decreases body fat and increases lean mass.
Chai and coffee are great pre-workout energy boosters with a bunch of health benefits but people often wreck the healthful effects by loading up their morning (or afternoon, or evening) cuppas with unwholesome junk like creamer, sugar, or artificial sweeteners.
Doing something different every day — even as little as simply switching radio stations and listening to new songs or discussing something new shakes you out of your routine and can help kick bad habits, says Professor Ben Fletcher, a psychologist at Hertfordshire University.
I was in a car accident that involved someone under the influence hitting me back in November, and the guy is not due in court until JULY.
People just have no common sense when it comes to drinking or drugs or even texting while driving.
A lot of things have to change in order for drunk diving to stop and these changes have to stem from the cultural and legislative level, not necessarily the judicial level. While this type of sentiment was understandable so soon after the incident, I hope people understand that this line of thinking won’t solve the problem in the long run and that, in a lot of ways, the drunk driver himself was a victim of his circumstances. I do think there is a larger societal problem here that many people seem to overlook: alcohol, itself. I read a while back about the differences between “alcohol societies” and “marijuana societies”, and how societies whose drug of choice was the former tended to be unhappy, violent, conservative and unimaginative while the latter tended to be more happy, peaceful, liberal and creative. That’s a great suggestion, but marijuana is so taboo here that breaking it will be very challenging. It’s only one of many examples in a controlled environment, and it scares me to think that people actually drive while stoned. Any person who is an advocate of a drug should be aware of all the good AND the bad that comes with it.
In regards to the video you posted, it showcases many things, primarily that marijuana slows down reaction time and can negatively affect short-term memory.
In the video, the subjects are instructed to drive over 80mph on a virtual freeway with erratic traffic, icy roads and planned hazards, which are strongly atypical of normal driving situations. Lastly, you’re absolutely right that secondhand smoke is a negative side effect that alcohol doesn’t provide, but it can then argued that an astronomical number of automobile fatalities are a side effect that marijuana doesn’t provide. I’m sorry, it appears you may’ve mistaken my support for marijuana legalization as blind evangelization in its favor. I’m fully aware of the fact that different people will react to marijuana in different ways and that side effects including deleterious health effects exist.
And if prohibition doesn’t work, as history has shown, and citizens are inevitably going to wind up partaking in a mind-altering substance, which is preferable: alcohol or marijuana?
As you make assertions about the invalidity of marijuana as a cognitive and health aid, it’s important to once again note your own quote: “Marijuana does not affect all people in the same ways”. There are numerous ways to partake in marijuana without smoking it, including oral, tincture and vapor methods.
And your opening point on how all drugs impair performance and cognitive function: this is unequivocally untrue and baseless. In the US we quickly take away a drunk drivers license but jail times are kind of pathetic. I feel so awful for the family and absolutely disgusted that this man is my father, I know it’s silly because I was only 3 when it happened but I still feel really guilty about the whole situation.
In Scotland the drink driving limit was recently reduced from 80mg to 50mg per 100ml of blood. I love my scooter back here in Virginia, but you couldn’t pay me enough money to drive one in Korea. When I was in college, there was a perception that the designated driver misses out on the fun.
On a related note, about calling friends: even if it’s embarrassing, if you need to, do it! There are a few comments covering the laws in the US, so instead I’d just like to say thank you for making this video, Simon, since I know it was very difficult for you. I think Simon is referring to the OECD=Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development- a group of democratic countries that support free market. Seeing this attitude from a respected channel about Korean culture (for lack of a better word to describe what you do) is so disappointing.

We’re Simon and Martina and we’re a married Canadian couple that moved to South Korea in 2008 and have been making videos around the world ever since, and now we live in Japan!
Meemersworth, who holds a degree in Quantum Mechanics from Harvard University and another degree in Meemerology from Seoul National University.
I am British and we may use alcohol as a way to make friends, speak our minds on certain subjects, be social or funny and what have you.
Sidenote: Not sure if Koreans have the same customs as the Chinese, but we try not to stick our chopsticks in the bowl, as they resemble food offered to the dead. I see that sold every now and then in Asian supermarkets or butcher shops here in the Bay Area.
And most of us already know the basics of how to achieve that: working out on a regular basis, getting the heart racing and eating clean to boost metabolism. In the quest of a slim figure, you might run into this dilemma of restricting your food intake. Cherries and cherry juice are not just utterly delicious, but also offer great benefits for cardiac and digestive health.
She was attending SHINee concerts and working back at the studio within two weeks of the accident!
Right after the announcement of Rose’s accident, I read a lot of anger and vitriol being directed towards the drunk driver.
Lack of education, suffocating cultural norms and lack of preventive infrastructure were the primary causes of this unfortunate accident, not malice or brazen stupidity. It’s culturally acceptable throughout most of the world to tolerate and even celebrate alcohol consumption but I view it as an archaic, illogical tradition that needs to replaced by superior alternatives. Because they’re stressed, unhappy, view alcohol as part of a communal bonding ritual and don’t see better alternatives. They are not at full capacity, and are not better than the driver who is not drunk or high. There’s always a bad part, and being ignorant of it is only detrimental to the cause.
Again, I don’t smoke or take any drugs due to personal convictions but I do see the merits of marijuana intake, especially therapeutically, along with nootropics and entheogens, just like I can see the merits of pescetarianism without actually being a pescetarian.
The issue with this controlled environment is that it does not correlate strongly with real world situations.
Additionally, the individuals had to learn a whole new driving environment, a learning process which would’ve been hampered by the marijuana intake, while in the real world they would’ve been in the front seat of a familiar car driving on familiar roads. Again, the question I asked was whether or not the OVERALL negative effects of marijuana were preferable to the overall negative effects of alcohol, not whether or not negative effects actually exist, a point which I wholehearted agree with you on. Just to clarify, I don’t even smoke marijuana currently and haven’t done so in years; I don’t have a vested interest in legalization other than the theoretical social benefits. It’s understandable that you associate marijuana with negative connotations because of your own PERSONAL experience, but it’s not everyone’s experience. And like with cigarettes and any other controlled substance, laws would be implemented to ensure any secondhand smoke intake would be minimized. I’d invite you to do some research on nootropics and open your mind to a world outside of traditional recreational drugs. I was walking down an alley one night and got hit by a delivery guy on a scooter right in the middle of my back. I actually witnessed an accident where a guy on a scooter was hit so hard by a taxi that it literally cut the scooter in half. As a Korean, I may be overly sensitive to this matter of culturalism and a foreigner’s perspective of trying to make sense of a culture.
Generalizing an entire culture in such a way (you did not even elaborate whether the driver’s friends were, in fact, younger than him) was not something I expected from you, Simon. Koreans believe that kimchi can soothe an upset stomach, help you lose weight, cure a hangover, keep you from aging and much more.
Nothing quite like going out in the evening for a couple of drinks but instead you end up stumbling home at around 9am the next day.
People who make out with or have sex with random people when drunk are the people who want to do that when sober but know it would be frowned upon.
The result: your metabolism will go sluggish, making the weight loss expedition a bit more problematic. Furthermore, studies suggest that tart cherry juice can help improve muscle recovery and sleep quality — a chief factor in maintaining muscle growth and losing body fat since it helps the body repair itself. Commenters were wondering how he could be so stupid and demanding severe punishment for his actions, even lifetime imprisonment. Harsher penalties do need to be implemented in order to disincentivize the practice of drunk driving but the bulk of the focus needs to be placed on prevention as opposed to punishment.
If looked at purely from a pro-versus-con standpoint, it’s quite clear alcohol does far more harm than good to society, but I understand this point isn’t enough to nullify such a firmly-entrenched cultural practice. The introduction of marijuana would break alcohol’s monopoly on society and start edging it out to the benefit of everyone other than breweries and drug enforcement bureaucracies. You could easily burn yourself, inhaling smoke damages the lungs, it’s bad for your teeth, and then there are all the effects on other parts of your body, especially your brain. I don’t believe I’m “mindlessly” advocating for marijuana anywhere more than you are, since we both agree on the main points which are marijuana legalization and the existence of both pros and cons to its use.
For example, one of the reasons why I stated that SOME people may be “better” at driving while under the influence of marijuana is because they tend to slow down in order to compensate for their impaired reaction time and be extra cautious and observant of traffic rules.
Now, I’m not trying to excuse driving while under the influence of marijuana at all; it would be best if everyone always drove while 100% sober.
I understand this may be an emotional topic for you so I apologize if I somehow came off as insensitive or argumentative. The purpose of the second half of my post was to illuminate the many advantages of marijuana IN COMPARISON to alcohol and how it’d be preferable for marijuana use to displace alcohol use, not to sing the praises of it as a perfect panacea. My line about certain people driving “better” under the influence of marijuana was based on anecdotal evidence from specific individuals and was not meant to be a sweeping generalization asserting that all people drive better while high. You reported suicidal thoughts while under the influence, while I experienced bliss, relaxation and an abundance of stimulating and creative thoughts which helped shape some of my ways of thinking for years to come.
As someone who has to take narcotics to handle monthly pain ( yes, that kind ) and other painful medical issues, and has several medical professionals in my family, I’m well-informed about many types of drugs and their effects. Personally, I don’t take ANY drugs, including caffeine and aspirin, but I find the topic fascinating and I’ve reversed my harsh anti-drug stance I had for many years due to the information I’ve come across on marijuana, entheogens and smart drugs. The worst part is that so many of those side streets have cars parked on both sides of the road, so both people and scooters have to share the same narrow space in between (that’s how I got hit).

I was surprised because she never drank, but had too much after a combined birthday and graduate school graduation celebration gone wild.
I guess this just makes my blood boil because it reminds me of Malcolm Gladwell and the Asiana crash a few years ago.
Kimchi is becoming readily available in many restaurants and health food stores due to the popularity and health benefits of fermented foods. I’ll try lots of animals, possibly lost of different meats like organs, but I draw the line at eating blood I guess. Therefore, eating pickled foods that are high in probiotics will keep your digestive system functioning properly, enhance your immune system and reduce inflammation. Try drinking a cold glass of tart cherry juice before going to bed to speed up muscle recovery, lose fat and reduce inflammation. Studies suggest that cinnamon has antihyperglycemic properties, which basically means it can help regulate blood sugar levels that are, in fact, crucial for staying fit and burning all that excess fat. Knowing how traumatic this must’ve been for them, I’m really appreciative of how tempered and even-keeled Simon and Martina’s approach was for this video and topic.
So we have to take into account alcohol’s uses as a relaxant, mind-altering substance and ritualistic bonding mechanism; however, if we were to rank alcohol on a list based on these criteria, it’d be clear to see that there are many better alternatives out there.
Instead of blindly aping the United States’ policies, I wish the South Korean government as well as many others around the world would re-examine the topic of marijuana prohibition and drug enforcement in general from a logical, utilitarian point of view. My point was that this were to happen, the chances of tragic traffic accidents should prove significantly lower than if under the influence of alcohol, and statistics tend to back this assumption up.
The negatives of marijuana are numerous, as are the negatives of alcohol, but someone else drinking alcohol near me doesn’t get me drunk. It’s really scary that you and Martina had to witness such graphic violence first-hand. In addition to being a delicious accompaniment to your next meal, kimchi may be your ticket to good health.Baechu Kimchi (Nappa Kimchi)1.
For a daily dose of probiotics, eat achaar, preferably one that’s not brimming with unhealthy oils. Eat more meat — be it beef or mutton, chicken or fish — it’ll all help fire up your fat burn. And one of them (and arguably the best one) happens to be illegal in most parts of the world: marijuana. Migraines, nausea, and just enough of feeling impaired that I would not drive in that state, not that I could with a migraine anyway. Some people may feel impaired while driving under the influence of marijuana, but the critical question to ask here (and the crux of my point) is, is there any evidence to show that driving while high is AS dangerous as driving while drunk? But again, the bottom line here is this: are the overall negative side effects of marijuana preferable to the overall negative side effects of alcohol? I know that Koreans hate to be thought of in a negative light so I think posting this video should bring awareness to this problem. I still got to sing silly songs, dorky-dance, and chit-chat with my friends…and the next day, when others were recovering, I was out, doing lunch and a matinee with another set of friends. She kept apologizing, worried that I would hate her or something (I think she thought I’d judge her or something). A Rich Source of ProbioticsOne gram of well fermented kimchi contains 4 times the amount of probiotic bacteria found in yogurt. Considering there are drugs that are specifically manufactured to improve cognitive function, it would stand to reason that your statement was erroneous.
I believe so, and based on the evidence, I don’t think there is a single person who can argue against that point. It’s embarrassing those stats on drunk driving incidents and they should be motivated to campaign against it.
If achaar isn’t your thing, you can try fermented foods like kimchi, or foods that contain active cultures, like yoghurt. Digestive HealthThe vast amounts of probiotics in kimchi promote healthy digestion and regularity, improve the amount of nutrients absorbed from food and contributes to the overall health of your digestive system.Chong-gak Kimchi (Ponytail Radish Kimchi)3.
It’s only good health purpose is helping those who get the pain relief from it that it can give, and that is not all people on this planet.
My point, as was yours, was that it can affect people in different ways and there are countless conflicting studies out there that showcase this phenomenon. I knew it was an embarrassing thing, especially for someone who didn’t normally drink at all!
The research into the possible health effects of THC and other PARTS of marijuana ( not the entire thing! I’ve encountered many stories of people who’ve improved their real-world performance through the use of marijuana, and if we are to count chronically ill medical patients in this category, then the amount of evidence would prove irrefutable.
I was also so grateful and humbled that she felt that I was a trustworthy friend to call at four in the morning (our bones aren’t so young any more)! The fiber content present in kimchi keeps your body full and hunger satisfied for long periods, preventing you from frequent and over eating. I was too busy feeling utter and complete relief that she gave me a call and that she was now safe!!! The biggest and worst thing I felt from actually partaking in it ( not just secondhand ) was an overwhelming urge to kill myself. Helps Lower Cholesterol In addition to the high levels of fiber that aid in reducing cholesterol, kimchi contains a large amount of garlic. Garlic is a good source of selenium and allicin, which actively help reduce plaque in arteries thus preventing diseases such as high blood pressure and stroke.Baek Kimchi (White Non-spicy Kimchi)5. I didn’t even have any feelings like that prior to taking it, and I was not depressed. You even stated that people who take it become paranoid ( a small portion of people, but still a relevant statistic ), and that is never a good thing. Kimchi is high in B vitamins ,vitamin A and C as well as enzymes that are beneficial to your digestion process,vision and blood flow.Oi Kimchi (Cucumber Kimchi)7. Regular consumption of kimchi helps maintain better glucose tolerance and lower levels of fasting glucose.10.
The ingredients in kimchi (cabbage,garlic,ginger, onions,hot peppers) contain healthful flavonoids, which are known to inhibit the growth of cancer cells.There you have it, ten awesome reasons why you should eat kimchi daily.

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