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The trick is to keep a positive attitude and curb the unhealthy eating as quickly as possible. Unlike a standard diet that you follow to reach a short-term goal, Clean Eating is a common sense strategy to achieve permanent and lasting good health, without depriving yourself of flavorful food, or feeling guilty after every meal.
This means cutting out most breakfast cereals, white bread, potato chips, candy, and store bought pastries and cookies.3. Sometimes it helps to have some motivational post it notes up or have some of your fav positive blogs ready to give you that extra boost. With a Clean Eating plan, you will understand which foods will be the best fuel your own body, and learn how the right kinds of food will allow you to feel more energetic than ever before. A  The Clean Eating plan does not require you to eliminate whole food groups or starve yourself.

Clean Eating is about a lifetime of enjoying natural, unprocessed foods that taste good and nourish you, paving the way to a stronger, fitter body and mind. Adjusting your “diet” so that you’re absolutely sure that you can stick to it for life rather than just a few weeks or months! Ensure that 20-30% of your energy intake comes from “liquid fat,” with your fat intake primarily coming from unsaturated (ie. Drink alcohol in moderation.What about calories, amounts of fat, protein, carbohydrates, nutrient timing? For most people following these guidelines at least 90% of the time will be all they will ever need.
For example my biggest sweet tooth is chocolate, so I always have a small amount of high quality chocolate around and allow myself one small piece a day.

In fact even invite your other friends over that are attempting to eat better and do it together!
This “ritual” will become something you look foward to and your friends will too, plus for the rest of the week everyone can hold each other on track.

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