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Stay up to date and receive the latest I Heart Eating recipes straight to your email inbox! Please enter at least one email addressYou are trying to send out more invites than you have remaining. I am happy to announce that these are the 1st proper VEGAN hard-boiled eggs in the history of the world. PLEASE SCROLL DOWN TO THE COMMENT BOX AT THE BOTTOM OF THIS PAGE TO LEAVE YOUR COMMENT ON THIS RECIPE. This is indeed for real, and hope you will be able to eat and enjoy my vegan plant based hard boiled eggs once again in the near future. Hi Avia, funnily enough I love the work of Yotam Ottolenghi and have seen this recipe and wondered if I could veganize it, and yes, I think I can and will.
Hi Sarah, this recipe will be published in an upcoming magazine which I will announce closer to the time. Mmmmmiriam, your recipes always make my mouth water and your creativity and “invention” is beyond awesome!!! How very, very kind of you to say so Tangerine, thank you for dropping by here with such wonderful words ! This recipe is due to be published in an upcoming magazine which I will announce closer to the time Paula, sorry.
Just wanted to say that these eggs look great, if they taste like they look then we are all in for a treat.
Kari Hi there and thanks so much for dropping by here with your wonderful comment which has put a great smile on my face.
It is not in the cookbook but will be published in an upcoming magazine – will announce which and when closer to the time. Hey, I trawled the internet and did not find any information where I can buy the magazine (and the recipe).
Just read the magazine cover to cover Miriam, can’t see the boiled egg recipe in there anywhere.
This is a real shame and if I was you I would add other distribution channels – as it is now, both parties loose, so why stick to it? Please send me the recipe or where I can buy the book, as I love eggs but know I shouldn’t eat them. I was about to buy the second issue of Vegan for life, but I can’t assure myself your hard boiled eggs recipe is edited in this one.
At present I cannot say when the recipe will be published I’m afraid, but it probably will be at some point in the future, but until then I hope you enjoy the other recipes from my blog ! Hi I’ve just found your website today and been looking at the fried egg recipe and the egg sandwich, I’ve already ordered the products to make these and excited!

The person has put pictures of the hard boiled egg which is their own image, but strange how their isn’t any reviews or comments, maybe no one has found it or even looked. It is the recipe you made as it is the same ingredients that you have mentioned in your other egg products, the yolk. Oh no I was wrong after reading the method etc is does say it’s your picture that is used. Justina Hi, the egg recipe you saw is based on my recipe and the author decided to fill in the blanks as it were. I haven’t got all the products to make them yet myself, hopefully by the weekend I would have tried and tested them myself as well as surprise my family. I wanted to ask regarding the fried egg, you mentioned to freeze the tofu before using it so it’s more firmer, doesn’t the box contain water as well?
Looked and looked, clicked and clicked, googled and googles, and still could not fine the recipe. As a symbol of rebirth and new beginnings, the egg plays an important role in both Easter and Passover celebrations. I’ve seen a lot when it comes to food, but grated egg on pasta is a new one, at least for me. This Healthy Mediterranean Protein Bowl at Healthfully Ever After looks like a beautiful, light dinner to me. This Asparagus Gribiche recipe at the Wimpy Vegetarian may be among the easiest and quickest ways to cook a side dish that seems super fancy. I love a cobb salad—and it might be the absolute number one way to use up hard boiled eggs besides egg salad—but I wanted to forgo the classic version for this creative Strawberry Cobb Salad with Strawberry Bacon Vinaigrette via Neighborfood. Older postsThe ultimate roundup of last-minute Easter ideas: Crafts, printables, egg dyeing help, and lots and lots of treats. I never made them, though, because every time I boiled my eggs they were a giant pain to peel and most of the egg white would come off with the peel.
Nothing can come close to these, they taste like eggs and look exactly like them – a completely unique recipe.
You just made the lives of so many vegans that much better assuming they taste as good as they look! As you like a challenge do you think that Scotch eggs could be a follow up to these wonderful boiled vegan eggs? I’m a vegetarian struggling to go vegan, however after discovering your recipes the journey will be much easier. Should I leave it in its container then freeze or check if there’s water and pour that out then freeze it? I love meatless dishes, I love my kitchen, I adore food and I am a passionate gourmet cook.

This means that no matter which spring holiday you’re celebrating this week, you’re likely to be eating lots of eggs.
It sounds scrumptious, especially in this Cauliflower Pasta with Pecorino, Grated Egg and Pine Nut recipe (above) at Bon Appetit. This Hard Boiled Egg Toast with Harissa Butter at Kitchen Konfidence, on the other hand, is a simple recipe that we all need. A traditional French preparation, sauce gribiche is made by mashing hard boiled egg yolk with mustard and oil and stirring in the chopped egg whites along with capers, cornichons, and herbs.
Somehow, my mom and I ended up on the subject of boiled eggs the other day, and I started to complain about what a pain they are to peel.
I’ve just seen your hard boiled egg which you published the picture back in 2013 with no recipe on how to make it and I ready every comment left and seeing that a whole year has passed and no recipe. It just seems strange to get people amped up over something and not give them the option of making it themselves for over 2 years now. You might even have a bunch left over—or unloaded on you by your hosts—which will have you eating eggs well beyond your holiday meal.
This Sicilian inspired recipe does call for quite a few ingredients, but they come together in a few, fairly easy steps that are so worth it. It’s totally delicious, and one of those things you can whip up even when the cupboard is bare — because, really, you can skip the herbs. Food blogger Courtney knew that she’d like this from the get-go, but wasn’t sure that her mister would agree. She asked me how I was cooking them, and I told her that I was letting the water come to a boil, dropping the eggs in (cracking several as I went), and then boiling them for about 20 minutes or so. If this is for reals, then I am set because hard boiled eggs are like that one thing that I missed and just never dreamed I would be able to eat again.
You can spoon it over nearly anything, but asparagus is one of my favorite things to pair with sauce gribiche and it’s a perfect combination for the spring season. He did, though, saying that the strawberries tasted like slightly sweet tomatoes once mixed in.
Turns out, I have been making hard boiled eggs the wrong way, which is why I was ending up with half of the egg white stuck to the shell and an ugly gray ring around the yolk. Instead, these five truly awesome recipes that use hard boiled eggs will help you finish your stockpile in no time.
If that sounds as good to you as it does to me, give this salad a try in your spring meal plan.

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