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Watermelon and Summer are inseparable, one of the best thrust quencher in summer, having 92% of water, full of health benefits with Zero calorie, Zero fat and Zero cholesterol. According to the scientists, watermelon has bioactive compounds that produce Viagra like effect in the body.
Watermelon has adequate amount of Vitamin A and Beta-carotene, also contain good percentage of lycopene, an antioxidant which is greatly reduces the incidence of prostate cancer. It lowers blood pressure due to presence of Potassium and Magnesium thereby adjusting the electrolyte and acid-base mechanism. Watermelon has lycopene, an antioxidants, has the full ability to neutralize free radicals.
Watermelon is a good source of thiamine, known for appetizer, increases appetite and thus good for digestion.

Watermelon contains Vitamin A and Beta carotene which is good for overall development of eye and vision. It is abundant with some of the best anti-oxidants that helps to fight free radicals of the body thereby prevent from various diseases. These antioxidants are extremely beneficial to control and fights free radicals of the body thereby helpful in checking from so many diseases. It also reduces the concentration of uric acid in blood and provide fresh environment to the kidney. After taking proper quantity of it,  reduces the desire of   more eating, thus one can skip from overeating and also effective for obesity patients.
Vitamin C, as well as all the citrus fruits are known for immunity developer thereby helps to minimise cold and other illnesses.

All these help to minimize the impact of Ultra Violet  rays to a greater extent on the body.
Due to the presence of lycopene, phyto-nutrients – citrulline, arginine, it relaxes blood vessels, much like Viagra does. Lycopene helps to reduce cholesterol thereby ease good flow of blood in the blood vessels and reduces the risk of Cardiovascular diseases.

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