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22- ????: ??? ???? ?????? ?? ???? ???? ??? ?? ??? ? ????? ????? ?????? ?? ???? ???? ???? ??? . Even though they raise blood sugar they should not be seen as ‘bad’ foods because they do a really important job, serving as fuel for the body to supply energy. QuinoaEasy to make and a good source of protein, iron, and fiber, quinoa (pronounced KEEN-wah) is quickly charming its way into kitchens across the country.
StrawberriesEven if you hate healthy food, you probably love strawberries, which is great because they’re so good for you. You will find three major types of carbohydrates for example simple carbohydrates, complex carbohydrates or starch and dietary fibers. Not only are they loaded with slimming fiber, but they’re also a super source of vitamin C and manganese. Simple carbohydrates are located in milk, fruits and sugar, while complex carbohydrates or starches are located in grains or cereals for example rice, barley, oat, buckwheat, millet and rye, and in some root vegetables including parsnips and potatoes. It is advised that a nutritious diet should contain plenty of food made of starch.High carbohydrate foods are recognized to offer a number of health benefits.
The resistant starches which are naturally found in foods for example green bananas, navy beans and whole-grain bread are good for colon health. Working as a baker the last 8 years, I’ve packed on the pounds and am having difficulty eating better.

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High carbohydrate foods behave as body’s fuel and improve muscle contractions and many physiological functions. They make you to definitely feel energetic, enthusiastic and filled with vigor.Whole GrainsWhole grains are food sources which have not been altered throughout the food manufacturing process. Unlike refined grain sources, they maintain the nutritious parts of the grain, like the endosperm, germ and bran.
Whole grain products, such as cracked wheat, popcorn, barley, oats, wild rice, brown rice and millet, are types of starchy carbohydrates.Apple JuiceIf you’re a sports athlete, carbohydrates are a crucial a part of your diet. Early in your workout or work out, carbohydrates provide approximately 40 to 50 % of your energy. Fortunately, you can find quick carbohydrates-and refreshment-in a glass of any fruit juice. Boost the health benefits of your high-carbohydrate meal by purchasing whole-wheat pasta that’s been enriched with vitamin b complex and iron. For those allergic to wheat products, pastas produced from corn, soybeans and rice can also be found.
The carbohydrate content of those pastas, however, may differ.BananasUsing a medium-sized banana with your breakfast or like a snack adds an additional 26g of carbohydrates for your daily diet.

You should use bananas to add additional carbohydrates for your diet by adding them to cereals, fruit salads, yogurt or milkshakes.Starchy Carbohydrate FoodsVegetablesSome vegetables contain higher levels of starch than others.
Starchy vegetables contain fiber, vitamins and minerals, which are beneficial for overall body functions. These vegetables include potatoes, peas, corn, lima beans, carrots, beets, yams, parsnips, rutabagas, Hubbard squash, pumpkin and butternut squash.
Yams are healthier than white potatoes, because they also contain large amounts of vit a and C.Refined GrainsRefined grains have experienced their bran and germ parts chemically removed. Whole grains don’t undergo any refining or processing that subsequently destroys their natural nutrients.
Besides brown rice provide the body with plenty of energy-boosting carbohydrates, it’s also a high-fiber food, and therefore, contributes to your digestive health.

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