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Remember fat loss boils down to the equation of calories in versus calories out and there are more variables in determining your calorie requirements than just your weight. Click on the link to the diet plan that best suits your weight and the number of meals you want to eat each day! You must take your hat off to bodybuilders who successfully maintain and complete their pre-competition diet and training program.
To often people will use two different diet plans for their cutting and bulking without giving any regard to the fact that calories need to be slowly increased when bulking and slowly decreased when cutting.
There are many different opinions on exactly how this should be done but the overwhelming consensus is that it will produce optimal results.
Do you even……Lifting weights that are too light will not stimulate all three subcategories of type-two muscle fibres. Don't do too much cardio first thing in the morning on an empty stomach depleting glycogen stores to the point where it interferes with your evening weight training session.
Being contest ready too late in the game will not allow one to gain the desired fullness come contest day. Don’t aim for a particular weight class – aim for the right bodyweight for you and let the weight class take care of itself. Essentially most any other source of protein so long as it is low in saturated fat and carbohydrates.
Stay away from refined grains and anything that says “enriched” or “high fructose corn syrup” on the label! Nuts (limit to 1 serving per day), peanut butter (as long as it does not contain hydrogenated oils). 6) Setting your alarm clock for a middle-of-the-night protein shake is an option if you are having trouble packing in any more calories during the day.
8) If you are craving pizza or fast food, by all means have it, but limit it to once or twice a week unless you have an extremely fast metabolism — meaning single-digit body fat with visible abs maintained — and even in that case do not make it a daily thing.
9) Design the diet to incorporate items you enjoy, but go for variety in your choices to avoid burnout and nutritional deficiencies. The cornerstone of increased muscle hypertrophy, or growth, is increased muscle protein synthesis.
Exercise builds muscle because it stimulates the production of more muscle protein, but it does it in conjunction with dietary factors, namely taking in essential amino acids. While most high protein foods, such as milk, eggs, beef and fish, are loaded with amino acids, including the essential variety, many bodybuilders still feel the need to slug down concentrated protein supplements.
Besides its rich amino acid content, whey provides a number of small but active proteins called bioactive factors that are known to favorably influence health and boost immunity.
One reason that it’s so important for bodybuilders to maintain a high protein intake when they’re dieting is to preserve muscle. The amino acids then travel to the liver, where they are converted into the most readily available energy source, glucose. The study consisted of six men and 11 women, all of whom had shown stable weight over the prior two months.
Besides the drinks, the subjects were told to eat at least 200 grams of fruit and 300 grams of vegetables. The primary result of the study was that after three months a high-protein diet appears to stimulate both increased fat oxidation and increased muscle without any change in either body weight or exercise activity. The authors noted that getting more protein causes a shift in the balance of energy substrates, with an increase in protein balance and a decrease in fat balance. So, basically, if you want to produce more muscle, take in more protein It’s the added muscle mass from the higher protein intake that enables you to burn more fat during exercise, even without a change in body weight. While exercises are meant to enhance personal fitness, another goal of most workouts is that the bodybuilding workout should result in fat loss. It is important to design a bodybuilding workout plan which takes into account the right type of exercises and ensures that fat gets converted to muscle mass.
Fat Loss For Bodybuilders Bench Press Bench press is one of the most effective bodybuilding exercises which enables the body to be able to gain strength and build muscle. Weighted Squat In order to ensure that bodybuilding results in fat loss, you need to do weighted squats as well. Now balancing your body on your hands and tips of feet, you need to first raise and then lower yourself in order to complete one repetition. Bent Barbell Row Start by gripping a barbell with the palms of your hands facing down.  Bend your knees slightly and bring your torso forward. The barbell should hang directly in front of you along with your arms.  This is your starting position.
Hold the weight for about a second and then release yourself from this position by lowering the barbell to the floor. Then, grip either ends of the pull up bar and slowly lift yourself up with the aid of the pull up bar such that your chin is at the same level as the pull up bar. Hold this position for a second and then lower yourself back to the starting position. In this posting I will expose one of the most popular lies regarding bodybuilding for women, provide expert advice on starting and following a female bodybuilding program, explain why women require only slightly different nutrition and weight training programs than men, and give instructions for developing a tight, toned, sexy and attractive female physique. Let’s start by looking at one of the most popular myths regarding bodybuilding for women. Just about every female I have trained or consulted was quick to tell me that they didn’t want to lift heavy weights for fear that they would build large amounts of muscle and lose their feminine figure. Because women have a higher estrogen to testosterone ratio than men, it is much harder for women to build significant amounts of muscle than it is for male bodybuilders.
Women who develop unattractively muscular physiques (like the ones you see in bodybuilding competitions on television) get those bodies as a result of extremely heightened testosterone levels stemming from steroid use.
Using the female bodybuilding principles and techniques that I will share with you in the rest of this posting will produce a tight and toned physique, with muscular curves and a sexy midsection, which is the type of body that men are most attracted to and the type of body that other women will be jealous of. Now that I have hopefully convinced you that bodybuilding for women is nothing to be afraid of and is the perfect way to get a sexy and feminine figure that you can be proud of, I am now going to discuss the most important aspect of any successful bodybuilding program – nutrition.
While most male bodybuilders spend a relatively small percentage of their time cutting fat, because the most physically attractive female physique will be a lean and toned one, women bodybuilding programs should be almost exclusively centered around burning fat and maintaining lean body fat percentages. If you aren’t willing to commit to being disciplined in feeding your body for success, do not expect to make any kind of significant bodily improvements. I can tell you from my own personal experience that failing to feed your body for fat loss results is the surest way to make very little progress at transforming your body, and will ultimately lead to your becoming so frustrated that you may even give up on your bodybuilding or fitness plan altogether. The only real difference between bodybuilding diets for women and men is that diets for women should provide fewer daily calories in order to account for the fact that their metabolisms are slower than that of men. Steroid-free, natural female bodybuilding can provide fantastic results, with or without supplements. As I explained above, women bodybuilders will be predominantly focused on building a lean and tight physique. Most people do not realize that pre-workout caffeine pills have been shown to provide fat burning benefits comparable to any of the expensive fat loss supplements you will find online or in any fitness store. For more on the benefits of supplementing your workouts with caffeine, see my caffeine pills review.
Whey protein powder is a supplement that no bodybuilder should be without, regardless of their gender. At times like these, having a tub of whey protein on hand will serve as an easy way to provide your body with the protein required for any given meal – without consuming much of your valuable time. Always remember that supplements are not necessary with any bodybuilding program in order to make dramatic improvements to your body. The most effective weight lifting and strength training for women bodybuilders is actually not much different than what male bodybuilders should use. The only real difference between the way male and female bodybuilders should train is that female bodybuilding workouts should be limited to no more than 3 or 4 weight training workouts per week, while male bodybuilders can handle as many as 5 days per week without becoming over-trained.

The largest reason that women need to slightly limit their weight training has to do with their testosterone production. Women who weight train any more than 3 or 4 days per week will be in danger of becoming over-trained which is a state in which your body will slow muscle production and store greater amounts of fat, among other things. I am not going to go over a specific set of female bodybuilding workouts in this posting, but if you are looking for a customized workout program for women, I have found Kyle Leon’s Customized Fat Loss Program to be a great resource for helping women bodybuilders to quickly improve their bodies through effective training and nutrition. While female bodybuilders should limit their weight training to 3 or 4 days per week, cardio workouts can be performed as often as desired because cardiovascular exercise does not put the high level of stress on the body that weight training does. It can be a hassle to find time to commute to and from the gym for a 30 minute cardio workout. I have a treadmill and an elliptical machine in my basement, but I spend most of my time on the elliptical machine. I tried out many different ellipticals before finally deciding to purchase the E7 Endurance Elliptical from Body Solid.
As I explain within my posting on training and eating for getting ripped, the question of how to get ripped abs is a popular one, so I wanted to quickly explain how to get ripped abs. If you want to know how to get sexy female bodybuilder’s abs fast, the answer is simple – lower your body fat! Far too many women waste their time with light-weight workouts that are ineffective at building and toning their muscles, leaving them unsatisfied with their physical improvements after months of consistent exercise. Therefore we have formulated multiple variations of each diet depending on your weight and preference with meal frequency.
Your genetics, gender and level of physical activity will mean every individual is different.
It is no small feat and requires scrupulous discipline and bodybuilders have often proven that they are some of the best and most knowledgeable dieters on the planet.
Radically altering your calorie intake overnight is either going to cause excessive fat gain if you are bulking or muscle loss if you are cutting. If you are trying to reduce your daily calorie intake by 150 calories every week then you will need to be very deliberate with your meal preparation. When you significantly increase your calorie intake for one day it causes your metabolism to speed up and then allows you to more easily hit a calorie deficit on the following days. Taking the “I’m all diet” approach is your own loss, if you’re natural then you had better construct the right approach to supplementation or you will come off second best every time. If you eat right, and take the right supplements then you do not need to overcompensate by overtraining cardio or anaerobic training. Aiming for the wrong weight classes is a rookie error which leaves many a competitors looking out of place.
We often see people who are exacting on everything but neglect the importance of being ruthless with their water intake.
A common mistake is not ingesting enough testosterone, muscle, and joint supporting essential fats. It’s easier to stay on course when all you have to do is warm something up and get it down.
If you are going to be out of the house for four hours, take enough food for at least six hours. If it is already made, you can stumble to the kitchen, chug it down, gargle some mouthwash and be back under the covers without missing an REM cycle.
Aminos are the elemental forms of protein, in that protein is broken down and absorbed into the body as amino acids. Those classified as ‘essential’ cannot be synthesized in the body and must be supplied in the diet.
Whey is particularly useful for boosting muscle protein synthesis because it’s rapidly absorbed, and studies show that getting amino acids after a workout gives you a significant head start on that score. Some of those factors also influence appetite, which permits easier dieting and thus more rapid fat-loss. In the usual diet scenario either calories or carbohydrates or both are severely restricted.
One reason to explain that is the increased satiety, a feeling of fullness, that occurs with a high protein intake, which helps to control appetite. They were tested at the start of the study to determine the level of exercise that burned the maximum amount of fat. In short, eating more protein causes more protein to be deposited in muscle at the expense of fat stores. Protein synthesis is an energy-intensive process, and guess where the majority of calories that power it comes from — fat. Fat loss is possible only if the body is able to shed excessive calories through an intensive and demanding workout.
Burning excessive calories requires the rigorous and strenuous exercise which enables people to be able to work off the calories and get a chiseled and toned look.
Whether you use a dumbbell or a barbell, bench presses with heavy weights will yield amazing results. To perform this exercise, you need to hold a barbell across your shoulders as you squat and then raise yourself back to the standing position. To perform push ups, you need to lie on your stomach with your palms touching the floor on either side and ensure that the front of your heels is touching the floor. It is vital that you do about 6 to 8 repetitions to increase your metabolic rate and improve the rate at which fat is burned. While keeping your back straight, bend the waist until it is almost parallel to the floor.  Keep your head up as well. Now, while keeping your upper arm erect, breathe out and slowly lift the barbell towards you. Keep your elbows close to your body and use your forearms to lift  the weight. One of the good exercises in strength training which enables fat loss and increases the strength in your arms and shoulders as well is the pull up.
Pull ups are a very challenging exercise and they ensure that the workout is rigorous and that there is fat loss. While I don’t blame them for having this concern, the notion that lifting heavy weights would lead to masculine amounts of muscle is false.
Training with heavier weights is the best way to build muscle and women bodybuilders do not need to worry about losing their feminine figures as they will gain muscle mass at a fairly slow pace and will not lose their lady-like figure. The only way to develop and maintain a lean physique with low levels of body fat is by following a fat loss diet plan. Without fail, when I am following an effective fat loss nutrition plan, I am able to measure positive changes each and every week. The only two supplements that I would recommend for most women bodybuilders are pre-workout caffeine pills and whey protein powder.
However, caffeine pills and whey protein powder are two supplements that are worth having around to help aid in lowering your body fat levels and give you a convenient way to provide your muscles with the protein required for recovery and development.
Muscles in both men and women grow during times of rest, after being sufficiently overloaded, as long as they are supplied with the right nutrition. Cardiovascular exercise is an extremely important element in female bodybuilding because of the fat burning benefits associated with participating in consistent cardiovascular exercise. However, if you want to maximize your ability to shed fat, you will want to maintain an optimum fat burning heart rate. If you are serious about your long term health, I strongly recommend purchasing a treadmill or elliptical machine to keep in your basement or workout room at home. There are many low quality ellipticals out there so you want to make sure that you purchase one that is sturdy and comfortable to use. The only thing that separates someone with six pack abs from someone that does not is their amount of stomach fat.

In fact, lowering your body fat is a requirement for having well-defined and toned muscles as well which is why trimming body fat is so important when it comes to developing a sexy and toned physique. If you are a woman who wants to develop a tight and toned physique, intense weight training, cardiovascular workouts and a custom nutrition plan will get you the results you are looking for.
Having a strong and fit physique is not something that is only beneficial to men and it is great to see so many women committing to a fit and healthy lifestyle. Bodybuilders will actually start to manipulate their macronutrient intake as early as 5 months before a competition date. Ideally when you are switching between a bulking and cutting cycle you want to adjust your daily calorie intake down by about 150 calories every week.
150 calories is about 40g of carbs or just 15g of fats, therefore strictly measuring all your ingredients during meal preparation is essential. High carb days also help to refuel muscle glycogen levels which improve energy and strength levels for training. The majority of fat loss and muscle gain should come from proper supplementation and nutrition.
Choose a target bodyweight that will leave you as lean as you can possibly be regardless of the weight class you end up in. This can differ from person to person so determine how much water is correct for you and measure it accordingly. Non-essential aminos are important, but they can be produced in the body from other amino acids. Whey is particularly rich in essential amino acids, especially the branched-chain aminos — 26 per cent content in whey — which are the primary essential amino acids involved in proteins synthesis. As fat loss progresses, however, there comes a point when the body starts to catabolise muscle for its amino acid content. The extra protein will spare muscle protein stores, limiting your muscle loss when you’re dieting.
Some of the bioactive factors found in milk protein are also known to exert a safe, natural appetite-suppressing effect. That turned out to be 51 per cent of maximum oxygen intake after an overnight fast, a level that equates to a low-moderate exercise intensity. Protein intake induced an increase in exercise-stimulated fat oxidation during stable body weight.
While cardio training is very important for weight loss, what is equally important is resistance training.
Taking a caffeine pill (or drinking a cup of coffee) about thirty minutes before your workouts will lead to greater amounts of fat burned during and after your workouts and is the best of any pre workout supplements for women in terms of enhancing fat loss during workouts. Since woman bodybuilders will naturally have significantly less testosterone, it is imperative that they provide their muscles with extra rest for full recovery between workouts. Some other symptoms of being over-trained are irritability, lacking levels of energy and immune system deficiency. Because women will look their sexiest when they are lean and toned, lady bodybuilders should do their best to fit in at least five 30 minute cardio sessions each and every week. For the best cardio fat burning results, your cardio workouts should be performed first thing in the morning (before eating breakfast) or immediately after weight training. This will make it much more convenient for you to get in your cardio workouts each week and will lead to fewer skipped cardio workouts. Otherwise, you won’t enjoy using it and the elliptical machine that you thought was a great deal will end up collecting dust. If it is in your budget to purchase a piece of cardio equipment, I highly recommend checking out the E7 elliptical.
Even if you have never performed a sit-up in your entire life, if you have very little stomach fat, you will have six pack abs.
Honest women will admit that a lean and toned physique is something that all women aspire to have, and the truth is that female bodybuilding, as explained in this posting, is the only way to make that happen! Please use your real name (or a nickname) as using a business name or keyword will be considered spam and be automatically deleted. However you can still get good results even if you are restricted to just three food meals each day as long as you supplement properly. Typically this means gradually decreasing carbohydrate and dietary fat while slowly increasing calorie intake from protein.
The more gradually you do the calorie reduction that more chance you will give your body to adapt to the lower levels of calories and therefore maintain more muscle mass. If you are just making approximations by eye then you might as well not even bother with gradual calorie reduction.
The easiest way to manage carb cycling is to have 6 days of consistent diet as per this diet program and then one high carb day every week.
Different people use different methods to stay motivated, find what works for you and use it.
Studies show that you need to take only six to 10 grams of essential amino acids after a workout to trigger the most muscle protein synthesis.
That’s another reason why protein supplements are useful — they provide concentrated protein but without excess calories, fat or carbs that would hamper dieting efforts.
Still, a recent study shows that merely getting added protein provides another effect favorable to fat loss: It promotes added fat oxidation, or ‘burning’, during exercise.
Fat is the primary source of energy during resting conditions, when muscle protein synthesis usually occurs. While men can train as many as 5 days per week without affecting their results, women should train with weights no more than every other day to ensure that their muscles are able to adequately recover following each weight training workout. Sure a little abdominal muscle development will help, but it is not required for men or women to get 6 pack abs.
That being said this program is designed as a diet plan that you would be using while cutting to around 7-8% body fat. There is nothing worse than losing all your fat only to find out that you have lost all your muscle as well, phasing calories down is the key!
The best day to do a high carb day is the day of your most intense training which should be leg day but this is not essential.
Those subjects used a milk-based protein supplement, taking it three times a day for a total of 52 extra grams of protein.
Having a greater amount of fat-free mass, or muscle, increased overall energy expenditure, since fat-free mass is what determines resting energy expenditure. In addition, the synthesis and breakdown of muscle itself contributes to the energy expenditure of resting muscle. To get to lower body fat percentages simply requires phasing out the dietary fat intake out of this diet plan. Please allow me to clarify that last sentence, it is not essential that your high calorie day be on your leg day but it is however essential that you do your leg training day! The type of fat used in the drink was olive oil, which some studies show favors fat burning during exercise. As physical activity is curtailed, fat-free mass decreases, and less energy is burned, resulting in more fat being stored.

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