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FITNESS TRAININGOur Fitness training programs are designed for your overall health with areas of concentration where you need them. Functional training is growing in popularity as more people besides weightlifters and high-performance athletes are hitting the gym. Functional training utilizes exercises, equipment and programs that translate into the strength and flexibility that people use in every day life.
As people get older, it is expected that they will lose muscle tone, flexibility and balance. Bodyweight exercises and free weights including kettlebells, dumbbells and resistance bands are effective for functional training because they require the body to lift weights without the support weight machines provides, thereby mimicking real-world scenarios. Functional training may be receiving more attention now, but it has always been part of exercise in some form or another. Tulsa, OK -- January 6, 2010 -- SPORTSMITH™, the nation’s largest fitness products and  equipment parts  supplier, today announced the release of its expanded 2010 Winter Edition Catalog. The new catalog encompasses the largest selection of fitness equipment parts along with strength and functional training products and the latest eco-friendly yoga mats, blocks and straps. The SPORTSMITH™ 2010 Winter Edition Catalog also features additional savings on the most popular commercial model OEM and SPORTSMITH™ brand treadmill running belts, decks and rollers along with an expanded selection of sports performance training equipment from Agility Dots, Agility Domes, Mini Hurdles, Agility Ladders and Lateral Power Trainers.
Group exercise products now incorporate Polar® heart rate monitors, SportStep, the Original Health Club Step™, SPORTSMITH resistance bands, medicine and stability balls, yoga and exercise mats. To further boost interactivity and knowledge-sharing, SPORTSMITH™ has also established its new website blog and user forum.
The new SPORTSMITH™ user forum provides a real-time, moderated platform for discussion on various industry topics.
Founded in 1995, SPORTSMITH™ is the nation’s largest supplier of fitness equipment and parts for health clubs and health-conscious individuals. Since Sean Sarantos and his body dona€™t always agree with a set workout schedule, he bases his routines off how his body feels each day. Since Sean Sarantos and his body don't always agree with a set workout schedule, he bases his routines off how his body feels each day. Sean used to run marathons and triathlons, but his cardio these days relies on CrossFit 3 times weekly and some weekend runs. Based near High Wycombe in Buckinghamshire we offer a range of services including motivational one to one fitness training, effective and relaxing sports and remedial massage treatments, confidence building self protection programmes and educational knife awareness courses. Motivational and effective one to one fitness training that develops your mind as well as your body.
Confidence building self protection programmes for individuals, groups, schools and businesses.
Sports and Remedial Massage treatment for a variety of sports related conditions and stress relief.

If you are considering a personal trainer in North County San Diego, we would love an opportunity to work with you. We are committed that your exercise experience is nothing short of fantastic and that you walk away after each session knowing your money was well spent.
Each of our health and fitness programs begins with a thorough movement and range of motion exam, health history and key, specific screens to monitor your progress.
Fitness training can be used for a variety of goals such as weight loss, muscle toning and increasing stamina. In the past, strength training was used mainly by bodybuilders and power lifters to increase muscle size and strength, according to the training manual, “NASM Essentials of Personal Fitness Training” by the National Academy of Sports Medicine. Activities as simple as stepping up and down off a step or doing bicep curls standing on one leg can be functional exercises. This reduced strength and capacity for movement makes the need for functional training even greater for older adults. Additionally, increases in functional strength make seniors more independent as they are again able to perform more of the tasks that they once could do without assistance.
The goal of functional training is not to lift as much weight as possible, known as maximal strength, or to drastically increase muscle tissue size, known as hypertrophy. They are small tools that create an unstable surface on which a person can stand, kneel, sit or lie upon. Gymnasts, soldiers and yoga practitioners have been using functional training to build better bodies for years. Functional training product selection has been expanded to include specialty items tailored for balance and stability, speed and agility, sports-specific training, fitness assessment and weighted resistance. Threads will include advice and dialog on topics of interest to subscribers including health center business operations, facility marketing, industry trends, employee hiring and management strategies.
The company is recognized for its superior quality, express same-day shipment on all orders, comprehensive selection of more than 40,000 individual items and overall value, with products 10 to 30 percent below competitive retail prices.
We are your personal trainer, your nutritionist,your supplement expert, your lifting partner, your support group. At SoulFit, we offer one-on-one and semi-private personal training in an incredible atmosphere.
Today, people with fitness goals other than bulking up - such as weight loss and general fitness - are trying strength training. These might not give a person huge biceps or a six-pack, but true fitness is not only what makes a person look better, according to the IDEA Health & Fitness Association. A study conducted in 2007 at the La Crosse Exercise and Health Program of the University of Wisconsin, La Crosse observed the effects of a functional training program on men and women between 58 and 78 years of age. The average person benefits from functional training because it slows or eliminates the potential loss of strength and mobility that comes with age. Therefore, extremely heavy weights and weight machines are not the tools of choice for functional training. When a person needs to lift a heavy box or raise their body up off the floor, there are no levers, pulleys or adjustable seats that control the weight and support the body as when using weight machines.

For some individuals, standing on one foot is enough of a balance challenge, but for others there are balance trainers such as the Sportstep and Step360. Gym goers or home exercisers benefit from functional training with little financial investment and only a few days a week of functional workouts. The company blog will provide readers with up-to-date industry and company new stories, announcements and articles of interest to health club owners, journalists and health-conscious individuals.
It's a delicate balance, trying to improve one lagging muscle group without wrecking your overall physique.
As long as we keep in mind that the benefits will outweigh the insecurities, we can put one foot in front of the other and BOOM! We provide the technology, tools, andproducts you need to burn fat, build muscle, and become your best self. Research sponsored by the American Council on Exercise (ACE) indicates that functional training is particularly useful for older adults, but functional training is truly for everyone. Functional training produces benefits to assist people in activities of daily living, such as walking up stairs, carrying groceries, and picking objects up off the floor. The participants who engaged in a functional training program gained significant improvements in upper and lower body strength, balance, shoulder flexibility, and cardiovascular endurance.
Despite some misconceptions, children and teenagers also benefit from strength training, according to ACE. Instead, functional training involves resistance and core training using bodyweight, free weights and balance trainers. Without the unnatural support of machines, functional training also improves body awareness. Functional training provides a practical training method for benefits that extend out of the gym and into daily living. This population has little need for heavy weight training or advanced sports-specific training, making functional training a more practical and enjoyable choice.
Yoga, Pilates, boot camp classes, and even fitness pole dancing are also examples of functional training programs. Balancing while standing on an unstable surface improves proprioception, which is the body's ability to discern where its parts are in physical space.
Customers still receive same-day delivery on products and equipment parts purchased online and through the company’s 192-page direct mail catalog. After a thorough physical assesment we create a personal training program that is completely designed around your goals, objectives and abilities. Balance training also requires greater recruitment of core muscles, which is why crunches on a round, inflated stability ball are harder than regular crunches on a flat, unmoving surface like the floor.

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