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Eggs contain many healthy ingredients and are a unique anti-oxidant good for our eyes and weight loss.
Several decades ago it was commonly accepted that consuming of fats, especially saturated fat are connected with heart diseases.
Lower the intake of grains, especially wheat, because they have very little nutrient substances and easily cause some disease. The data that intake of proteins in the body stimulates the secretion of calcium in the bones for a short while is true.
Highly protein food lowers blood pressure and is large opponent of diabetes that lowers the risk of kidneys failure. In the products with low fat all natural fats are replaced with substances which are exceptionally harmful.

The basic attitude is that you must eat low fat food with representation of carbohydrates of 50-60% of the total calories. In the frequent experiments of optimal correlation of fats and carbohydrates in the nutrition, scientists always come to the conclusion that low-carb, high-fat diets have the advantage. Polyunsaturated fats are considered to be healthy because some studies show that they lower the risk of heart diseases.
We get the fact that low-calorie nutrition lowers the weight, eliminates fat in the body and improves health. In this article, I will specify only the worst of them, because you dear readers deserve to know the real truth.
It is reason for high weight, metabolic syndrome, diabetes, heart diseases, early birth and depression.

Such nutrition way usually contains sugar, grains, in combination with smaller quantities of fat food like the meat or eggs. Mostly used grain is the wheat containing the protein called gluten; recently many people are sensitive to it. But, this way of nutrition can be bad for those with high weight, diabetes or metabolic syndrome.
Several studies show that greater risk of colon cancer is in those people who have 4, then those who have 2 meals during the day.

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