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Avocados are sometimes thought of as a vegetable, but they are actually Induction-friendly low carb fruits. The Atkins diet moves from Induction to Ongoing Weight Loss (OWL) after the first two weeks. Try not to exceed 10-12 net carbs total per hour to prevent blood sugar spikes and inflammation. During the early OWL and Maintenance Atkins phases, concentrate on low carb fruit recipes using raspberries, rhubarb, strawberries and guava. These particular low carb fruits are higher in fiber and are considered safe for new low carbers. In a bowl, mix together blackberries, mascarpone cheese, coconut oil, coconut butter, vanilla, lemon juice and sweetener (optional) until smooth and well-combined. The lowest carb fruits (1 to 5 net carbs) are some of the highest in nutritional value, antioxidants and phytonutrients per serving.
Lower carb fruits (6 to 10 net carbs) have enough fiber per serving to counteract most of the sugary carbs in the fruit. Here’s a quick reference list of low carb fruit with net carb counts from the official Atkins low carb fruit list.
We’re still on vacation, and last Friday afternoon we drove out from Winston-Salem to the North Carolina coast (only a little over 4 hours).
I’m not drinking as much water as I should be, but I definitely think it’s easier to drink more water when you’re home all day! Today I’d love to share with you all some foods you can treat yourself with while coming out of Atkins induction, and beginning the ongoing weight loss phase.
For me…I want fruit, black beans or other legumes, maybe oats or oatmeal and the occasional roasted sweet potato {and sweet potato fries…Mmmm!) Dark chocolate, ice cream and red wine are awesome splurges. Since it’s summer and fruit is abundant, and since it’s a healthy item to add back in…I wanted to share with you lower sugar and lower carb fruits. What kinds of things would you add in (or did you add in) when starting to increase your carb intake?

In the years since I have been living a low carb lifestyle nothing seems more controversial than fruit. First of all let me preface this by saying that I just count carbs, and I strive to keep them under 20 net carbs per day… even after almost 3 years of living this lifestyle. Most of the people that tout that you can eat fruit while living a low carb lifestyle are also saying they eat 50+ net carbs a day! I like to add a bit of the banana-flavored sugar-free syrup and a small amount of chopped walnuts or pecans to a muffin-in-a-mug for a yummy banana nut muffin! Members of the Low Carb Challenge Facebook group aren’t apt to give you their blessing to eat an apple a day because they want to see you get great results and lose weight just like they do. Eating sweets in general may cause more sugary cravings, making it difficult to stick to low carb. With the exception of avocado, only add fruit after Induction – or slowly during the early OWL Atkins phases.
We packed all of us in the same van and were able to ride together since her hubby is coming out later in the week. We’ll be back home this coming weekend, and like most travelers when they get home, it will be easy to get back on track with my eating.
Atkins has what he terms a carb ladder that as you go through the phases of learning to live the carb controlled life, you learn what YOU can add and when YOU want to add it. I’m excited to learn the carb count since I could really take or leave a banana, and it’s the highest in sugar! It is a good way to analyze fresh fruit as it is looking at each fruit equally; in one ounce increments. The best thing is that it fills me up SO much more than a banana could and it is only about 2 net carbs vs 20! Learn how to eat the lowest carb fruit during Atkins phases, try out a fat bomb and print the fruit list. We’ll be in chill mode with our friends all week hanging out at the beach and exploring beaches I haven’t seen since I was a kid.

I’m still conscious of carbs, but haven’t been tracking as closely as I normally would, and these were definitely not low carb. And dare I say…as much as I LOVE regular white potatoes skillet fried as hash browns or a variety of other ways…I think it’s something I’m not craving anymore.
The point is just to be aware of the carb content as you go about your day and make choices. What if the fruit is high fiber and coupled with healthy, low carb ingredients that burn stored fat?
Weighing definitely helps keep me on track at home, and I’m sure that would help me if I had access to a scale.
And I know I’d have issues with portion control…as much as I do with roasted sweet potatoes. Since they are still made from sugar…though natural…it’s important to eat fruit with either protein or fat so it doesn’t spike your blood sugar (which leads to your body producing extra insulin which leads to fat storage…no, we don’t want that!) So berries with a dollop of homemade whipped cream or fruit right after a meal is a good choice.
BUT I can take a huge strawberry and dice (yes I dice mine because I want the flavor NOT the carbs) it over some low carb CarbMaster yogurt, put a dollop of sugar-free whipped cream on top  and I am still under 6 net carbs! I slather it with rich creamy butter and enjoy it with my bulletproof coffee or  cocoa in the morning, for lunch, or dessert any time of day! Here’s a recipe roundup of 22 of the best certified low carb apple recipes to get you started! You know, that nasty stuff you see in the mirror when you binge on carbs… no thanks, not for me, and if you are reading this, probably not for you.
Let’s take a look at a table I threw together that lists fruits in the form they are typically eaten and easiest for comparison. While on vacation, I have been drinking small amounts of red wine and eating dark chocolate in moderation, and I have had those sweet potatoe fries once.

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