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With one click you can make Tabata Times an app on your phone to get our latest content at any time. About two weeks out from an endurance event, aim to get about 65 percent of calories from fats and continue this high-fat intake for 10 days.
This “hall pass” to eat fats doesn’t mean you can pig out on pizza and ding-dongs all day, or really any day. After 10 days of eating low-carb, high-fat foods, switch to a traditional “carbo-load” diet that incorporates 70 percent of calories from carbohydrates for the next three days.
This ensures that your glycogen levels are as high as they can be and are raring to go on race day. A study conducted by the University of Cape Town in South Africa implemented this 10-day ‘fat-load’ followed by 3-day ‘carbo-load’ plan on a group of experienced cyclists. The infographic below will help guide you to quality carbohydrates and help you make better choices when it comes to carbs. Unfortunately, most recipes call for smothering it in cheese and oil, which adds loads of fat.

Now, I have no problem with good fats — which I defended extensively in a previous post. Subscribe to the mailing list and get a daily update with the most important news from California! Training day after day on a low-carb diet can leave a runner feeling sluggish and slow because glycogen stores never get topped off.Before you binge out on pasta dinners and bagel breakfasts, you might want to take a serious look at what researchers are reporting about “carbo-loading” before a marathon or long endurance event. Quality fats from healthy oils, nuts, meats, avocados, whole milk, cheese, eggs, and fatty fish are what should be on the table. Instead, top off your tank with high-quality, healthy carbs including whole-grain pastas, breads, and rice along with plenty of fruits and veggies (but, of course, cut the fiber intake 24 hours before event).
After a moderate two-hour warm-up, the athletes were able to complete a 20k time trial 4.5 percent faster following the new diet protocol.
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As most people don’t seem to understand because they are listening to the governments food pyramid guidelines.
However, they occur together in most foods and some experts are moving away from the terms and just lumping everything together as fiber.

The days of high-carb diets may be over – well, make that modified — for athletes who want to perform their best on race day, or so says the March 2013 issue of Competitor magazine. Granted, there hasn’t been any irrefutable, one hundred percent conclusive proof that removing carbs from the diet improves endurance performance.
During this phase, your body will learn how to tap into fat stores for fuel; and, your training won’t suffer much because you’ll be tapering down anyway. And because of their wrong guidelines explains why obesity, diabetes, heart strokes, etc are on the rise very year. In fact, one study at the University of Birmingham in England found that low-carb runners (41% carbs) reported more fatigue and showed reductions in performance than their high-carb counterparts (65% carbs) during intensive training runs.

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