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This is an opinion website that offers information of a general nature and none of the opinions should be construed as advice. Affiliate Disclosure: At absolutely no expense to you, if you make a purchase, we may receive commissions from some links on this website. I do amazing on low-carb, not everyone is so lucky, but it's the ultimate way to make fan drip off your body. Yo Chris, how do you bounce off this diet if you wanna go back to gaining muscle and strength ? I'm pissed that Canada has made it nearly impossible for me to purchase pure ephedrine (i live in the US) I had an order of 600 8mg tabs for only $26 or so (before shipping charges) cancelled due to them not shipping to the US. Right now i'm currently trying a fat burner called Diablos ECA fire caps which contain 50mg ephedra extract so far it seems to be legit but time will tell. Chris, the page says that the diet is for people who don't care about how much muscle they preserve.
I have well over a decade of experience with anabolic steroids and hormone replacement therapy. Over a period of 8 years, I used almost every semi-mainstream muscle building compound that has ever existed.
Old school steroids, new-age designer methylated steroids, pro-hormones, insulin, HGH or growth factors and peptides - I've probably used it. Despite what steroid enthusiasts may tell you, anabolic steroids have side effects (gyno, hair loss, bloating, testicular atrophy, increased blood pressure, etc.) that you absolutely need to manage if you actually care about your appearance and health if you're not just trying to be a big freak that takes up a lot of space and doesn't Get Laid. Some people are simply better off staying natural because they don't have the desire, time, money or discipline to maintain significant amounts of chemical muscle at a low body fat percentage.
At the same time, training 'au-naturale' can be tedious, especially when you have been training seriously for a year (with an accompanying diet) and are probably 90% of the way to your genetic potential. Believe it or not, one year of focused training and diet will get the average guy pretty close to his genetic ceiling. Although most non-hormonal dietary supplements that promise muscle gains are COMPLETELY worthless, there's finally a solid legal alternative that works really well and isn't a steroid or prohormone.
It won't deliver superhuman results like taking significant amounts of anabolic steroids - but it also won't give the side effects (gyno, hair loss, bloating, increased blood pressure, testicular shutdown, etc). It is the best legal, non-hormonal compound that I have ever used - both for results and safety (lack of side effects). It can be used for putting on muscle or keeping on muscle and burning fat if you are eating at a caloric-deficiency.
Again, as I have stated above, I am not claiming that Ostarine will deliver "steroid results, without the steroids!", I am claiming that it is far and away - the best, [currently] legal, non-hormonal alternative to anabolic steroids. Ostarine (also known as 'MK-2866') is part of a new wave of dietary supplements (unofficially) called "SARMs" or selective androgen receptor modulators that function somewhat like steroids but are not hormonal.
But unlike steroids, Ostarine will have not a significant effect on your testosterone or estrogen levels (or cause your balls to shrink).
So, in theory, you get the anabolic action without the hormonal fluctuation and endocrine suppression. It's a fairly new compound, but since it is not a testosterone derivative (like all steroids are), it is considered safe enough for women to use. Although I'm not too serious about my physique, I've always been on the lookout for a legal alternative that actually works.
In order to evaluate the Ostarine (and to prevent people from accusing me of using steroids and faking the Ostarine results), I got off HRT ENTIRELY and used the compound as a standalone. Ostarine shouldn't have any significant effect on your testosterone levels, so don't expect your testosterone levels to go up or down. Remarkably, I only lost about 5 lbs., evidence that Ostarine does a good job of preserving muscle.
Although my physique is nothing compared to what it used to be (nor do I care), this 25 day steroid-free transformation is very significant. Training without testosterone or other androgenic steroids in your system (especially on an empty stomach with fat burners) is a recipe to end up totally skinny-fat. As planned, I stopped using Ostarine at Day 26 because I was having surgery on September 29th.
This rare compound is accurately dosed, over 99% pure and the EXACT same stuff that we have both used. You don't have to worry about trying to measure microscopic amounts (usual dose is 12.5 mg) from a liquid 'research chem' solution with an oral syringe. I followed a variation of the very low-carb "Good Looking Loser's Fat Loss Diet" and watched the body fat drip off as usual. Nothing kills body fat better than a very low carb diet - if your body can adapt to dietary ketosis. You can turn your body into a fat burning furnace if you TRULY avoid all carbohydrates (minus green vegetables) and keep your heart rate up for 45 minutes on an empty stomach. I used the same supplements that I mention in "Mandatory Supplements for Our Fat Loss Diet". Branch-Chain Amino Acids (BCAA's to preserve muscle and encourage fat loss) Have at least 2 scoops before your workout and at least 2 scoops during your workout.
Fat Burner (to encourage fat loss and kill your appetite)* The fat burner I used everyday is not yet available for sale. I also used Isopure's Zero-Carb protein powder and a few other anti-aging supplements, but the 2 supplements above are the only ones that are completely necessary.
It will be 2+ weeks before you really notice anything and it's subtle compared to oral anabolic steroids. It might be better for my "Ostarine Review" to list a few side effects so you "believe me more", but the fact is - I had no side effects and that is exactly why I am recommending this compound to you.
I'm used to getting big steroidal pumps, bloating and other minor side effects that are annoying but at least reassure me that a compound is working. Although Ostarine will not raise your DHT levels, if you are sensitive to male pattern baldness (I am, 2 hair transplants before my 28th birthday), virtually any compound can potentially increase hair loss or non-androgenic alopecia (increased shedding). In the off chance that Ostarine does cause some shedding, it is unlikely to be permanent because the shedding is not caused by DHT and is not subject to miniaturization. It will not be like being on 50mg of Dianabol or a gram of testosterone for 20 weeks where you will gain 20 lbs. I found taking 37.5 mg of Osta-Red similar to taking 20 mg of Anavar or 25-30 mg of Epistane (a legal designer steroid).
Plus, there's no serious testicular shrinkage, no mandatory post-cycle therapy or cardiovascular concerns. As I mentioned, unlike anabolic steroids, for most guys, there is no mandatory post cycle therapy needed since testicular suppression should be fairly modest.
Longer cycles (4+ weeks) of Ostarine can be suppressive and HPTA recovery can benefit considerably from a very basic post cycle protocol. This product is specifically designed to kick start your testosterone after a short or moderate cycle.
I, personally, don't require post-cycle therapy since I run my own doctor-supervised hormone replacement theory (which I discontinued during the duration of my Osta-Red cycle) but always did when I was doing traditional cycles prior to 2005. First, with expectations I have outlined above, most guys will be quite pleased with the results and lack of side effects they get from Osta-Red. It works better than any legal non-steroidal and is as good as taking small amounts of hormonal compounds. Second, I never use the "sense of urgency" Internet marketing technique where I'm supposed to tell you to BUY NOW or you'll miss out.
While this product is not likely to stay legal for too long, I honestly don't know how long we are going to carry it under the Red Supplements name.
Victor and I recently decided to stay away from 'gray area' compounds and "controversial" supplements for a variety of reasons. If you have more comprehensive question or something that you would like to have answered sooner - I encourage you to sign up for the 'Good Looking Loser Forum'. If I have skinny arms and legs (no muscle) but a belly and tits due to bad living and drinking for 2 years, should I do fat loss diet first to get rid of the fat, or start gaining and lifting? Disclaimer: Although I am a certified sports nutritionist, this advice is only for your convenience.
This diet protocol is for guys (or girls) who want to lose significant amounts of body fat quickly and don't care about how much muscle they preserve. This diet is intended for an adult who weighs less than 300 pounds and is more than 15% body fat. My simple diet and doable training protocol will make body fat absolutely drip off your body and face. All the meals are interchangeable, the suggested training protocol is very easy and the fat loss results are pretty quick but slowly tremendous which will keep you motivated. While it's up to you to stick with it as an online trainee, basically 100% of my personal clients achieved their fat loss goals. PhilTheBread "Lost 31 lbs in ~35 Days" (sign in for pictures)update: Phil has lost close over 70 lbs in ~6 months. It's important to know that - you burn 1000-2500 calories just by being alive (depending on your lifestyle), you don't have to burn off all your calories by exercising. You enter "fat storage mode" when your blood sugar (insulin) levels are elevated or unstable.
Eating carbohydrates, especially 'simple carbohydrates' (sugar-based foods), are responsible for raising your blood sugar levels. When your blood sugar levels are elevated, your body stores the majority of calories you eat.
This can be helpful if you are working out and want to store calories (largely protein) to build muscle. For the average sedentary person, however, this is not a good thing because the calories will be stored as fat. Aside from any undiagnosed medical (hormonal) problems that keep you fat, people who are overweight or people who can't seem to lose weight are almost always in "fat storage mode" because they have perpetually elevated blood sugar levels. What you want to do is to keep your blood sugar levels down and stable so you can stay in "fat loss mode'. When your blood sugar levels are low and stable, your body will use calories (and existing body fat) for energy instead of storing it.
To turn things around, we NEED to get a handle on the blood sugar issue so you can remain in "fat loss mode" for the vast majority of the day. The best way to do this is to avoid raising your blood sugar in the first place by not eating foods that raise it. It's important to be able to know which foods will raise your blood sugar and which foods will not promote fat storage mode.

When you eat carbohydrates, your body goes into "fat storage mode" instead of "fat loss mode". So, as you might have guessed, avoiding carbohydrates as much as possible is how dramatic weight loss is done.
This diet is nearly entirely based on avoiding carbohydrates so you are in "fat loss mode" for as long as possible. I recommend that you consume no more than 30 grams of net (non-fibrous, green vegetables) carbohydrates a day. If you never followed a zero or very low carbohydrate (<30 grams) diet, you are in for a real surprise.
When you avoid carbohydrates (and I mean REALLY avoid almost all carbohydrates) don’t be surprised if the fat absolutely starts melting off.
Regardless of your genetics, fat loss (in an ideal very low carbohydrate environment) can be dramatic. The main reason most people store excessive fat is because they consume significant amounts of low-quality, factory-made carbohydrates and processed sugars that keeps their blood sugar high.
While you are losing weight, it is also important that you learn to read 'Nutrition Facts' labels and avoid the foods with more than 4 or 5 grams of carbohydrates and more than 1 or 2 grams of sugar. When you keep your body in "fat loss mode" for the entire day, you can actually eat more calories than if you were to eat carbohydrates.
The diet below is between 1000 and 2000 calories, depending on how many meals you decide to eat. Fat loss at either amount is pretty easy and there is no reason to actually count them if you don't want.
I am well aware that this is an oversimplification of lipid (fat) metabolism but this is all people need to know. When you exercise on an empty stomach (and you have been avoiding carbohydrates), you are exercising in "fat loss mode" and your body needs to burn body fat for energy. When you exercise after feeding (or you haven't been avoiding carbohydrates), your body will burn carbohydrates or stored glucose for energy and not too much body fat. 4 to 6 days of the week - you should train for 30 to 45 minutes on an empty stomach shortly upon waking because it helps you lose fat 300% faster.
Like AVOIDING CARBOHYDRATES, if you have never have never EXERCISED ON AN EMPTY STOMACH consistently, you are in for a real surprise too. If you absolutely cannot train on an empty stomach, have a small amount of solid food (only protein) to hold you over and prevent you from getting lightheaded. The idea is to simply stay in "fat loss mode" and keep your heart rate going for 30 to 45 minutes.
Like most diets, it's important to find some spices, sugar-free sauces, low-calorie condiments that you like so the meals don't get boring. If you are light-headed and absolutely need sugar, put a banana or 1 scoop of natural peanut butter in there. Use a small amount of extra virgin olive oil on your pan, cook with slightly over medium-high heat and scramble it up. You can make it into an omelet if you have the skills or you can do hard boiled eggs instead. If you don't want the hassle of preparing the vegetables, buy microwave-ready (steamed) broccoli, spinach or brussels sprouts. You can cook the vegetables in the microwave and top them with extra virgin olive oil afterward. Top the burger or sandwich just as you would normally - tomato, onion, lettuce, pickles, mustard etc. The idea is to build very low carbohydrate meals that have 1 or 2 servings or lean protein (chicken, fish, eggs, etc.) and 1 serving of vegetables that will keep you in "fat loss mode" and not raise your blood sugar. If you make the protein shake with dairy milk (use these instead, unsweetened for weight loss) - you are not following the diet. In the first week, you may lose 5 or 10 pounds, a lot of it will be water weight - but you are on your way. Comments are open below, but I may or may not be able to answer you (I'm super busy), I encourage you to ask all of your questions or start a fitness log in our health and fitness forum.
Would you recommend any solution to losing fat and building muscle at the same time, or, if not, do you think I should focus on more low weight, high repetition weight lifting?
Gaining lean mass and losing fat (aka recomp) is inefficient without steroids (unless you are pretty new to training). As an [former] athlete and recreational bodybuilder, I've picked up girls at weight ranging from 165lbs to 248lbs.
What I've found is weight isn't really a great standard to draw conclusions or to suggest an ideal body.
An easily understandable definition of body percentage is- the percentage of your total bodyweight that consists of fat. Although dunking yourself in a small pool with machines hooked to you is the only way to completely accurately measure body fat, there are some online calculators that can be helpful and at least provide a frame of reference. In my experience and opinion, the ideal body fat percentage for picking up women is 8% to 10% so long that that does not put you 25+ lbs. If you do not use anabolic steroids, you can accurately calculate your ideal body weight here- "Ideal Body Weight Calculations," any sort of BMI (body mass index) or IBW goes out the window if you have significantly more muscle mass than the average guy. Keep in mind too- that your ideal body weight is not usually your 'doctor-approved' body weight.
Given my height, diet and current hormonal profile I will weigh 199-209lbs at 8% - 10% body fat. Even if you were retain water from a meal that is in carbohydrates or sodium, it would not significantly show.
Your dick will be it's maximum length since there won't be much of a "fat pad" at 8% body fat. Assuming you follow a healthful low-carbohydrate weight maintenance diet and exercise at least 2 times a week, you should be able to stay below 10% body fat fairly easily. Clothing is made for slim[er] people, your shoulders may appear bigger than they are because your waistline will be tighter.
Below 8% tends to be hard to maintain without significant amounts of stimulants, continuous dieting and performance enhancing drugs. A fit guy who looks somewhat athletic will subconsciously appear to be more healthy, more attractive and better in bed than if he were above this range. My recommendation of 8% - 10% body fat (without being 20+ lbs under your ideal body weight), is a male model body type with about 10 or 15lbs.
We are talking about [high] fashion non commercial modeling (also known as 'runway'), not fitness modeling.
High fashion male models tend to be very skinny (they are REQUIRED to fit into both an extra-small and small t-shirt, sometimes a children's [boy's] extra-large shirt) without a lot of muscle mass. Although they may maintain the suggested 8% to 10% body fat, they tend to be very small in person and in the opinion of the girls I sleep with, they are "puny," "weak," and "don't have much of a presence," when compared to guys that have just a little more muscle or their own pictures.
In fact, it's probably next best (after athletic-lean) and usually better than a full-on "bodybuilder" look. Facial features and abdominals, in that order, are the most important factors in your overall looks and sex appeal.
Having low body fat will significantly bring out your natural facial features and your abdominal muscles. This is extremely important regardless if you have high cheek bones (generally more attractive) or not. Other than facial features (overall complexion), the majority of women usually say that "abs" or the "V" (angled waistline) are the sexiest feature on the male body.
Later this month- I will be profiling a specific transdermal dietary supplement that specifically promotes facial and abdominal fat loss. It completely depends on your dosages, the compounds you take, your diet, your goals and the body fat that you maintain.
I know guys that take steroids that are the definition of what women want, girls masturbate to them. The average guy I know who takes steroids generally is healthier, better looking and works harder (at life) then average guy that doesn't go to the gym.
Try to avoid a "bloated" look (moon-face, wide waist) that comes from high estrogen levels, carbohydrates and sodium. The amount of girls that respond positively seems to be about the same, so long as I'm not over 230lbs.
Because of this conclusion (and my experience) I don't necessarily recommend that "your ideal weight or size" is the one the that you get approached the most at. Biggest and only goal for now is to fuck a thousands of pussy and make for the lost underevevhing years. Every beginner's question has a simple answer : go date 100 girls and you will have your answer. I've always been a huge fan of going to the gym but it wasn't until the beginning of this year (20th of february to be exact) when I started cutting to finally see what I had actually been working on all these years. Yep Im reaching about your physique very soon as well and I can confirm getting laid does not have to do with being ripped.
Getting Ripped can affect your facial features and that absolutely factors into your sex appeal and that absolutely affects how many sexually available girls are attracted to you. Most 15%+ body fat people don't realize how much of a change is getting leaner, its like a night and day difference. No I was referring to the fact that going from 10 to 8 percent may not be as beneficial as just going out more often and screening harder.
If you have never had visible abdominal muscles (<8% body fat), you have no idea what you are missing. You will not be getting rejected due to your looks (sex appeal) by the vast majority of girls. In my opinion, most (but not all) guys, including minorities, can reach this 'above-average' threshold with improvements in fitness, style and height, enough to be considered 'above-average' (and therefore, fuckable) by most women. Most guys, however, will never try to become 'above-average' because they are simply too comfortable with their undersexed life. While it is true that some girls, especially popular girls and superficial teenage girls, only want to fuck and be seen with the BEST LOOKING guys, most girls will be willing to sleep with a guy if she (and her friends) feels he is above-average, "reasonably attractive" or at least on her level. Before this becomes another nonsense "how much do looks matter" (I have already answered that - Looks matter A LOT if you are not above-average) discussion, let's go somewhere productive with it. People, especially men, underestimate how much losing weight (therefore - facial fat) can help their appearance. To them, sex appeal is simply a matter of genetics and the gym can only offer a ripped body, a sex appeal factor that is secondary among most non-fitness girls.

I've seen slightly above-average looking guys transform into "ideal guy" once they lost the puffiness in their face.
I've seen below-average looking guys transform into "good looking guy" once they shed their excess face fat. I've seen seen undeniably UGLY guys transform into "he's still not the best looking guy but he's super masculine and a candidate for my pussy" once they recovered their facial features . Even losing 5% body fat can make a dramatic difference in your appearance and how the world sees and responds to you. Although you may never be "male model" material, you can become at least 'above-average' and at least get on the radar (even if just for a relationship) of over half of all 'single and looking' girls. For some guys, just like many women, losing weight (facial fat) can change their entire life. I didn't know how many pounds I'd have to lose, but I was going to do whatever it took to have full abs for Spring Break 2001. I went from getting inconsistent attention, to having at least 1 group of girls start a conversation with me every time I went out. I felt like I was living in a special universe, all of my friends still had their facial features subdued by fat. There's a ton of other guys that look like completely different people after they lose their facial fat. If you have never really put the time in to get down to 7-8% bodyfat, I highly encourage you to drop everything and do so. As of September 2015, you will have to systematically shed fat over your entire body in order to shed face fat.
If you are fat, you should focus on losing weight by eating 2000 calories or less of healthful unsaturated fat, lean protein and avoiding carbohydrates. If you are skinny-fat, you should focus on lean mass "recomposition" (add muscle:lose fat) which does not necessarily involve losing weight or avoiding carbohydrates. While there's several different theories, products and exercises that claim to solely target face fat, even if they worked (they don't), you should avoid them and stop looking for shortcuts. When I was a personal trainer in Hollywood (residential Beverly Hills), I realized something about weight loss. While some people have better starting body compositions and metabolic predispositions, losing weight is DOABLE and ABSOLUTELY EVERYONE CAN DO IT. All you have to do is avoid carbohydrates, work out (or do anything semi-physical for 30 minutes on an empty stomach) and limit yourself to 1500-2000 calories of healthful fat and lean protein. They can't even reach an attainable goal that only requires a few months of self-discipline and control. It's time to put everything aside and focus solely on your appearance until it is above-average.
The good news is - weight loss (facial fat loss) is totally doable and you have FULL CONTROL over your success.
Nothing contained within the site is the advice, opinion or otherwise the view of any host, owner, server or other provider of services to Good Looking Loser. Glycogen (stored carb) levels are really low so you can just change the entire diet if you want.
I'd cut down to 8-10% BF and then go on a slightly higher calorie low-carb (50-100grams) and get back some of the strength. At 1 cap - it can be used to squash your appetite on non-training days, but also to jack you up at 2-3 caps for workouts.
I deliberately discontinued taking testosterone and HCG to evaluate how well Ostarine worked without the influence of other muscle building hormones. Without the Ostarine for anabolic support, I would probably have finished with the decaying body of a 90 year-old man.
It's a pain in the ass to track down, purchase and market products that aren't likely to be around. If you are a bodybuilder (or have a lot of lean mass that you want to keep) this diet may not be for you.
I do not promise you fast super fast results if you insist on eating or not training on an empty stomach. I usually just lift weights for 15 minutes (light weights to total failure) and then do 30 minutes of cardiovascular training (jogging, stairs or elliptical). There should be NO milk, fruit, high calorie nuts or protein powder that has a lot of carbohydrates.
The key to making good (frozen) chicken is to not close the lid and just flip it over a couple of times until it's totally defrosted. Use spices, herbs or sugar-free sauces - salt, pepper, vinegar, hot sauce, pickles, horseradish, relish, peppers, etc.
When you keep your blood sugar stable or stay in "fat loss mode", it will be more than happy to burn your body fat for energy. My sex-life is good (about 20 chicks now) and I feel pretty satisfied for now in that aspect and am really looking to improve my body and life for me. This is not medical advice or an acceptable replacement for medical advice from a licensed physician. It can be helpful to tell if you are gaining, losing or maintaining your individual body weight- we have to remember that we are all different heights and have different body compositions (muscle:fat ratio).
The calculator is for the average person, not for bodybuilders or healthy athletes that play contact sports. Most calculators suggest that adult males carry 15-18% body fat, while I suggest between 8% to 10%. The majority of these [non-commercial] male model guys would have significantly more presence and slightly more sex appeal if they had just 10-15lbs more muscle. Sorry, no clinical study for that, Google: "Sexiest Part on the Male Body," or ask some hot chicks if you are curious. At the same time, I've seen guys that take steroids, that for one reason or another- end up looking much worse than when they started. Huge genetic freaks than consume massive amounts of food and massive amount of steroidal compounds.
My "ideal body" is closer to 200lbs., but I can pick up girls really easily, so it's not really a factor. I would suggest training naturally, learning how to eat correctly and building a work ethic for at least 1 year before you take any performance enhancing drugs. It certainly couldn't hurt to always be that weight, but if you seem to feel more confident at a different weight or size, so long as you stay within my suggested body fat range- the amount of girls you snag should be equal, if not better. I have found however thought that when I go out at night or in the day, I have a limit on the hotness of girls I can attract. Because they are generally not in the sexually active category so it's even harder in that respect.
Bush and Al Gore while drinking a 2500 calorie "protein shake" made with whole milk, weight gainer (all sugar, at the time) and Ben & Jerry's ice cream.
Nothing stated shall be construed to serve as a replacement for competent advice from professionals. It's the best formulation that I've used personally and it will be a hit with most of you guys. If you don't have the money, buy BCAA plain powder and add Mio or Skinny Girl water enhancer. When their blood sugar is elevated, a disproportionate amount of calories get stored as fat.
Playing basketball, riding your bike or swimming on an empty stomach for 30 to 45 minutes is fine too. Try to avoid this though, carbohydrates are your worst enemy if your goal is to lose as much fat as possible.
If you are eating rice, bread, cookies, regular soda, cereal, fruit juice, sports drinks, etc. For some, it's hard to adjust to and their body never quite gets the hang of using existing body fat as the primary energy supply. Have a small low-fat meal with carbohydrates as your LAST meal of the day or have a 'carb day' (don't go crazy, stay under 250 grams) every 10 or 14 days. The majority of sexually available girls will respond so long as your style and social freedom are above average. There's a saying "the camera adds 10 pounds," this seems to be true, most models are noticeably thinner and smaller in person than in their pictures.
I've done this countless of times so getting lean is really no problem, but from now on I need to keep my bodyfat to a minimum even in the off season.
I go the gym 4 times a week, eat two big meals a day, compound movements and some isolation work, I skip rope for 10 mins, and do laps on the stairs 5X5. Although I finished the winter somewhat fat, I looked considerably better than my lanky 150lbs frame from freshman year.
Although I didn't really have the courage to talk to a lot of random chicks, I noticed how many more girls looked at me and how much chances improved.
If you are using some random "supplement" that has a bunch of carbohydrates in it - YOU ARE NOT FOLLOWING THE DIET. My question is I have been lifting heavy (5X5, 3X8) with major exercises (bench, DL, BOR, etc.) But since I am cutting carbs, I've read elsewhere that doing so will prevent muscle growth so lifting heavy is basically pointless. Do not begin any weight loss program or change your diet without consulting your physician. Sometimes they are, but the models shot with their shirts off (commercial models) tend to have body types that are more in the recommended 'athletic-thin' range.
As discussed above, your body fat percentage is more significant than the "weight" you are at.
They generally do not suffer ill effects from steroids since they abuse them "responsibly," if that makes sense. They know what they are doing and don't take prescription narcotics or stick cocaine up their nose. I feel like getting that 8% body fat and next level physique may be beneficial for upping the hotness limit am I right here?

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