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The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. Grapefruit juice may help combat the negative effects of a high-fat diet, say researchers from The University of California-Berkeley, but the exact compound responsible for this remains a mystery.
If these findings sound somewhat familiar, it may be because the link between grapefruit juice and weight loss – or just decreased weight gain – has been touted before in Hollywood diets.
This latest work was funded by the California Grapefruit Growers Cooperative, but the UC Berkeley researchers emphasized that the funders had no control or influence over the study design or research findings. The study authors randomly divided mice into six groups, including a control group that drank only water. At the end of the study period, the mice that ate the high-fat diet and drank diluted grapefruit juice not only gained less weight than their control counterparts, they also had a 13 to 17 percent decrease in blood glucose levels and a threefold decrease in insulin levels, which reveals greater sensitivity to insulin. The researchers gave one group of mice naringin, a bioactive compound in grapefruit juice that has been identified as a key agent in weight loss, and another group metformin, a glucose-lowering drug often prescribed for those with Type 2 diabetes. The mice were fed a diet that was either 60 percent fat or 10 percent fat for 100 days, and their metabolic health was monitored throughout the study. The group of high-fat-diet mice that received naringin had lower blood glucose levels than the control group, but there was no effect on weight, suggesting that some other ingredient in grapefruit juice is also beneficial.
The researchers said they ruled out the typical explanations for weight loss in their study. Interesting fact: Most prepackaged grapefruit juices you buy at the store are striped of fiber, watered down and contain added sugars which help CAUSE type 2 diabetes.
Never mind the Cambridge, Atkins, Paleo or 5:2 diets, scientists have discovered that consuming grapefruit could help people lose weight.
There are following 13 healthy drinks which you already have them or which are very easy to be prepared at your home kitchen in order to help yourself with your health problems. Green tea is proven in process of detoxification.  And grapefruit has the similar abilities. To see our content at its best we recommend upgrading if you wish to continue using IE or using another browser such as Firefox, Safari or Google Chrome.

Drinking grapefruit juice instead of water could be the key to weight loss, according to a study by the University of California. But the juice did not contain pulp, and researchers said it was not clear why the grapefruit juice appeared to help keep the weight off. Written by Jennifer Iserloh 1 Comment Juicy, tart, sweet, and refreshing, delicious grapefruit keeps you beautiful, inside and out!
I know that grapefruit gives me plenty of Vitamin C which is a powerful antioxidant and can help fight the aging process. A medium grapefruit has only around 100 calories, making it the ideal low-cal snack that hydrates your body with juicy vitamin-packed water. Citrus fruits are also known to work as appetite suppressants which can be a great help to maintain your calories intake.
Available in health stores, it is a must for international travelers who want to feel their best on the road. Check with your healthcare practitioner about consuming a lot of grapefruit if you’re taking prescription drugs. As a healthy cooking expert, health coach and TV host, Skinny Chef Jennifer Iserloh shows you how to eat healthy and delicious every day.Join over 48867 people who get healthy eating & cooking tips each Tuesday!
8) in the peer-reviewed journal PLOS ONE, found that mice fed a high-fat diet gained 18 percent less weight when they drank clarified, pulp-free grapefruit juice compared with a control group of mice that drank water.
However, the earlier studies behind those claims were often small, not well-controlled and contradictory, according to Andreas Stahl and Joseph Napoli, the two UC Berkeley faculty members who led the new research. Those drinking grapefruit juice got a mixture diluted with water at different concentrations, and sweetened slightly with saccharin to counteract grapefruit’s bitterness. Those that drank the grapefruit juice saw a two-fold decrease in insulin levels, but there was no significant change in weight or other metabolic variables.
It wasn’t the amount of food consumed, since the ingested calories among the different groups were about the same. The study was meant to boost grapefruit sales by finding ONLY the positive results of consuming grapefruit.

But the study won’t mention that, as it was funded to find just the positive effects.
A study from the University of California, Berkeley, found that drinking grapefruit juice when eating food high in fat could lower the amount of weight gain by almost a fifth.
These are not miraculous drinks which will make you slim over the night, but they are excellent for improving the metabolism.
I use it in my kitchen because it’s easy to find year round and I love its versatile flavor. Juice-drinking mice also showed improved levels of glucose, insulin and a type of fat called triacylglycerol compared with their water-drinking counterparts. The researchers also added glucose and artificial sweeteners to the control group’s water so that it would match the calorie and saccharin content of the grapefruit juice.
The level of activity and body temperatures were comparable, and the authors even checked the calories eliminated in the feces of the mice to check for problems with the body’s absorption of nutrients. The Grapefruit Diet, where those trying to lose weight drink a glass of juice with every meal, has been around since the 1930s but became particularly popular in the 1970s. Combine them with gym exercises and balanced nutrition and you will get extra support at your weight-loss process. Scientists tested the effects of the fruit on mice to see if it can really help boost metabolism. The study authors randomly divided mice into six groups and gave each the same amount of and exercise.

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