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With so much confusion about what foods are healthy to incorporate into your healthy smoothie recipes for weight loss, I thought I’d help cut through the confusion.
Food that actively helps you shed weight consistently and also contributes to your overall well being. We aim to provide you with the skills, tools and knowledge you need to easily incorporate more beneficial natural whole foods into the best liquid diet for weight loss. Recipes from the liquid diet plan are designed using ingredients that will accelerate fat loss, many of the ingredients contain monounsaturated fatty-acids these compounds are known to have beneficial properties that help you lose body fat naturally. We are truly passionate about health. We want you to attain genuine measurable progress towards your ideal body image.

To help illustrate why we believe the best liquid diet works take a look at the two diagrams below.
This diagram represents a typical diet based on data generated from my own personal food diary from 2012.
Before I founded the liquid diet plan I found it impossible to consume any real quantity of natural whole food in its raw state.
Discover your own personal weight loss success story by starting the best liquid diet plan. Most of the foods labelled negative foods were in fact starches and added sugar in low fat ready meals.

I will publish much more detail regarding the actual foods in both diagrams in an upcoming free report so make sure you subscribe to my email list and don’t miss it, its it a real eye opener to the whole debate on so called healthy low-fat foods!

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