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Green Tea extract accelerates calorie burning through increased thermogenesis, particularly with fat calories. X-Trine Super Green Tea Fat Burner powder makes you feel more energetic and supports your body's natural vitality. The active components (polyphenols) in green tea and green coffee stimulate metabolism and the burning of body fat.
The Liquid Soft-Gel Green Tea Fat Burner is a powerful blend of natural herbal boosters and nutrients that, when used with a healthy diet plan, has a dual action effect on weight loss.
Suggested Use: As an addition to your daily diet and exercise, take 1 or 2 capsules in the morning and 1 or 2 capsules in the afternoon with a full glass of water.
Advantra-Z®, Citrus Aurantium Extract (fruit), Betaine, Bladderwack Root and Leaf, Cayenne (fruit), Eleuthero Root (formerly known as Siberian Ginseng), Ginger Root, Gotu Kola Root, Guarana Seed, Licorice Root, Yerba Mate Leaf. These statements about Green Tea Fat Burner have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.
Finally, when reading the fat burner reviews, beware of products that sound to good to be true. EGCG - those four letters you hear in combination with green tea; it's supposed to be a miracle substance, right? Epigallocatechin gallate is a potent antioxidant that is touted for it's anticarcinogenic properties. Full disclosure, I can't get the text for the article "Avoidance of bioflavonoid supplements during pregnancy: a pathway to infant leukemia?", but the title suggests that you might want to avoid green tea supplements and other bioflavonoid supplements while pregnant. So, now that I've terrified you about the supplement (sorry), how the heck does this EGCG stuff supposedly prevent cancer?

Urokinase is in your bloodstream and in your extracellular matrices, the exoskeleton type structure that provides structure to the animal cell since it lacks the rigid cell wall found in plant cells. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising.
Green tea is loaded with powerful antioxidants called polyphenols that protect cells from the changes caused by oxidation, a chemical reaction that can lead to cancer and the hardened arteries that cause heart disease.
Clipping is a handy way to collect and organize the most important slides from a presentation. According to a study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, Green Tea extract accelerates calorie burning through increased thermogenesis, particularly with fat calories. Green Tea Fat Burner diet pills are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.
Every celebrity is pushing their own fad diet and they want you to get on their band wagon or at least buy their book. Ascorbic acid, pectin, soy protein, and garlic oil are all natural products that helps to have your metabolism work for you instead of against you.
Prolonged, rapid weight loss is not healthy and should not be undertaken without the advise and guidance of your doctor. It has also been linked to weight loss, a boost in energy, lowered LDL (the bad cholesterol), and has been linked to lowered risk of heart disease.
I realize that the title is worded that way in an effort to be inflammatory and sensational, but I would so not take that chance.
EGCG binds to the receptors of the drug in your system, rendering it useless against the disease it is fighting.

Research has shown that elevated expression levels of urokinase are related to tumor malignancy, and metastasis by extension.
A lot of science, and in some cases a little witchcraft, has gone into the subject of weight loss.
When diet supplement manufacturers include these substances in their product you can feel more comfortable in the fact they they are probably science based and safe to use.
I think it's much more pleasant (and cost effective!) to just drink a cup or two of green tea than to pop a pill. If you are under the care of a physician, please consult your physician before using this product especially if you have a heart disease or high blood pressure. For example, in the body building community it has been know for years that the ECA stack supplements have a thermogenic effect that has been able to lead to a rapid loss of stored body fat. It has also been shown to contain an anti-oxidant that works in much the same way as Vitamin C.
That's a big difference, but I find that green tea has such a light taste that I drink it so much faster than I would coffee.

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