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Expect to receive a weekly update on my progress or lack thereof once a week on what I will henceforth be referring to as Fitness Friday.
I’ve yet to start the program though, so this week I’m bringing you a little lesson in grossness instead. The funny thing about that is that when it comes to being gross, I feel like I am not only something of an expert on the matter, but I also have a pretty high tolerance for being exposed to things that are considered gross. My kids are gross, my dog is gross, sometimes even my husband is gross, and they little area, right behind the toilet, is seriously just so freaking gross (why can’t they aim that thing INTO the toilet; it seems so easy to manipulate) that I don’t really have the luxury of being squeamish.
I have recently discovered that there are a whole subset of human beings who are at least 10 times grosser than my immediate family and every single one of them goes to my gym. DON’T stand directly in front of me in my workout class.  I stand up front so I can get mirror space because as I work on my moves. DO be courteous (don’t hog the rowing machine), friendly (I see you every single Tuesday, it’s cool if you say hi), and clean (wipe your body sweat offa the machine when you’re done, because, just, ew, because).  All of us regular humans will appreciate your efforts for sure. My husband said that he walked into the bathroom and there was this guy shaving at the counter. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. You have an hour after your high intensity weight training workout to replenish your glycogenlevels, thus, aiding in the muscle building, and recovery process.
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One of the cardinal principles of gym safety is to never work out when you are tired or ill.
Warm up before any aerobic workout, as it involves repetitive exercise that increases your heart rate.
Don't rush into any sport or exercise without warming up first - muscles that haven't been properly prepared tend to be injured more easily. Using the proper lifting form is important not only to work your muscles correctly, but also to prevent injury.

Don't hold your breath while lifting weights, it can cause inter-abdominal pressure that can lead to hernia. In her free time she enjoys losing weight easily, looking like a soap star the moment she rolls out of bed, and riding around town on her unicorn.
While holding a dumbbell in each hand, sit on a military press bench that has back support. You should be consuming at least one-half of your bodyweight in ounces eachand every day.Bodybuilding training preparations are similar to space shuttle preparations. He has a keen interest in health and fitness and has been writing about that very topic on this website since 2007. You might have to modify or avoid weightlifting if you have muscle or joint problems, seizure disorders, heart disease, high blood pressure, previous injuries or any other physical condition with potential for danger. Start out with some light cardiovascular activities, such as easy jogging, jumping jacks, or brisk walking, just to get your muscles going.
Leaning heavily on the stair-stepper rails will place unnecessary weight on your wrists and back.
Your goal should beto get your system ready for a high intensity weight training blast off.4. This is an important bodybuilding tip that has beenproven to aid in the muscle recovery, and building process. Today I’ve got a brand new fitness cartoon for you which lists 5 Funny Excuses For Avoiding The Gym. He stays fit and healthy by going to the gym at least four times a week and eating fresh, natural foods most of the time.
Now raise the dumbbells to shoulder height one at a time using your thighs to help propel them up into position. As you come down, then you would go back to the starting position by rotating the wrist throughout the lowering portion until the palms of your hands are facing you.
Did you bring your bodybuilding workout log to your gym workout?One of the biggest mistakes bodybuilders consistently make is neglecting to track their weightlifting progress.

So power your gym workout with theseproven tips.These are 8 important gym workout tips that should be followed.
Keep your hands away from chains, cams, pulleys, and weight plates of exercise machines when they are in use. A critical gym safety tip is to discontinue the fitness activity if you feel tightness in the chest or shoulders and surrounding areas. Thank you!Jim OConnor - Exercise PhysiologistCopyright (c) - Wellness Word, LLC9461 Charleville Blvd.
If you will aching or bone clicking during the moment, you should not perform this shoulder press. It is just absolutely silly seeing bodybuilders completing their gymworkouts without recording any data. Then, after a brief pause at the top contracted position, with good form, slowly lower the weights back down to the starting position while inhaling.
Gym workouts are for training, not socializing.Remember, you are in the gym to get muscle building results.
If you are talking and goofingaround, how in the world can you be ultra focused on going to war with the weights? Use only proven bodybuilding program principles.Dont listen to Joe Bodybuilders newest theory on building muscle. To discover all of themost advanced proven bodybuilding principles visit my muscle building weight training guidepresented in digital audio. Bodybuilding Done Right is a how to bodybuilding audio revealing theproven scientific bodybuilding program principle the pros use, but refuse to share.7. Avoid Overtraining.Once you have completed your pre-designed 100% high intensity bodybuilding routine, it is time toget out of the gym, and go home and grow.

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