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From planning clean eating recipes to watching what you drink, you have the power to change how your body looks and feels. Sign up and we'll send you the latest recipes, menu plans, fitness tips, and workouts each week.
Spice up your clean-eating meal plan with dishes that will warm you from the inside out. Make these 17 recipes a part of your weight loss meal plan. Spicy recipes like this one are perfect for anything from tailgate parties to book club gatherings. The slow cooker allows the spices to blend together for a delicious, superfood-powered recipe. The single most effective way to lose weight and maintain health is by making lasting lifestyle changes. Smaller, more frequent meals will keep your blood sugar levels stable and will increase your metabolism.

Whether the day is filled with the kids’ sports events or running errands for an elderly parent, it’s easy to give in to the bad snack temptation.
Even if you’re eating a clean diet, it will be hard to lose weight eating portions fit for a sumo champ. By cutting back on processed foods and reducing portion sizes you will soon notice the weight melting away. Clean eating is a lifestyle that puts the boot to processed, packaged foods dripping with salt, sodium, and unpronounceable ingredients. And, because the meals keep the tummy satisfied throughout the day, you’re less likely to turn into a pantry-raiding snack monster.
Decide on a week’s worth of clean eating recipes ahead of time so that you don’t get stuck feeding the family a boxed meal containing processed or powdered who-knows-what. It focuses instead on natural, nutrient-packed foods that let your body run the way it’s supposed to.

Water also helps the stomach feel full, making you less likely to give in to unhealthy snack attacks. Even a product that sounds healthy, like store-bought applesauce, often contains too much refined sugar. Pair Chicken Pot Roast with your favorite salad topped with extra virgin olive oil, balsamic vinegar, or red wine vinegar. What’s more, if you skip it, you’ll likely find yourself consuming larger quantities of food at later meals.

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