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CHASING FOOD DREAMS: Aliyaa Island Restaurant & Bar, Bukit Damansara: Bodacious Sri Lanka Flavours and Healthy Heart Menu! Making its ode to Sri Lanka cuisine, Aliyaa Island Restaurant & Bar has been serving up fine dining Sri Lanka menu to Klang Valley diners since a good few years back.
Though one of the reasons we were here was to savor their Heart-Healthy Eating Menu approved by the National Heart Foundation, we were also impressed with a glimpse of what their regular Sri Lankan menu has to offer.
Opened for lunch and dinner, Aliyaa provides a lovely quiet ambience perfect for personal or business meals.
Our evening kicked off with the Sri Lankan Sambal Set which consisted of four sambals of Katta Sambal, Seeni Sambal, Pol Sambal and Karupillay Sambal served up with a bowl of crisp Pappadums.
We were told to start off with the mildest one of Seeni Sambal, a lightly sweet caramelized onion relish that has hints of heat and tangy notes.
The Sri Lanka Sambal set is so good, one may need to order more pappadums… just like we did!
Before we head on to the regular menu, Aliyaa is proud to offer their Heart-Healthy Eating menu that is now available at the restaurant. We tasted the Fish Curry where chunks of firm fish are cooked in a rich and tangy curry laced with fresh milk. To go with the main dishes, we had Vella Muddai, egg white hash cooked in very minimal olive oil and Bendi Oli, sliced ladies finger sauteed with onions,tomatoes and mustard seeds. Other dishes on the Heart-Healthy Eating menu include Chicken Curry, Chicken Salad, Fish Sothi, Red String Hopper, Puddu, Vendhyakulambu and Vallarai Sambal.
Ok, maybe it’s not the original looking Lumprais but it sure taste really good in my books… our table enjoyed this dish a lot!
We opted for the Sri Lankan Colombo Style Crab with the heat level of what local Sri Lankan would savor. By the time I am done with the succulent sweet crab and spicy sauce, I did felt a sense of great satisfaction with the bold flavours of the Colombo Style Crab.
Just like our Chinese crab with bread, we also had Plain Doosara Roti (Pol Roti) where the pan grilled flat bread is served up with Pol Sambal.
The Brandy and Grand Marnier was poured into the Appams and then quickly lighted up to burn off a bit of the alcohol. The edges of the Appam are crispy while the middle is fluffy, soft and now thoroughly moist from the alcohol with bits of caramelized sugar. Another dessert that is also scrumptious is Vatilaapam, a rich cream caramel like pudding made from creamy coconut milk, brown palm sugar, eggs and spices. Aliyaa Island Restaurant & Bar has really opened up my eyes and taste to Sri Lankan cuisine.
Necrotizing fasciitis is term which refers to a disorder that causes the damage and death of tissues. In the 1800s, people were aware about the symptoms of necrotizing fasciitis, but it was not until 1952, that the term was used to describe the condition. Irrespective of the organisms that infect the tissues, it is important to note that once they affect and grow in the connective tissues they spread so rapidly, that treating the spread of infection becomes very difficult, even with modern treatment methods such antimicrobial drugs or surgery.
Necrotizing fasciitis generally tends to commence on a wound or an infection that already exists or in the areas that adjoin the wound. Necrotizing fasciitis that involves infection of the deep fascial planes leads to greater vulnerability to its spread to the blood and other organs of the body, before any visible skin changes can be detected. Type 1 generally occurs after surgery or injury and may result in the development of some gas. Type 2 generally occurs after simple skin trauma such as abrasions, cuts, insect bites, etc.

Different variations of necrotizing fasciitis elicit different types of symptoms that vary from one affected patient to another. Necrotizing fasciitis is primary caused by the Staphylococci and Group A Streptococci bacteria, either on their own or in combination with other types of bacteria. Even though anaerobic bacteria generally tends to cause the infection, research has indicated that Klebsiella, E. The initial damage to the wound sites is caused by the non-anaerobic organisms that result in local regions of hypoxia.
Initial treatment of necrotizing fasciitis involves hospitalization and intravenous injection of multiple antibiotics.
Isolation and detection of the type of bacteria leads to the administration of the right kind of antibiotics. If the patient is detected to be affected by necrotizing fasciitis, then immediate surgical intervention is required to prevent the risk towards morbidity and mortality. Patients of necrotizing fasciitis are almost always admitted into ICU to prevent sepsis and organ failure. Primary HIV disease (also claled the seroconversion illness or acute HIV sydrome) usually occurs 2 to 4 weeks after infection.
Aliyaa, which means elephant in Singhalese, is located at the quiet neighborhood of Bukit Damansara. This one has a slight raw note but its hardly an obstacle as the blend of chilies is nothing short but spectacular in flavours.
It is practically oil free as the curry doesn’t have that usual layer of oil as most does. It’s a great idea to savor egg white as it takes up the flavours of the Fish Curry and Bendi Oli beautifully. The Fish Cutlet arrived in golf balls size of golden crumbed cutlets beautifully halved and served with chili sauce. The cooked rice is mixed up with the curry of your choice from chicken, lamb, beef, seafood and vegetarian together with onions, egg, chili, cashew nuts and spices before being baked in banana leave. The crab is indeed pretty large and is smothered in a dark rich brown sauce laced with loads of spices and chili heat.
Though it has some air bubbles in the pudding, I still enjoyed the medium firm texture with a nice balance of cinnamon and cardamom. Now I know why it is an art as it really takes experience and skills to get the right balance of spices in this cuisine. It is the result of rapid spread of infection which is usually located in the fascial regions of connective tissues. Such wounds may result from cuts, insect bites, etc, and they may swell up and have increased redness, instead of healing. This is done to prevent the adverse affects of multiple types of bacteria on the patient, till the exact kind of bacteria causing is condition is determined.
Treatment in ICU involves intravenous delivery of fluids, insertion of a breathing tube and drugs to support the cardiovascular system. Arch Gen Psychiatry -- Early Coadministration of Clonazepam With Sertraline for Panic Disorder, July 2001, Goddard et al. The restaurant cum bar honed into the world of spices where balancing them is an art by itself. It’s back to minimalist for the interior with elegant dark furniture and pristine white table settings. Similar to the Indian cuisine in some ways, Sri Lankan cuisine is more distinctive in its own unique way.
I adored the Jaffna Bling Bling made from Baileys, chocolate vodka and a series of other ingredients. All of these make excellent starters or to be savored with any Sri Lankan dishes of rice, noodles, appam and roti. Pol Sambal is very popular and is made from grated fresh coconut, dried chilies, onions, lime juice and curry leaves.

What the chef did was cooked the curry with lots of onions, spices and curry leaves for flavours. Perfectly crispy on the crumbs with soft creamy fish and potato filling, these have a light note of spices too. The rice and curry with other accompaniments are placed separately and not mixed up while being baked. Though the rice is a bit wet from the drenched of the curry sauce, the flavours are beautifully comforting. Roti is chopped up with vegetables, egg, meat and spices on a flat heated iron pan using two blunt metal blades.
Although the sauce is very spicy in heat terms, I must confessed that the sauce kind of mellow a bit after a while of consumption. Laced with lots of curry leaves, the mutton is savory and spicy and melt-in-the-mouth tender.
The cuisine itself is pretty humble too and is enriched with the many combinations of spices in each dish. Also, most patients have perennial medical emergencies that either result in fatality or disability, in case of delayed treatment.
The spread of the infection may result in progressive and rapid changes in skin such as skin ulceration, the development of thin-walled fluid-filled blisters and the subsequent oozing of the fluids, formation of gas within the tissues and black scabs.
Such an infection in necrotizing fasciitis is known as polymicrobial infection wherein a single type of bacteria abets the survival and growth of another kind of bacteria. It is often mistaken for other kinds of viral illnesses, but is usually quite different from most colds and flus if you know what you’re looking for.
Serving up authentic Sri Lanka dishes, many of its spices and ingredients are imported from Sri Lanka itself to ensure authentic flavours are achieved consistently. We were warned that Katta Sambal is the spiciest among the four and told that the unique ingredient in this one is Maldive fish. String Hopper Kothu was born out of the need to use up left over string hoppers or idlyappam, thin strands of noodle like made from unprocessed brown rice. The Kothu corner has roti or string hoppers and guests can select from chicken, beef, lamb or vegetarian. The flavours actually grew on my tastebud and I can now taste a richness of the spice sauce. And so, we were so excited to see some flaming actions on the brandy or Grand Marnier versions. Make sure to order their signatures or if you are health conscious, check out their new Heart-Healthy Eating menu and still enjoy a taste of Sri Lankan cuisine. Most commonly it is like a bad bout of glandular fever (mono) with swollen glands, high fevers and sweats, headaches, neck and body aches, mouth ulcers and a characteristic red spotty rash especially on the upper chest and collar area.The rash is an important sign if you are trying to identify primary HIV infection.
I like the freshness of the coconut flavours spiced up with chili together with citrus, sweet onions and aromatic curry leaves.
There are lots of textures in the dish from the chicken to the sweet onions, chili, cashew nuts and vegetables.
One can have these prepared in five sauces from Colombo and Jaffna to Sweet & Sour, Black Pepper and Devilled. We were also told that the heat of the dish is derived from lots of cinnamon roasted and grounded with rice and coconut.
However, as knowledge about the disease has progressed, researchers have come to identify various other types of bacteria that can lead to the disease either in combination with other kinds of bacteria or on their own.
Aliyaa even boasts to have one of the largest single malt whiskey collections in Malaysia for those hardcore whiskey fans.
Though parking may slightly be harder during the day, it is pretty much easy in the evening.

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