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Here is my simple, healthy meal planning system which you can easily adapt to suit your own requirements.
Sample of a mainframe checklist you can create, to jog your memory when doing up your weekly list. If you’d like to receive my meal plans and recipe links each week, please leave your email in the box below! The best meal planning that works for me is having something ready to go in the fridge for the work week.
I like to cook up a bunch of plain boneless skinless chicken at the beginning of the week to have on hand in case i need a quick protein snack or need to add something to a quick meal – just need to heat it up for 30 sec in the microwave.

One of the ways that I have been able to improve has been by stocking up on healthy food when it is on sale and making large meals and freezing extras for when I don’t have the time to cook or shop. I’ve found to be more successful in my meal planning when I plan my meals before going shopping and only buying the foods for that week. My favorite meal planning tip is to get all the ingredients for the recipes a week ahead of time so you stick to your plan.
My favorite clean meal with left overs is: I make a big batch of clean chili (basically ground turkey, broth and beans, tomatoes, and seasoning) then with leftover chili I drain off most of the juice and put it on a salad for a taco salad. Every single time my clean eating goals fall apart it is because I haven’t planned ahead.

I used to be one of those that bought in bulk, but things would always go bad and we ended up throwing out tons of food. 2009) Healthy Eating Index Score and diet cost is not significant for men, and the association is very small for women. I also plan what I am going to cook ahead to freeze for next week and so make sure I buy extra food for that too when I do my shopping.

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