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Here is a great way (click on above Tracey’s homemade Snack List link) to avoid processed snack food. As and Athlete, how much do you know about your sweat?  What you don’t know could be hurting you and your sport performance.
If you are fortunate enough to live close enough to the school or sport venue to be able to run your kids home after school, you have many great options for a pre-event meal.  A bowl of minestrone soup with crackers or a bowl of low-fiber cereal with skim milk, are great high carbohydrate and easily digestible options. Following the game or event, it is ideal to have a light dinner prepped and ready to be eaten as soon as you walk in the door of you home.  If you have looked at the schedule ahead of time and matched crock-pot meals to those nights, your family will be delighted to arrive home to the aroma of a hot cooked dinner.
The key to success here is being sure you have looked at your schedule ahead of time, matched dinner ideas to the time you have around those days, and going to the store so that all ingredients are on hand.
As I boarded the plane today, I couldn’t help but notice that an entire college basketball team was boarding the plane with me. Aside from the marketing messages that inform athletes to get Gatorade inside them to perform or refuel with chocolate milk, most young athletes will learn about sports nutrition from their athletic trainers, coaches, and  fellow athletes that have gone before them. In a country where sport performance is prized as much or more than education, it is surprising that more athletes have not tapped into the power of sports nutrition. Football athletes in season have the highest need for carbohydrate to meet their energy needs and to fuel their performance.
Often it is challenge enough just to get your kids to practice or their sporting event on time, let alone think about preparing a snack for them. A regular balanced meal can be consumed three to four hours prior  to event start.  If you have less time than that before exercise commences, a smaller snack would be better.
Be sure to include fluids as part of the snack.  Fluid is as important for your child’s performance as carbohydrates. After exercising, your child should feel invigorated by their endeavors, not washed out and run down.
Practice and sporting events usually are during or just before regularly scheduled meal times.
Most endurance athletes train year round with no difference in their training schedule other than volume. During off-season, endurance athletes may fear that if they stray too far from practicing their specific sport, it may hurt their season performance.
Strength training is one of the most important forms of cross-training that should take place during off-season. One of the most common concerns stated by parents of adolescent distance runners is that their child is a healthy weight. Achieving and maintaining a healthy weight while training for cross county has an added challenge when it comes to adolescents.
Handouts:Nutrition Tip Sheets from USDA with FNP Messages (PDFs)- choose MyPlate (10 tips to a great plate)- add more vegetables to your day (10 tips to help you eat more vegetables)- focus on fruits (10 tips to help you eat more fruits)- make half your grains whole (10 tips to help you eat whole grains)- got your dairy today? Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Clipping is a handy way to collect and organize the most important slides from a presentation. Special 30% discount on any PowerPoint Templates by redeeming voucher code 30PPTOFF at checkout. Add dynamic action to your work with this fully editable and professional Healthy Eating PowerPoint Template to complete all your reports and personal or professional presentations.
Our powerful templates are fully customizable to edit it according to your design requirements. As a pre-fueling option, it may make your child sluggish in their sporting event or cause stomach upset.
Keep in mind, that if you have less than an hour before activity begins, it may be wise to avoid the dairy. Vegetarian chili (see recipe below) and cornbread is an excellent choice to refuel your athlete with ample vitamins, anti-oxidants, carbohydrates, and protein.  If you pre-cut vegetables or use frozen, a stir fry with chicken strips can be created in the amount of time it takes for “minute” brown rice to boil or your kids to get their dirty uniform off. Especially if you have more than one child, playing multiple sports, it is well worth the pre-planning and preparation time.  After all, you are trying to raise a “healthy” and active child, and fast food several nights a week due to activity, negates those intentions.
Nor could I ignore the fact that most of them had chosen Burger King for their breakfast choice (French fries included at 9am!).  My immediate thought was to shake my head and say to myself, “Champions don’t eat French fries for breakfast!” My next thought was to remember what I ate as an athlete in college. Research does show that athletes do follow this misinformation and it does negatively affect their performance.  Parents are not immune to this either. As a parent you may be thinking about tailgating, fresh fan gear, and watching your child tackle or touchdown.  Likely you are also fretting about how you will manage the logistics of afterschool snacks, getting to practices and games, and quick dinners for the next four months. Since the coach is taking care of their training plan, the athlete must focus on increasing his food consumption at a rate that out paces his energy expenditure on and off the field in order to put on weight successfully.  This can be especially challenging for some young men as they are still growing. Excess fat mass is especially problematic if your football athlete does not continue to play football after high school or college.
During the school year, many parents resort to driving thru a fast food establishment to grab something quick and something they know their child will like on the way to practice and games.  Energy bars are another quick and convenient option often utilized for fueling children prior to their activity. Appropriate convenience foods may include, a couple Fig Newtons,  a small granola bar, a small juice box, or Goldfish crackers.  Many of these items can be quickly found in a convenience store if you are on the go.

By helping them get the right nutrients at the right time following their practice or event, you can help them recover more quickly, reaping the full benefits from their exertions.  A majority of time, the most important nutrient you should encourage post-exercise is ample water.
This encourages athletes to drink more.  Chilled beverages after exercise are also more generously consumed and are favorable. Endurance athletes should choose activity that is different than their usual training during off-season to lower their risk of injury and burnout. Dietary Variety Increases the Probability of Nutrient Adequacy Among Adults.  The Journal of Nutrition. As a parent, the number of miles your child logs, especially during the summer, may concern you. Low body mass in competitive endurance athletes is the norm, but at what point should it be a concern for your child’s health? Epidemiology of Musculoskeletal Injuries Among High School Cross-Country Runners.  American Journal of Epidemiology.
Department of Health and Human Services Office of Women's Health (PDF)An Easy Guide to Breastfeeding for African American Women - U.S.
The curriculum includes full-color laminated visual pieces, a ruler, dry erase marker, eraser. All other trademarks, logos and registered trademarks are properties of their respective owners.
This Red colored template will be a great choice for templates on chomp, comestible, ripe, flush, inedible, ready, prepare, effete, sage, bout, fast, tone, sound, homeopathy, sane, trichinosis, , etc. Your muscles - and your entire body - will be strong and healthy if you eat a variety of nutritious foods SHOULD YOU PUMP IRON? This involves supporting participants to take responsibility for activities over the longer term. This list is so fun and full of variety that it will remind you that food doesn’t just fuel the body, but also the soul. Following their event, fast food is unlikely to provide the nutrients your athlete needs most to recover. Although my diet seldom contained fast food even then, I certainly consumed my fair share of non-nutritive food that did nothing for my body or sport performance. When you combine increased calorie needs for  continuous development, two hours or more of exercise daily, and a desire to get bigger, daily calorie requirements may be in excess of 4000 calories. Therefore, it is ideal for a football athlete to put on muscle weight; not excess pounds of fat.
Studies show they are more likely to maintain that excess mass, which may contribute to obesity and increased risk of hypertension and diabetes. While it is a good idea to be sure your children aren’t exercising on an empty stomach, it is also important that you choose food your child can actually use for energy during their sport.
Low-fat chocolate milk is an excellent choice for providing lots of carbohydrates and just the needed amount of protein with the proper amino acids required for recovery.  Fruit and yogurt smoothies are another great recommendation to meet recovery needs. Strength training also enhances performance indirectly by lowering risk of injury during season training5. These concerns may be justified when you look at the evidence regarding the health and development effects of non-stop run training on adolescent athletes.
Meeting the nutritional needs necessary for proper growth and development can be difficult when paired with the increased nutrient demands of high volume run training. Department of Health and Human Services Office of Women's Health (PDF)An Easy Guide to Breastfeeding for American Indian and Alaska Native Families - U.S. However the Biteclub's portfolio dropped by 10% and the leverage has doubled my loss to 20%. Download this stylish Healthy Eating PowerPoint Template Background instantly after purchase and enhance your productivity. The team provides advice and information on a local basis and at a level which is appropr.. Excess fat is associated with a number of health risks and diseases such as hypertension, T.. Also, fatty food, that close to bed time, may interrupt their sleep, which is crucial for growth, muscle repair, and good grades!  Here are some meal alternatives that with little planning, can be quickly prepared for your athlete and family and will ensure your child is fueled to play their best, and re-fueled to optimize their recovery and health. That was partly due to the fact that socialization and budget restraints often called me to indulge in late night cheap and fatty foods.  But it was more so because I did not know better. Proper sports nutrition has been shown to enhance performance more than any ergogenic aid (a supplement that allows you to perform at a level greater than what training alone can provide) on the market.
Your son is more likely to listen to his teammates or icons for tips on how to achieve this, but as a parent it is ultimately your responsibility since you will be providing his nourishment. Now you may understand why you feel like your need another part-time job to prevent your child from eating you out of house and home. Calorie dense Fast Foods may seem like an easy way to satisfy your teen’s energy needs quickly and inexpensively. Increase portions of all areas of the plate, in the same ratio, to increase calorie intake and to successfully help your son gain the healthy weight he desires.

A banana with a cup of water 30 minutes prior is a perfect example of a good pre-fueling snack choice.
Water is the ideal choice of fluid to meet their needs.  Your child should have 1-2 cups of fluid within an hour before they begin their activity. Occasionally, a special recovery drink or snack immediately following exercise is appropriate. Fluids increase blood volume and help circulate water and other nutrients needed to lower the body’s core temperature quickly and return it to homeostasis. Engineered or processed recovery drinks are available for purchase at the grocery or sporting good store as well.
Just as sport training should vary throughout the year, so should the nutrition of endurance athletes. This is especially true if strength training is used to correct muscle strength imbalances that may have occurred from chronic use of the same muscle for specific sport performance. With competition eliminated, it should open up the endurance athlete’s diet to new possibilities; increased variety. Their nutrition should appropriately match whatever changes in training are made, but generally will require a calorie reduction, carbohydrate reduction, sodium reduction, and increase in protein as well as variety. One in three children is overweight1, which may lead you to falsely assume your child is too thin.
Each of these training times is especially important for the health of the year-round adolescent distance runner.
Injuries in adolescent athletes most commonly occur during peak growth times.  This is not surprising when you consider the battle for increased nutrition for exercise and development requirements as well as the physical adaptations required for changes in muscle and structure. Delaying more than a week, will force me to take legal action against this.Please be aware of this incident and avoid biteclub as much as possible, so that they realize bad behaviour is bad for business. Add your message or ideas to the pre-made PowerPoint Template and you're ready to rock at the work place.
Unfortunately, many young athletes are unaware of how much what they choose to eat affects their performance. If sport performance is important to you or your child take advantage of the wealth of accurate evidenced based information that is now available for sports nutrition.
If foods from such place are not chosen wisely, your football athlete will likely get most of his extra calories from fat and protein. To encourage them to get all of this fluid in, you can certainly choose sugar free flavored waters. However, research as proven yet again, that man cannot make something that meets our nutrition needs as well as what already exists in nature. In fact, nutrition goals should match appropriately to the goals of each of the three training phase. During off-season an athlete can easily shift calories in their diet away from carbohydrates and towards protein, which may further enhance benefits seen from strength training efforts.
It is not uncommon to see overly thin high school endurance runners as they grow but do not seem to put on any additional weight with their added height.  This is due to the child not being able to eat calories at the same rate they are needed to support both exercise expenditure and growth demands.
The American Academy of Pediatrics Council on Sports Medicine and Fitness recommends single sport athletes take at least two-three months off per year from their particular sport.3 Cross-training during off season has many benefits, both sport performance wise as well as nutrition and health wise. Cross training during the off season, especially if it involves strength training, not only improves running performance, 5 it reduces your child’s risk of injury and provides much needed time for them to catch up on nutrition necessary for proper development. Uplift your presentation backgrounds to the next level with our power-packed and classy collections of PowerPoint Templates. Sports nutrition was practically unheard of in my days as a middle school and high school athlete.
This allows for mental and physical rest, which helps prevent burnout and overuse injuries. Not only does this prevent burnout, the increased variety improves the health of the athlete6,7. It was when I was in college that Powerbar introduced their first power gel and their second sport bar, which required at least 40 chews per bite and a gallon of water to wash it down.  Needless to say, Sports Nutrition as a science has evolved as far as knowledge of how types of food, their quantity, and timing can promote performance. Increased protein is certainly important for growth and repair, bug most football players get two to three times the amount of protein than they can use.
The banks called the loan and I had to sell my investment and pay the balance from my personal accounts. This means that it is important that total calorie intake decrease during off-season in concordance with the chosen cross-training exercise, intensity, and duration.
I have suffered huge losses with Biteclub Review : On the evening of 13 Aug, I ordered two portions of garlic bread and veg. Because of all the marketing and new products made to fuel sport performance proper sports nutrition is no more understood than it was 20 years ago when information and product were scarce.

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