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I go in and say I'm there to pick up my two wraps and the guy (owner, I believe) yells to the back my order. No matter how much we try to avoid fast food, sometimes we can’t help but eat on the go.
Leon - Based in London, Leon provides its customers with delicious meals that are healthier than your average fast burger.
Chipotle - Chipotle is a fast food burrito restaurant found in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, and France. Although healthy fast food restaurants are becoming more common, there are still plenty of times when you will have nothing to choose from but the greasy burger joint and the fried chicken place. Get our offers and newsRead our latest newsletterRegister and Access to the discount programme!
Looking for Hosting?I've taken care of 50+ servers running Windows, OSX, Unix and Linux in the past 20 years. Its menu is varied, offering dishes like falafel and tangy carrot wraps, Moroccan chicken curry, and an overwhelmingly nutritious Superfood Salad. Known for their great sandwiches and soups, they offer healthy options for quick and tasty meals. It can be a great option for eating healthy when you’re eating fast, but you have to order smart. When this happens, go with grilled meats over fried, choose a side that’s healthier than French fries (many fast food restaurants now offer yoghurts and salads), and skip the soda in favour of iced tea, or water with a lemon twist. I've been with countless hosting companies and have finally found I can recommend for price, reliability, speed and support.

Leon is committed to using seasonal, locally-sourced ingredients and it is also a great place to go for breakfast. In addition to white bread they have the option for whole grain, and you can get an apple instead of potato chips. For instance, try to skip the sour cream and cheese and go for a nice pile of tasty grilled vegetables instead. But now from your story i understand, Some of restaurant are provide good fast foods for heath. Choose from one of their many yoghurts or porridges, or go with a heartier platter of breakfast meats and poached eggs. Do be careful when ordering, though, because among the healthy options lie the tempting not-so-good ones (many of which can be found sitting innocently in the pastry display). Also, if you’re trying to avoid carbs, Chipotle even offers a burrito bowl, in which you can enjoy all their flavourful Tex Mex trimmings without the burden of a tortilla wrap. The popular mini-chain draws crowds thanks to its large and diverse menu, which features everything from veggie burgers and meal-size salads to huge noodle and rice bowls, with many gluten-free options, too.
As a bonus, you can customize pretty much any dish with a range of add-on vegetables, proteins, sauces and spreads. At the juice bar, customers have the option of creating their own nutritious concoction, or choosing among many signature fruit and vegetable smoothies, power shakes and immune elixers. Nutrition-conscious Bay Streeters head to the PATH system and Four restaurant, a chic concourse-level dining room where no main dish comes in at more than 650 calories, whether it’s Moroccan-style crusted tuna with grilled vegetables or spelt rigatoni with roasted mushrooms and spinach. For more than 10 years in Toronto, Live Organic Food Bar takes a holistic approach to eating—when the body is fed, so is the mind and the spirit.

It’s well known that the diets of Mediterranean and Middle Eastern cultures offer health benefits over that of typical North American fare. In downtown Toronto, Paramount Fine Foods is a popular purveyor of flavours from Lebanon and the wider Middle East. The comprehensive menu offers a diversity of affordable delicacies such as falafel, manakeesh (Lebanese-style pizzas) and more, all highlighting fresh ingredients including house-baked pitas and halal-certified meats.
In addition, the restaurant recently introduced a handful of new low-calorie offerings—a basil chicken stir fry and roasted red pepper couscous among them—in an effort to raise awareness for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Fund.
Few salads have looked so irresistible as the garden basket bread bowl offered at Vegetarian Haven. It’s no secret that sometimes greens need a bit of a boost, and this dish certainly plays to our sense of sight as well as our sense of taste. Going vegan is an easy and delicious decision all around at this welcoming Baldwin Street nook, which doles out healthy food options in wraps, noodle dishes, dumplings, soups and much more. You can rest assured that no living creature was harmed to create your meal at this Buddhist-inspired establishment.

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