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Even when it comes to more exotic ingredients like salmon, not guilty stays true to its word: Salmon is sourced from an organic fish farm in Scotland and has the blessing of Prince Charles!
Roland, a former airline pilot and one of the founders of not guilty, told me that he believes in stories.
The menu features mouthwatering choices such as the Tandoori Chicken Salad, the Miss Saigon Salad, the Indian Dal Soup or my personal favorite, the vegetarian Bella Vita Sandwich. I was surprised to find Roland's passion for stories throughout the restaurant: There is a story behind all foods and ingredients, including their original "Muesli" mix (it was developed with lots of passion by a Californian expat)!
So if you like good food and care to know where it is from, not guilty is your new address in Zurich! About Latest Posts Follow meDimitriAs the founder, editor and community manager of Newly Swissed, Dimitri owns the strategic vision. I hope one opens up in Geneva…I would no longer need to wonder where to go for a quick and healthy lunch! With people being more conscious about their health these days, you can’t help but notice fast food restaurants advertise healthier options to keep from losing sales. Cheeseburger Charley’s is a local set of restaurants found in Nashville and surrounding cities in Tennessee. The one that I went to in Murfreesboro is tucked away in a small shopping center located next to the Wal-Mart Supercenter. I got the Beefalo burger (cooked medium) with American cheese and instead of fries, I got a side salad.
Set back in a shady courtyard off busy Chao Fa West, Chanya is a quaint mustard-yellow restaurant with retro décor and a forward-thinking menu rich in macrobiotics, fresh enzymes, and ingenious modern takes on traditional Thai dishes. A spacious and modern L-shaped restaurant on the grounds of Thanyapura in the north of the island, DiVine serves up homegrown organic dishes from its open kitchen prepared by a professional eight-man team led by Sathaporn Boodmeechai – late of five-star Banyan Tree Phuket. We Café is a pleasant restaurant and coffee shop located on Chaofa West Road between Phuket Town and Chalong Temple. As Phuket is a hilly island the opportunity to appreciate a good meal while enjoying outstanding vistas is almost unparalleled in the country.
I go in and say I'm there to pick up my two wraps and the guy (owner, I believe) yells to the back my order. During his former life in the cockpit, it was podcasts about successful entrepreneurs which inspired him to go into business. During the grand opening of their latest branch at Stauffacher in Zurich, Roland demonstrated his passion for the restaurant business as he personally greeted new patrons at the door. He is passionate about writing and is a member of the Swiss Travelwriters Club.Dimitri loves discovering new trends and covers architecture, design, start-ups and tourism. I’ve never heard of the restaurant outside of the Tennessee area and even a Google search only shows locations dotted in and around Nashville.
The purpose of Cheeseburger Charley’s is to let you dress up your burger how you want it with any of their 17 toppings from their burger bar.
I assumed the salad would come premade, but the employee just handed me an empty plate with my choice of dressing and told me I could make my own from the burger bar.

The taste and texture was nearly identical to beef yet I noticed that it wasn’t as juicy as beef burgers (obviously because bison has considerably less fat and can dry out easily). This is the brainchild of Phuket-born Atiporn Jittananta, otherwise known as Toey, who conserves the old recipes and twists them into healthy and incredibly tasty versions.
Diners are sure to know exactly what they’re ordering here as the extensive menu lists the calorie, protein, carbohydrate and fat content of each of its dishes. Located in Burasari Resort on Ruamjai Road, the restaurant is also a great people-watching spot to relax at with a healthy fruit smoothie at hand. Opened in October 2012, it stands adjacent to a hydroponic farm that has been growing and selling fresh salad and vegetables since 2000, distributing to Phuket’s many restaurants and hotels. The homepage that was linked on several directory websites is now invalid, so I’m assuming that these restaurants are independently franchised and their store owners are responsible for their own marketing. With all these offerings, you can be sure to find a meaty sandwich that fits your dietary plan.
Every vegetable topping you can imagine is on that bar: lettuce, tomatoes, pickles, red onion rings, chopped onion, black olives, mushrooms, etc. While the burger bar was no Jason’s Deli, the vegetables looked nearly as fresh but it was weird eating humongous leaves of lettuce (for placing on a burger) compared to the smaller bite-sized pieces I was used to.
Chanya only serves fish and shrimp, along with tofu as proteins and the tuna massaman curry there has to be tasted to be believed as it does not contain a drop of saturated fat-filled coconut milk; soy is used instead. And DiVine’s got style, too, with Robert Walsh cutlery, chunky wooden tables and chairs and plenty of natural light. Diners were outraged that their beloved cholesterol was replaced by healthy oils, that instead of French fries there was sautéed zucchini. The Naughty Radish is big on mixed salads, reasonably priced all-you-can-eat combinations usually featuring a salad-soup-mains combination. Their veggies are fresh daily from a farmer in Dubendorf, their chicken is free-range, and their beef is from cattle with Swiss passports. Crimson painted walls are adorned with posters of Cheeseburger Charley’s dressed up sandwich offerings. After selecting your meat, you select a wheat or white bun, then your cheese (American, Swiss, cheddar, blue cheese, provolone), and then a premium topping (Bacon, sauteed mushrooms, grilled onions).
For those interested, here are the nutrition facts on bison meat and why it’s considered better for you despite the pricing of exotic meat. Prepared Thai food, at least dishes served in everyday Thai restaurants, contains MSG, uses cheap and fattening oil, and has had the vitamins and enzymes blasted out of it by overheating in a wok. Try the chickpea hummus with fresh vegetable sticks and pita bread chips for starters or the whole-wheat penne with barbecued lemon chicken and roasted tomato puttanesca sauce.
So Executive Chef Charlie Maurer created a shared menu that features a swathe of healthy options plus the standard comfort Thai and western choices. This is where to find perhaps the best salad bar in town with an exotic collection of sauces to choose from. The popular mini-chain draws crowds thanks to its large and diverse menu, which features everything from veggie burgers and meal-size salads to huge noodle and rice bowls, with many gluten-free options, too.

Finally, you can make it a combo by adding a regular side item (French fries, onion rings, potato chips, small salad, and fruit cup) and drink for $3.00. My total bill was $11 including the 15% off discount card I had obtained from a local high school fundraiser… making the original ticket price $13! As much as the menu features healthy fusion dishes it also serves up burgers, pizzas, and comfort food. To avoid unnecessary oil intake, the restaurant leans toward grilling its meat and fish and indeed its vegetables. As a bonus, you can customize pretty much any dish with a range of add-on vegetables, proteins, sauces and spreads. When we finally got our meal, there were only 4 people there dining (including Mike and myself), which made it seem like an unpopular dining spot.
Chanya is a charming place with one eye on the past through striking period décor, the other firmly on the future. Recommended dishes at this family-friendly place are a stunning raw vegetable lasagna with pesto, marinara sauces and cashew nuts; steamed tender cabbage rolls filled with shiitake mushrooms, carrots, onions and sprouts with tamarind sauce, and raw organic zucchini pasta topped with fresh basil pesto.
At the juice bar, customers have the option of creating their own nutritious concoction, or choosing among many signature fruit and vegetable smoothies, power shakes and immune elixers. Nutrition-conscious Bay Streeters head to the PATH system and Four restaurant, a chic concourse-level dining room where no main dish comes in at more than 650 calories, whether it’s Moroccan-style crusted tuna with grilled vegetables or spelt rigatoni with roasted mushrooms and spinach.
For more than 10 years in Toronto, Live Organic Food Bar takes a holistic approach to eating—when the body is fed, so is the mind and the spirit. It’s well known that the diets of Mediterranean and Middle Eastern cultures offer health benefits over that of typical North American fare.
In downtown Toronto, Paramount Fine Foods is a popular purveyor of flavours from Lebanon and the wider Middle East. The comprehensive menu offers a diversity of affordable delicacies such as falafel, manakeesh (Lebanese-style pizzas) and more, all highlighting fresh ingredients including house-baked pitas and halal-certified meats. In addition, the restaurant recently introduced a handful of new low-calorie offerings—a basil chicken stir fry and roasted red pepper couscous among them—in an effort to raise awareness for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Fund.
Few salads have looked so irresistible as the garden basket bread bowl offered at Vegetarian Haven. It’s no secret that sometimes greens need a bit of a boost, and this dish certainly plays to our sense of sight as well as our sense of taste.
Going vegan is an easy and delicious decision all around at this welcoming Baldwin Street nook, which doles out healthy food options in wraps, noodle dishes, dumplings, soups and much more. You can rest assured that no living creature was harmed to create your meal at this Buddhist-inspired establishment.

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