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Lean protein is important for dieters because it helps us manage our sugar levels and makes you feel satisfied. The number of food servings a person needs depends upon their sex, age, body type and physical activity. I'm a Holistic Nutritionist, CPT, CES or AKA "The Nutrition Ninja." I'm here to help keep YOU informed on the BEST and most effective Healthy Fat Loss strategies.
In between meals have a glass of milk, yogurt (greek is the best), cheese sticks, or cottage cheese. Throw it in your bag and it is there when you need it, whether it’s later that day or two weeks.

The best sources of protein include cottage cheese, eggs, skinless chicken, legumes, beans, nuts, tuna, shrimp, fish fillets, lean cuts of beef like ground sirloin or filet mignon, and pork. You need the best diet foods that are easily prepared, fit into your daily grind, and taste good all at the same time! Look for foods with a high protein like chicken or fish and a high fiber carb like mixed vegetables. The recommendation is to eat 3 to 5 servings of vegetables and 2 to 4 servings of fruits daily. A small amount of oil or fat is needed but it should be used sparingly due to the high energy content.

Some of my personal favorites include chicken salads, chicken fajitas, and chicken sandwiches. Dieters should stay away from “Energy” bars because they will be high in carbohydrates and calories. Over the last ten years I’ve compiled this diet food list of my favorite healthy foods to add to your weight loss diet.

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