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Last year when I was working in Hawthorn a Pressed Juices store opened up on Glenferrie Rd. NM:A The heart of Pressed Juices is to provide a simple means of nourishment for the community, one that is easy on our digestive systems, economy and the environment. We seek to promote optimum nutrition through delivering a product that provides consumers with a high amount of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants including flavonoids and polyphenols in a small volume to maximize and assist the bodiesa€™ natural detoxification properties. We are committed to keeping it local and sustainable through helping our local farmers and choosing local produce wherever possible. We believe in supporting all individuals who are consuming Pressed Juices products or on a Pressed Juices cleanse. Our juices are raw, vegan, lactose and dairy free, and have low fructose options for allergy and intolerance sufferers. RG: What makes your juices at Pressed JuicesA  different to any other juice sold in the supermarkets?
NM:A Pressed juicing is the optimal means to consuming extracted fruit and vegetable juice for a number of reasons.
We really value the taste and nutrition of natural, live juice and therefore we dona€™t add anything artificial, such as sweeteners, preservatives, or thickeners. Also, because we are boutique, we also have control over and are extremely vigilant with sourcing our produce and are committed to locally sourced, Australian produce, wherever possible.
Having the nutrition professionals at the store front provides all our customers with an easily accessible port of validated nutrition science and information. On all programs, our customers are provided with eight bottles of Pressed Juices products a day over either three or five days. RG: When a customer approaches you for advice on starting a juice cleanse, what do you base your recommendation on? NM: There are many factors to consider for anyone wanting to initiate a juice cleanse or even for those incorporating juices or smoothies into their diet. Each individual is different and we would require more information to make judgments surrounding indications for individuals undertaking a five-day cleanse over a three-day cleanse. Still curious as to the benefits of a juice cleanse, and with no scientific evidence to support many of the claims, I can only go by what regular juice cleansers report on and maybe by trying it myself.
Keeping your liver clean and free of destructive toxins and insoluble fats with a liver cleanse diet is vital to eliminating harmful substances in your body that elevate cholesterol levels, cause heart disease and provoke a host of other detrimental medical conditions. Because the liver is responsible for conversion of food into cellular energy, effective storage of glycogen and production of enzymes assisting in food digestion, its health significantly affects the condition of other systems – circulatory, respiratory and central nervous systems. Capable of partial regeneration, the liver can be seriously impaired when attempting to self-heal if it extensively damaged by unhealthy foods and excessive alcohol consumption.
This is why consistently utilizing a liver cleanse diet is vital for reducing the risk of suffering from many chronic illnesses due to a sick liver. Primary biliary cirrhosis is a liver disease causing inflammation and swelling of the liver’s bile ducts, which blocks bile flow, destroys liver cells and promotes scarring of liver tissues. A liver detox diet consists of fruit, vegetables and special, organic items that specifically target the liver with natural nutrients effectively capable of flushing out all of the fats and other poisons causing the liver to perform sluggishly. With this free liver cleansing diet, you can immediately begin restoring your liver health and initiate prevention of any further damage that may cause serious medical problems in the future.
A liver flush consists of going on a liquid diet or fasting for several days, and just participating in this type of liver detox diet for two days can start to correct liver dysfunction and alleviate distressful symptoms of a sluggish liver. Fasting rids the body of all solid foods and allows chemical processes in the body to break down and absorb all substances, which allows the liver to rest and replenish itself.
Those who chose to fast need to drink plenty of healthy liquids – water, unsweetened fruit juices or various products available on the market that are specifically made to flush the liver. Fiber is necessary to facilitate elimination of toxins from the body, but when insufficient amounts of fiber are present, toxins reabsorb into the body and eventually into the bloodstream.
Dispersed throughout the body, these toxins force the liver to work overtime in an attempt to keep systems clear of fats, cholesterol and excessive sodium. The liver needs protein in order to perform its many functions so making sure you receive enough protein while consuming a liver cleanse diet contributes to the overall effectiveness of the liver cleansing procedure.
While all fresh fruits and vegetables provide the perfect blend of nutrients contributing to an optimally functioning body, certain members of the fruit and vegetable family especially enhance a liver detoxification diet.

Tomatoes help cleanse the liver by providing lycopene, a substance correcting faulty liver functioning by eliminating agents that harm DNA and inhibit proper detoxification. Beets: Betaine is the component of beets that makes it one of best vegetables to eat when detoxifying the liver.
Betaine assists in breaking down homocysteine, a chemical implicated in heart disease which a healthy liver is supposed to eliminate but can’t when it is full of toxins. The liver essentially needs good fats like omega 3 and 6 fish oils to continue efficiently cleansing the body of bad fats and other toxins. Be aware that trans fatty acids and saturated fats are all-too-present in many of the foods we eat, which is why we put on weight, accumulate fat around our stomachs and contribute to a poorly functioning liver.
Also known as oleic acid, omega 9 is an important acid that helps regulate cholesterol levels and reduces risk of premature arteriosclerosis. All these foods provide rich amounts of fat that, although good, they will cause you to gain weight if not eaten in moderation. Herbs contribute to a healthy liver diet by providing naturally produced nutrients, which are easily assimilated by the body and supportive of a well-functioning liver. Extract the lemon juice and grape fruit juice, put aside and then add water, grated ginger and garlic to a blender. Consequences of a malfunctioning liver poisoned by fatty, high cholesterol foods include elevated risk of heart disease, chronic digestive disturbances, food allergies, obesity, diabetes, chronic fatigue, migraines and many other medical conditions that lead to a host of other diseases. Start detoxifying your liver today by committing yourself to a liver cleanse diet and begin feeling more healthy, vibrant and free of debilitating symptoms of liver disease. Much to my amazement it is a shop front dedicated to selling only bottled juices, and I was not the only one curious about this new business venture.
We also send our left over pulp back to the farms to help keep their animals happy and healthy. Each individual is unique, thereforeA it is important that we have accredited and advanced nutrition professionals to guide all of our customers on their health and wellness journeys. The Pressed Juices method extracts the vegetable and fruit juices using a gentle press and compression instead of grinding and chewing, which other traditional juicing methods employ. This is great for allergy or intolerance sufferers, is anti-inflammatory and reduces exposure to added sugars that some mainstream companies employ. A Each juice of liquid gold, from the farm to the bottle, has been nutritionally, ethically and compassionately formulated to enable our customers to radiate optimal health and wellbeing.
It is very important for anyone making changes to their food intake to be supported by trained and accredited nutrition or health professionals.
It can be so confusing and overwhelming for individuals to make positive changes to their health with the myriad of conflicting nutrition information. For example: if I was new to cleansing what are some of the detoxifying symptoms I might experience?
However, as individual human physiology and genetic make-up will differ, some individuals will experience symptoms, where others may not. Typically, however not exclusively so, the our customers are very experienced with cleanses, green juices and smoothies and they are looking to develop a deeper mind-body connection, extend their natural detoxification process or obtain greater clarity of mind.
The cleanse is said to reduce appetite and cravings, breaking bad habits such as over-indulging in alcohol, fast food, sugars and fats. A There is an abundance of scientific evidence to support an increase in vegetables and fruits in the reduction of heart disease, type 2 diabetes, obesity and many other non-communicable diseases.
A bride to be will most definitely consider one, the red carpet event, birthdays or whatever it is. All rights reserved.Publication or use of all content inclusive of all images and text is strictly prohibited without prior consent. If not treated with a liver cleansing diet or additional medications if necessary, primary biliary cirrhosis may provoke liver shutdown and the necessity of a liver transplant. While it is boiling, stir the rice frequently, until all the water is absorbed and the rice has a creamy texture. When integrating them in your liver cleanse diet, be sure to keep track of how much of these foods you eat each day. These medicinal plants are not only useful when consuming a liver cleansing juice diet but you can add them to freshly made juice drinks.

Before drinking, let the herbs stand for ten minutes longer to allow for increased concentration of the nutrients necessary for a good liver cleansing.
I have heard of the popularity of juice cleanses amongst celebrities and holistic therapies, but seriously, is there that much demand to dedicate all your resources to juice?
What a radical way to change your health, but it has put him on a life changing track for better health. Working in this environment is great; it is calming yet uplifting aesthetically and all our customers love it too. This process creates less friction, heat and oxidation, and is therefore able to capture more of the vitamins, minerals and enzymes from the produce.
To ensure our customers are provided with the most nutritionally available juices, smoothies, and almond based milks, our juices are pressed in the early hours of the morning and delivered to the stores prior to 7am that same day. We are making it easier and more enjoyable for locals to make better health and nutrition choices.A Nutrition and health care professionals, alongside wellness enthusiasts, at the forefront of a national health and wellness company is such an amazing accomplishment which also ensures that at all levels, the health and wellness of the consumer is always the top priority.
All programs are designed to give the digestive system a rest, to be a source of natural detoxification, provide the bodya€™s cells with alkalizing, nutrient dense, vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients and anti inflammatory, antioxidative, antifungal compounds from the freshest sources of vegetables, fruit, nuts, herbs and spices. However, the actual juices to be consumed are chosen by the customer, with the help of our trained staff members. Some individuals may be seeking to improve energy levels, aid weight balance, digestive healing or are transitioning onto a more whole foods diet, just to name a few different situations. If I had previous experience or healthly lifestyle habits, would a 5 day detox be better than a 3 day?
For many, consuming more greens is not that easy and supplementing with a green juice can be of benefit. As a nutritionist I want to share with you what I know and what I am learning on my journey of exploring food, eating out, organics, sustainability and the psychology and physiology of eating. He now travels all over the USA encouraging others to change their lifestyle, blogs on Reboot With JoeA and is continuing to live a healthy lifestyle.A  I wanted to know more about juice cleansing so I looked up Pressed Juices and spoke to one of their in-store dietitians.
The shops will never stock anything that hasna€™t been freshly created, and although this is quite a feat for the production team, we are really proud of the quality and the benefits of the juice we provide.
Many individuals may undertake one day, two day and partial cleanses, or incorporate juices or smoothies into their healthy eating diets to support ongoing healthy detoxification processes and reach their own personal health needs. Rather than selling a product under a one-size-fits-all approach, the company values and recognizes that all individuals have different needs which links back to the importance of our passionateA professionals trained to provide tailored support. We always advise any customers to contact us if minor symptoms are present in order to provide assistance and potential strategies on how to overcome or to alter the cleanse plan.
Supplementing with green juices for three day may not be ideal but it could be more greens some have had in a lifetime. Though I personally think this is a radical way to kick start your health regiment, it may work for some who have the all-or-nothing mentality. Though in saying that, if you are abusing alcohol, processed food, sugar and recreational drugs then your liver and kidneys are definitely not functioning at their maximum potential.
I also think, if someone is adamant on doing a detox such as the Master Cleanse, you are better off doing a green juice based cleanse as this is much gentler on your system, providing you with mega doses of nutrients to support the detoxification process. I wanted to know more about the company and the reasons for dedicating itself to just juices. By simply removing the toxic substances from your life, you are freeing up your liver and kidneys to detoxify your body.
Carbohydrates are stored in the body as glycogen, each gram of glycogen stored is accompanied by 3-4 grams of water.
As my trusting mentor Associate Professor Tim Crowe stated in his blog ‘Thinking of Detoxing?
So as you are depleting your body of glycogen you release water with it, hence the frequent urination and loss on the scale. Any person, especially someone who has a poor diet to start with, who eats more fruits and vegetables, drinks more water and eats less foods high in fat, salt or added sugar, and drinks less alcohol and caffeine will naturally feel better”.

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