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OCS and Slimming World catering staff worked together to create 55 healthy and low-calorie dishes from fish and chips to pasta carbonara and lamb curry. The dishes are currently being trialled in two OCS client sites as part of a pilot programme.
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This recipe is absolutely magical and has gotten rave reviews from people who have tried them! Yeah okay, make me want dessert first thing in the morning Seriously, these look delicious!

Christine is a self-proclaimed apple pie connoisseur with a small obsession with all things giraffes. The meals have been developed from Slimming World recipes and provide OCS clients with easy-to-follow menus.
Should these prove popular with staff at the two sites, the new Slimming World menu options will be rolled out to the majority of OCS client canteens and staff restaurants in the New Year. They taste just as delicious as the heavier versions made with tons of sugar and heavy cream. Whenever I make these, I end up doing the whole stand-over-the-bowl-nibbling until I’ve basically eaten half the recipe.

One of my favorites in this Healthy and Low Calorie Desserts roundup, they clock in at only 35 calories a pop, and help satisfy any craving! Did I mention that it’s made with no butter, mostly whole wheat flour, and egg whites?

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