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The roasted tomato sauce can be made up to two days in advance and stored in the fridge until needed. Our family has chosen to be grateful for our seemingly endless health challenges over the last 20 years. The move from Long Beach, NY to Williamsburg, Brooklyn was a change for me…A move from flip flops to pointed toe equestrian boots, to wetsuit-tight jeans, to nobody being tan in August.
I took on the idea of making the same foods that I used to make on the grill when I was in Long Beach using different, healthier ingredients and found that with a little creativity and nutritionally minded shopping, I ended up with much better tasting and MUCH healthier dishes. One example is the Chicken Breast Burger, which eliminates the unhealthy elements of the traditional ground beef, or turkey burger. Potato rolls are processed, high calorie, high carbohydrate breads that your body breaks down quickly and easily into simple sugar resulting in elevated insulin levels.
Most plain or frozen burgers don’t taste that great on their own, so the first thing that most of us do is dive into the condiments before even thinking of taking a bite.
I’m so excited to see such a great response to the recipe, It tasted even better than it looked. As an adult with reasonable influence over most events throughout my day, I feel responsible to feed myself with some measure of prudence and respect.
Now, I’m not saying that the occasional dinner trifecta of wine, cheese, and pita chips doesn’t have its place or moment of necessity, but for health reasons, I’ve recently had to start paying closer attention to my diet, specifically the amount of protein I eat on a daily basis.
As dreamy as it sounds to fix myself a hearty seasonal omelet every day for lunch or to be constantly pulling perfectly-seared salmon fillets from our grill, I have neither the time nor the means, and judging by the number of requests I receive for fast, healthy weeknight recipes, wholesome lunches, and budget-friendly, make-ahead meals, I suspect I’m not alone. Chipotle Sweet Potato Turkey Burgers are everything I could hope for in a fast, healthy, and wholly satisfying meal. Though I love ground turkey as a healthy alternative to ground beef, I’m often hesitant to order turkey burgers, as they can be unapologetically dry.
I made the first round of these Chipotle Sweet Potato Turkey Burgers for Ben and myself for dinner and loved them so much, I immediately made a double batch and individually froze the uncooked patties. Though the sweet potato turkey patties are fine unadorned, I insist you top them with sharp, melty cheddar, and if time allows, sliced avocado, salsa, and sour cream (or plain Greek yogurt) are mighty tasty too. Finally, for those following a paleo diet, this sweet potato turkey burger base recipe is entirely paleo-friendly, and it is gluten free as well.
Place the ground turkey, garlic, chipotle chili powder, oregano, salt, and black pepper in a large mixing bowl. Meanwhile, generously drizzle a cast iron pan or other large, non-stick skillet with olive oil and heat over medium.
Serve the burgers on toasted whole wheat buns, topped with sliced avocado, salsa, and sour cream as desired. Uncooked sweet potato turkey burgers can be tightly wrapped and frozen for up to three months.

I’ve been trying harder lately to eat better as well – all too often after work, I end up just eating ice cream or pita chips with hummus for dinner! I came here when I heard about the sweet potato burgers but then I got too excited with your lovely theme and I kind forgot about the burgers lol.
This year my family and I stopped eating red meat, we substitute with turkey, chicken and pork, so we are ALL about the turkey burgers. I wouldn’t have thought to use grated sweet potato in burgers – this is ingenious! I’m a huge fan of sweet potato fries with a turkey burger…so this is just combining the two! I have to say, I have a meatloaf muffin recipe that I love already but this one tops that recipe! But if you want to use a different non-Paleo flour, like white flour, you should use about three times as much, so about 3 Tablespoons. It’s also a good multi-purpose sauce and good to keep on hand and also good to have extras to dip your meatloaf muffins in.
Mix in a bowl with finely diced onions, one egg white, seasoning, and 1 tbsp of Greek yogurt (keeps meat from drying out).
Place patties on the grill while still on the foil for 3-5 min until the ingredients bind together, then flip.
Dress with a thin slice of avocado, a spread of condiment of choice (Greek yogurt and a dash of deli mustard shown), grilled onion slices and a slice of tomato. While I might be perfectly content to munch a PB&J in between errands or scoop fresh avocado right from its peel and call it lunch, I’ve learned that making a meal of these quick bites hasn’t been nourishing my body as completely I need. A blend of lean ground turkey, shredded sweet potatoes, and smoky chipotle spices, they’re ready in less than 30 minutes, packed with protein, offer a serving of veggies, and can be easily made ahead and reheated. For serving, a bun is the classic approach (and Ben’s preference), but I most often enjoy my Chipotle Sweet Potato Turkey Burger beside simply dressed greens with a little extra salsa…and extra cheese. Once hot, place the patties on the skillet and cook for 2 minutes on the first side, flip then cook 1 additional minute.
Prior to cooking, thaw overnight in the refrigerator (best option) or gently in the microwave (if you forget). Wearer of plaid, lover of bourbon, and firmly convinced that sweets and veggies both deserve a place at the table. I’ve never tried ground chicken, but I used such a lean mix of turkey (99% lean) I think it is totally worth a shot! I couldn’t believe how moist the sweet potatoes made the burgers as turkey burgers can be a bit dry. Now I am craving these again for dinner tonight :) Thanks for trying the recipe and letting me know how it turned out for you!

These meatloaf muffins end up having tons of flavor and are moist, thanks to the vegetables. They are also nice to have all made ahead of time and ready to re-heat on the go, when you are in a hurry, or simply don’t want to cook.
Because it gives us the opportunity to share all that we have learned about the Paleo, Gluten-Free, Clean Eating, Vegan and Dairy-Free diets.
Thanks also for the information about chopping the meat up yourself because I do prepare meals for my boyfriend who is very health minded and enjoys steak and chicken from time to time. The shredded sweet potato does double duty by both binding the burger patties and keeping the turkey juicy and moist. With a cover for the skillet ready in one hand, pour a little water into the skillet, then cover it quickly, being careful as the oil will sputter. I should probably just make this one at home and guarantee a big juicy burger :) it looks fabulous! I’ll be much less likely to get Chipotle on the way home if I know these tasty burgers are waiting for me in the freezer! Here, you'll find lightened up comfort foods, weeknight meal ideas, and a few soulful sweets. Plus, essential oils, homeopathics, NAET, supplements, cleanses, clay, energy healing & more. It also adds a subtle sweetness to the turkey burgers that is a scrumptious pairing beside the smoky flavor of the ground chipotle chili powder. If it comes out a little dry (which happened to me once when I overcooked a patty), just serve with extra avocado, cheese, Greek yogurt, or salsa, and it makes up for it.
I am enjoying mine on a toasted whole wheat bun with plain Greek yogurt and shredded cheddar cheese.
Towards the end of the cooking time, top with grated cheddar cheese, then recover and allow the cheese to melt. Add the onion, garlic, carrot, mushrooms,zucchini, and herbs to the pan and saute for about 5 minutes, until the vegetables are soft and onions are translucent.
Add the ground turkey, pork,tomato sauce, eggs, egg whites, coconut milk, coconut flour, salt, and pepper to the vegetables and mix together very well using hands.
Remove from the oven and, using a spoon, lift the meatloaf muffins out of the tin onto a platter.
Top each muffin with a spoonful of the remaining roasted tomato sauce(make sure it is hot).

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