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Tasty Quorn Mince cooked in a rich, hearty gravy with tender pieces of carrot and peas topped with fluffy mashed potato.
Quorn, the world’s leading brand of healthy, sustainable and delicious soy-free, meat-free products, is launching in South Africa. Quorn’s Mycoprotein was first discovered in the 1960’s when people feared the world’s food production would not be able cope with the expanding global population and that people would starve. It took 20 years of intensive development before Quorn hit the shelves in the UK for the first time in 1985 as a ‘potato-topped pie’ sold in Sainsbury’s. The production of Quorn is more environmentally friendly than the production of meat, and it is much more efficient. The Quorn product range is extensive, so whether you’re vegetarian, dieting or simply looking to reduce your meat intake, try Quorn’s tasty, soy-free, meat-free alternatives.
Quorn will be introduced to selected Checkers, Pick ‘n Pay, Spar and other good food stores nationwide throughout November.
Well, I have been violently ill , vomiting and diarrhea on two separate occasions from eating two different Quorn products. For a long time there has been a search for a single cell protein, a source of highly-nutritious food to feed the growing world population. They found it in a field in the Thames Valley, near Marlow, Buckinghamshire, in the form of an organism occurring naturally in soil. It was only after the war, though, in the 1960s, that nutritionists, food scientists and health experts, concerned that the predicted growth in population would lead to future global protein shortages, became interested in this microscopic plant organism.
So, research and product development work progressed, and mycoprotein was developed by Rank Hovis and McDougall. It wasn't until the early 1980s that mycoprotein, this unique ingredient, could be grown on a commercial scale, and soon after that it was officially approved for food use by the UK's Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food (MAFF). The new food is now, since 1986, manufactured and marketed under the name of Quorn by Marlow Foods Ltd (named after the area of its discovery).
Like soy, Quorn is tasteless before it is flavored, which makes it an enormously versatile ingredient in foods. So you can make a cottage pie from scratch, grab a ready meal option, give your kids their favourite bangers & mash or a quick lunchtime snack: any solution is available to you. Quorn foods' main ingredient is mycoprotein, from the fungi family, a relative of mushrooms, truffles, and morels, that offers a strong nutritional profile.
Mycoprotein is a good source of quality protein and dietary fibre, is low in saturated fat and has zero cholesterol. Quorn products typically contain between 11 to 15 grams of protein per 100 grams, most of which comes from mycoprotein. Dietary proteins contain a mixture of 20 amino acids, all of which are necessary to support growth.
With the increasing awareness of diet and health, many people are choosing to cut down on red meat or even to cut meat out of their diets altogether.
According to targets set out in official guidelines, we need to reduce our total fat intake from 40% to no more than 35% of our food energy.

Quorn products can play a valuable part in achieving this because a nutritional comparison shows that they all have significantly lower fat contents and higher fibre contents than their meat equivalents. The general consensus of the various authors was that mycoprotein consumption advantageously altered serum lipid variables. Two studies at different centres in the UK, Leeds (Burley et al 1993) and London (Turnbull et al. All information on this website Health & Nutrition is offered on condition that it is for educational and informational purposes only and is not intended as a substitute for professional medical advice or treatment for specific medical conditions.
These 'Swedish Style Balls' are an extremely low fat option and the texture and flavour are really good- preferable to other brands I have tried. As I live this plan on a daily basis, I will also share with you my solutions to some of the problems I come across, plus useful hints and tips on essential kitchen equipment and store cupboard ingredients to help you on your own healthy eating quest. By now you have probably realised that something exciting is going on with WeightWatchers for 2014 ! This iconic food brand, the leading brand in 13 international markets including the UK, USA and Australia, produces an extensive range of meat-free alternatives – from mince to chicken pieces. At the time a British philanthropist and businessman, Lord Rank, led a project to discover a new source of protein for human consumption. It quickly became one of the country’s biggest food brands, and a household name not only in the vegetarian community but also amongst health-conscious food lovers wanting to enjoy tasty, guilt-free meals. With Quorn you can lead a healthy and balanced lifestyle by enjoying foods that are tasty, wholesome and completely meat-free.
All Quorn products are Halaal certified, and four of the nine products in the range are certified by the Heart and Stroke Foundation.
This research has been more intense in difficult times, during world wars I and II (source: Newsletter of the Mycological Society of America).
Quorn products are the top selling meat-free brand throughout the United Kingdom, parts of Europe, and the United States, and have been used by millions of consumers. The fungus is grown in a large temperature-controlled fermentation tower to which oxygen, nitrogen, glucose, minerals, and vitamins are continually added. Where it may surpass soya, it is in its resemblance to real meats, for people who are interested in that. You and your family can continue to eat as normal, except that your diet will be healthier.
Small amounts of protein also come from egg albumen and milk proteins added in the manufacting of Quorn products. Although most amino acids can be made in the body, nine essential amino acids must be supplied by the diet. Quorn food products are significantly lower in fat, saturated fat and calories than many equivalent meat products. Because Quorn products generally have a lower fat content than red meats, they allow people to cut down their meat intake but still enjoy its taste and texture, whilst following current dietary recommendations, reduce intake of fats and increase intake of complex carbohydrates (dietary fibre). Quorn is such a good food for slimmers, that a specific Quorn Diet has been developed: the Sally Ann Voak's Quorn Diet.
Coronary heart disease is one of the UK's two major killers and it is the Government's intention to reduce death from heart attacks by encouraging citizens to reduce the amount of fat in their diet.

Research on mycoprotein, the principal ingredient of Quorn products, has shown that mycoprotein has beneficial effects on appetite control and maintaining healthy blood cholesterol levels in areas such as satiety, lipids, and cholesterol reduction. The consumption of mycoprotein under both controlled and free-living studies has been shown to reduce significantly total and LDL serum cholesterol levels, and occasionally to raise HDL levels.
1993) showed that a mycoprotein lunch has a clear effect on "late satiety" - ie the amount of food consumed in the evening was less after mycoprotein, than after a control lunch. Health & Nutrition website strongly recommends that, before starting any weight loss program, exercise plan, diet, or supplements you should always first consult a health care professional. Although I'm not vegetarian, I have to say that I am a huge fan of many of the Quorn lines. Mycoprotein is a healthy vegetarian protein that is an excellent source of dietary fibre, is low in fat and saturates and contains no cholesterol or trans fats.
Food lovers can enjoy all their favourite meals the healthy way, vegetarians can get the nutritional benefits of meat and dieters can reduce their fat and calorie intake in an enjoyable and sustainable manner. Quorn has a fibrousness that makes the sensory experience of chewing a Quorn chicken cutlet seem remarkably like the real thing. During the Second World War, when Britain's food supplies were severely reduced by German U-boats, the ever-resourceful Brits started to search for a new, yet undiscovered source of food which had to be highly nutritious and especially rich in protein content, to replace meat and animal products. After harvesting, the fungus is heat treated to reduce its RNA (ribonucleic acid) content to World Health Organization recommended levels before being filtered and drained.
They include histidine, isoleucine, leucine, lysine, methionine, phenylalanine, threonine, tryptophan, and valine.
Many Quorn products are cholesterol free and studies have shown that regularly eating mycoprotein, the major component of Quorn products, may actually help reduce levels of cholesterol in blood serum.
These benefits have been confirmed through a series of clinical nutrition studies, clinical trials and university research. 1995) was carried out to investigate the effect of mycoprotein consumption on acute glycaemia and insulinaemia in normal healthy individuals. The world’s population is expected to increase even more dramatically, from 6 billion today to 9 billion, by 2050,” he said. It was named 'mycoprotein' ('myco' is Greek for fungus), and it was found to be very nutritious, not least because it contains high quality protein and fibre, but is also low in fat. The resulting sheet of fungal mycelia is mixed with binders, sometimes flavorings and other ingredients.
The results showed that glycaemia was reduced post-meal compared with the control and was statistically significant at 60 minutes (13% reduction). Mycoprotein adds an unparalleled “meat like” texture to food without the use of soy, and is unique to any other meat-free, high-protein ingredients available. Insulinaemia was also reduced post-meal compared with the control and was statistically significant at 30 min (19% reduction) and 60 minutes (36% reduction). The authors concluded that mycoprotein could be of benefit in the dietary treatment of diabetes.

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