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I peel cucumbers, slice them into chunks, and freeze them specifically to throw into any old smoothie I make.
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A smoothie makes a delicious and healthy snack, if it is prepared with low-fat ingredients.

Otherwise, combine it with a piece of moist banana bread, an apple muffin, or something that will give you lots of energy until lunchtime.
Also, your blender probably wouldn't blend it all the way down and that'd be a chunky, not a smoothie. But that's the beauty of smoothies - you can add all kinds of things for a nutritional boost and not taste them!If you happen to be sneaking veggies into your kids' smoothies, cucumber is perfect because it is undetectable flavor-wise and color-wise.
It won't turn the darned thing green and rat you out.Celery isn't too bad at being sneaky too, but you've got to watch out for the strings.

Turns out that 1 or 2 cubes of green smoothie added to an orange and banana smoothie is completely undetectable.

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