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Lentil and Butternut Squash Chili - high in fiber and low in fat this vegetarian chili is packed with super healthy lentils, beans, butternut squash and ton of flavor! Parmesan Baked Yellow Squash - Mouthwatering veggie dish that's healthy, low calorie and gluten-free!
Herbed Quinoa Garden Veggie Salad tossed with a Lemon Herb Vinaigrette by pinchofyum: Perfect for summer get-togethers! Low Fat Creamy Penne Pasta with Vegetables & Kale - a healthy spin on traditional comfort food!
With minimal prep time, you can make these fast and easy sandwiches that are super low cal and have almost no fat.
I like to make this ahead of time so that I have the ingredients on hand to make a fast and healthy sandwich anytime I am starving and need low calories and low fat. GuestKassondra from Motherhood Community2 years 1 month agoThis is a nice post but, more importantly, I LOVE your pictures. GuestChasity Boatman2 years 1 month agoI wish I could say I would eat this, but it has too many ingredients I don’t like.

While this soup does take a little time to make, it’s surprisingly easy—especially if you have an immersion blender.
These sandwiches pack a big punch of flavor to keep you satisfied and have the fiber and nutrients to keep you healthy and feeling full. It is easy to take your pickles and beets (cooked or canned) and shred them on a cheese grater. In fact, the hardest part for me was trying to keep myself from nibbling at the mellow, meltingly tender leeks as they cooked down. Cut each sweet potato in half and arrange in a single layer in a large microwave-safe casserole dish. DIY sandwich bar. Kids love to be little chefs so fill small bowls with all sorts of healthy ingredients for them to create their own sandwiches and wraps. They’re about embracing life, celebrating our blessings, and sharing nourishing food with one another. They’re sweet, in season, and rich in soluble fiber, which helps give this bisque its smooth, creamy texture.

Add a thin layer of water to the bottom, cover, and microwave for 16–18 minutes, until sweet potatoes are completely tender, turning them over halfway through cooking.
Kids can use cream cheese to help hold the shredded veggies to the bread and reduce the mess. Better yet, that same soluble fiber is a prebiotic, which encourages the growth of beneficial flora in your gut. Top crust evenly with veggies, lightly pressing them down to they don't fall off when you cut them up.

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