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Jamie magazine is an award-winning monthly from Jamie Oliver and his team – get 35% off a year's subscription now! Major kudos to Rishia Zimmern, wife of Travel Channel’s Andrew Zimmern, for sharing her delicious recipe with NYT Cooking.
Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Similarly I’m not a fan of cilantro, but I used it as a garnish because it adds a bit of color and pizazz. Carbohydrates are found in far more foods than just bread, biscuits, pasta, soft drinks, and pastries – they’re also in fruits, vegetables, milk, and beans. It’s important to understand that foods containing carbohydrates are an important part of a healthy diet.
Similarly, proteins are an essential part of a healthy diet, but the type of protein chosen is crucial.
We must also remember that it is impossible to observe one nutrient in isolation; we must understand how changes influence the diet as a whole. While there is evidence to suggest that restricting refined carbohydrates and promoting lean meat and vegetarian sources of protein can lowers a person’s risk of disease, many people take this too far without understanding the consequences. Finally, although research is showing that low-carbohydrate may be superior to low-fat diets for weight loss in the very short term; there is little evidence to suggest this is the case after a period of about six months.
It may be a boring message, and not the quick detox or cleanse that many want, but most of us in the western world simply need to increase the number of fruits, vegetables, wholegrain foods, and vegetarian sources of protein (think nuts, seeds, and beans) in our diets, and try to reduce the amounts of salt, sugar and saturated fat.
Mary Lynch is a registered nutritionist, and an ex-member of Jamie Oliver's nutrition team.

Bonus if you, like me, only have two mouths to feed: you can pack up the rest and bring it with you to work for lunch.
I also love the flavor of the smoky salt I used, which came recommended by the chef Jane Coxwell.
However, as with most nutrition-related subjects, the low-carb, high-protein approach just isn’t as simple as it sounds. Alongside this, we are often misinformed about the type of carbs that are recommended, and consequently, all carbs now have a bit of a bad name. Additionally, the nutritional value of carbohydrates such as bread and pasta varies greatly depending on whether they’re made from whole or refined grains. It is equally important to choose nutrient-rich carbohydrates that can provide vitamins, minerals and fibre, as well as energy. Some foods can be very high in protein, but also extremely high in saturated fat and salt, while others can be really nutritious.
If someone were to adopt a truly low-carbohydrate diet they would struggle to consume essential vitamins, minerals and fibre from fruits, vegetables and wholegrains.
If someone is reducing their carbohydrate intake, their calorie intake will fall as a result. Very high protein diets can lead to kidney problems in vulnerable people, and research shows it could increase the risk of colonic disease. We like ours every which way because they’re a great source of protein, plus many other essential vitamins and minerals, including vitamin D. Mary grew up in the middle East in Qatar and so her favourite cuisine is Arabic food, but she loves to experiment and create healthier versions of indulgent treats and dishes.

I was the envy of the office when, one morning around 10:30 (I get up early, remember), I peeled the lid off my tupperware, allowing the smell of mustard and shallots waft through the kitchen area.
Inspired by a photo I saw recently of someone serving ceviche in a martini glass, I decided to buy the goblets I had been eyeing for months at Anthropologie and use them as the base for my appetizer.
I cooked her green apple macadamia quinoa as a side dish for this dinner party and will be posting that recipe soon.
On the other hand, protein has been endorsed as being the new dietary saviour, but again, there are caveats to this that are often ignored or misunderstood. Therefore, simply following a low-carbohydrate, high-protein rule is too vague, and could even be harmful if misunderstood. Similarly, if someone were to only focus on the protein content of their diet, it is likely they would over-consume red and processed meats and, consequently salt and saturated fat. It was fantastic the night before, sizzling straight outta the skillet, but like most things even better cold the next day. The bottom of these glasses were somewhat deeper than I thought, so I crumbled up some tortilla chips to fill in that area. What was at first a move for pretty presentation became a delicious surprise for our guests upon finishing the ceviche.

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