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In1998, Health Canada amended the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act by adding regulations to make it legal to grow hemp.
Also, the hemp plant produced-for-food is taller and stalkier than the one produced for marijuana. Hemp seeds can be eaten in their raw form; they can be made into a cereal-type form and they can be sprouted. Hemp oil has anti-inflammatory properties and studies are still underway as to the extent of its efficacy in dealing with inflammatory conditions, but certainly its diet inclusion hasn’t been shown to make health conditions any worse. Unlike soy, which is increasingly being genetically modified, hemp seed does not contain any such organisms (GMOs), and, being shelled, natural, and raw; it’s pesticide, herbicide, and chemical free.
Nevertheless, hemp is (more than) beginning to creep its way into commonplace diet, especially now that health food stores are popping up all over the place. Feeling a little peckish as I was sauntering along looking for something yummy to snack on whilst at The Market on Yates, I bumped into a fella right in the aisle hosting a trade-booth promoting hemp seeds.
There are other companies that have been well-vetted over the past five years, but that are not necessarily based out of Victoria, or even B.C. More locally, though, don’t miss a visit to Ingredients Health Food and Apple Cafe, in Victoria.
Going on to say “A vegetarian source of Omega 3 that so many people are deficient in, can be remedied by a regular intake of Hemp. Cindy wants us to know that Ingredients Health Food have lots to choose from at the Apple Cafe with hemp hearts. Unfortunately, there is a wee bit of a fuddy-duddy side to the hemp food debate which may or may not be worth mentioning. From sowing a seed we’ve made a movement—a movement that can’t be denied in Victoria, B.C., at least, where hemp-eating pioneers are everywhere!

The local movement, which is not over-run by capitalistic fast-food joints, but where wholesome people eat happily and healthily and create alternative food pathways to social justice. So, we’ve been talking about hemp foods, the wide range of products, and the versatility of the seed—and hope you’ve enjoyed reading it as much as I’ve enjoyed penning it.
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A food fanatic with a passion for creating , cooking and sharing mouth watering recipes to tickle and tantalise your taste buds. Whether or not you smoke MJ or even like it or support pot-use you can enjoy eating the seeds. It’s ideal for pregnant mothers, particularly those worried about mercury-intake levels as it’s thought to be an “absorbent” of sorts.
We need more sources to verify allergy considerations, but no adverse reactions have been readily recorded.
Offering me a little white cup I poked my finger in to pull out a seed or two and he said, “just throw ’em back! His hemp-seed snack and more heavy-duty cooking packets can be found at the Market on Yates, in Victoria, among numerous other locations. It’s a veggie-lover’s dream and it’s owned by Cindy Holopainen Dreger with partner Deanna Danychuk. She explains succinctly that, “People that are anemic can eat hemp and it can help boost their hemoglobin count. Hemp’s vegetable protein, a macro nutrient that many vegetarians are short on, is really easy to take.
Cover with a plate, let stand 5-10 min and serve with more milk, yogurt, diced apple,s and cinnamon.

In a large bowl add the flour,baking powder, oats, hemp seeds, sugar and egg replacer and mix well to combine all the ingredients. If you want the cookies to be crisp, flatten the cookies using the back of a spoon to spread them a little before baking.
Some eat the entire seed, some only the hempnut, others press the oil out of the seed and use the oil and the meal (which is the rest of it) in yummy and diverse recipes.
Although they both contain Omega 3 and 6 the constitution of each is in inverted proportions.
There are 567 calories to 100 grams, but you wouldn’t eat that much in one sitting, so hemp seed “qualifies” as diet food—so not to worry if you track on that.
Brands such as Living Harvest hemp-milk, Nutiva shakes, Nature’s Path granola bread and bagels, and also quite popular is Alpsnack hemp snacks. It’s not super high in iron but the iron that’s in it is very bioavailable (meaning the body recognizes it as a nutrient and utilizes it readily). Just a couple of tablespoons added to shakes, salads or pretty much anything, can significantly boost your protein requirements for the day.
Unlike most nut milks, you don’t have to strain hemp milk through a nutmilk bag or cheesecloth.
The Canadian government regulates plants to have less than 10 ppm THC (psychoactive MJ agent) but most producers and distributors will tell you no THC can be detected in hemp food produce.

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