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You can view Sales Corner if your post count is 50 or more and you have been registered as a member for 60 days or more. You can post in Sales Corner if your post count is 250 or more and you have been registered as a member for 180 days or more. I used to find it hard not to snack in the afternoons - but then I just changed my eating habits.
Back on the ketogenic diet (very low carb, high saturated fat and normal protein) combined with weight training.
Trust me when I tell you that a Low Carb Protein Shake is the magic bullet for people on the Atkins Diet. Also, the low carb protein shake range offered by Vi taste awesome and really help to curb my sugar cravings, which can get pretty out of control if I’m not careful! Ultimately then, I cannot recommend highly enough that you invest in a low carb protein shake if you are following the Atkins Diet.
Getting back to exercise is a key pillar for me but the diet stuff I'm finding harder to do. Two years ago I went pretty much on a full Paleo diet but fell off the wagon mid last year.

Lost 7lbs so far this year albeit half is most probably water loss from stored glucose in the muscle. Now this may sound awesome at first, but when you’re nailing 6 chicken breasts every day, things can start to get a bit repetitive and boring! I think that it’s a great way to refuel and repair the muscles that I have worked during my session.
Including a low carb protein shake in your diet also helps to vary the sources of protein that you are consuming. This will help you recover from exercise, stop you from eating excessive amounts of meat, and is a quick and easy option for when you can’t get into the kitchen. It can be a bit boring at times, but I never felt so healthy - did use to have the odd cheat meal once a week and protein shakes which are of course not Paleo friendly.
Sorry to go OT but we're renovating our house and are in the process of choosing new appliances. For those of you who may not have heard of it, it involves cutting out almost all carbohydrate from your diet and increasing the amount of protein and fat that you eat.
More importantly though, eating such high quantities of meat is not ideal in the long run, as high meat consumption can be linked with high cholesterol levels and heart disease, which no one wants!.

Eating the same types of food every day is not only pretty boring, but your body can actually develop slight intolerances over time, which reduces your ability to absorb that nutrient. If you want a high quality, low carb protein shake on atkins or otherwise, make sure you head over to our site by clicking here for a visalus shake, that won’t break the bank! The meals recommended by the diet consist of meat, green vegetables and healthy sources of fat, like eggs, avocados and olive oil. Replacing one of your meals each day with a low carb protein shake will help to reduce the amount of meat that you are eating, and therefore will reduce some of the negative impacts of excessive meat consumption. They are incredibly convenient, so make a great choice for those times when you can’t cook or are too busy to sit down and have a proper meal. Mixing things up with a high quality, low carb protein shake will prevent this from happening, and ensure that you are taking in high quality protein from a wide variety of sources. I always pack one in my bag, so that if I’m out on the road or at work and don’t want to miss a meal I can chug a shake and know that I’m getting in all of the nutrients that I need.

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