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The oil in the thyme manoushe is placed into high temperatures which means it equals frying. If you think making your own manoushe at home is a hassle, I know a lot of people that choose to even BAKE their own bread. CopyrightTea Calls by Tala Ghalayini is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. Whenever people learn that I've lost a large amount of weight, the first thing they want to know is HOW I did it. Love your blog!  I’m a mom with 60lbs to lose and I’ve tried everything.  You look great and I just want to know how you lost 130lbs and how long did it take? The other most important thing is to ditch the excuses – more than anything excuses will hold you back.
Before you eat something pause and ask yourself if the food you’re about to eat serves your purpose, if the answer is yes, then enjoy every bite and move on.
So while the study may say that walking at a brisk pace 30 minutes a day is enough, the people who are paid to help you lose weight, say it takes a little more. BodyRock is your 24 hour fitness pal, offering daily high-intensity interval training exercises to help you reach your fitness goals. Also, sesame seeds are known to soak up a lot of oil, so it’s possible that up to 60% (and even more in some cases) of your breakfast calories are from FAT.
It is very easy to heat your bread separately and then add thyme and just a tablespoon of OLIVE oil on top as it is cooling, instead of heating the oil with the bread. Seriously though, you get to buy local thyme from a trustworthy source and get the antioxidant, anti-fungal, and antiseptic benefits of it! I ate restaurant food very often, cooked fattening meals at home, and in order to "relax" at night, I would eat large amounts of comfort foods. I read all of my comments, and if you have a question, I do my best to respond; sometimes, however, I get busy and forget to go back to reply, so if it's important, just email me! Everything I've written on my blog is from my own personal experience and should not be used as medical advice.

Over the last few weeks there has been some great questions asked via email so I thought I’d share those so everyone can benefit and hopefully find their spark to get started, re-energized or inspired to keep pushing forward! It means my story is actually helping someone else and inspiring someone’s journey, how awesome is that!
I eat plenty of cookies, brownies and all the good things – BUT I make them myself and from clean ingredients. It can boost your fitness, fend off illness and disease, and keep your weight under control. Grace Lordan and her team compared the measurements of people who spend a half hour walking at a fast pace to people doing the same amount of heavy housework, manual labour and sports. It seems a high intensity workout for 25 minutes, three times a week is more likely the answer. Are you inclined to agree with the trainers or do you think walking can get you to your weight loss goals? In our community we support each other as we train by sharing ideas, recipes and motivational tips that keep us on track. If this doesn’t work for you, opt for toast and cheese, or just a regular thyme sandwich and keep the manoushe as an indulgence! If you are experiencing a medical condition or emergency, please contact your local health care professional. I also decided that I wanted to try to RUN a 5k race--something I thought was an impossible goal at the time. I also have always lifted weights and incorporated some kind of strength training into my workout routine.
Scientists from the London School of Economics revealed this week that a brisk 30-minute walk every day is more effective for weight loss than running or going to the gym. The waistline and BMI measurements of those who did the walking were smaller and lower than those who engaged in other regular exercise. He believes the ideal session length is 25 minutes and suggests introducing a small calorie deficit as well if you’re looking to lose weight.

Fitness is a journey and each of our lives are comprised of stories that chart the ups and downs of our individual quests to reach our goals. In fact, I only ate maybe two salads the entire time I was losing weight, because I just wasn't a big fan of salad. I began running 3 times per week (I'll explain how I got started running in another post) and doing a long walk on the weekends to prep for both races at the same time. When I first started I just started cutting calories and getting exercise 3-4 times a week.
At first, I ate all the usual stuff that I was eating before--I just ate less of it and counted those calories. I also do not have a cheat day – if I want something, I find a way to make it fit my nutritional needs and cook it.
I don’t know how much weight I have lost but I can see a difference in how my clothes are fitting and also by my husband telling me. Over many months, I began to make healthier changes (because I WANTED to, not because I felt like I HAD to). My diet is now mainly unprocessed foods that I’ve learned to cook over the last 2 years.
Due to my families schedule we often eat dinner at different times so I would usually just feed the kids some variation of what I was making for myself.
I did it through diet and exercise and also with the help of my doctor (who was my biggest cheerleader and support) and my best friend who is a runner. Its making me crazy I feel I have been doing everything right and I work with a personal trainer and not seeing any results on the scale for about a week now!

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